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From the FanPosts. Nice round-up. -Joel

If you are like me, you can't get enough information about what is happening in free agency. I think most diehard fans feel this way about their team in free agency. Everyone has an idea about their team's needs and how best to fill them. Yet, we typically view this dance through the prism of our own wants rather then the reality of the circumstances. It is these circumstances that makes free agency more like a card game.

Albert Breer said it this way:

Desperate teams tend to be the ones out in front spewing information about who they want and what they are doing. Have you noticed which teams seem to have leaked the most information on their prospective targets? You can send Miami and the New York Jets to the front of the line. While fans want the big splash early in free agency, it is important to heed this warning from Albert Breer:

And Adam Schefter gives us this sterling piece of information with regard to the top free agents:

Yet, free agency can be valuable if you bid your time. Again, Schefter gives us the evidence :

Dorsey did just this last year when he got excellent value signing Sean Smith, Quintin Demps, and Akeem Jordan later in the FA process. Remember, Dunta Robinson was an early signing. With the early process, we can and should also pull for certain other teams in free agency because of how it will help the Chiefs at the draft. For Example, take the information we can glean from Washington Redskins' insider Chris Russell:

Mike Mitchell is a guy Chiefs' fans obviously will keep an eye on because of his versatility at safety. If there are 7-8 teams interested in him, we need to be hoping that the team that gets him is above us in the draft so that a good draft pick might get pushed down to the Chiefs. Rotoworld gives us some additional information on Mitchell:

The Charlotte Observer reports the Redskins and Eagles are showing the "most interest" in free agent FS Mike Mitchell. The Bears, Broncos, and Falcons are a notch below the two NFC East clubs. With Jairus Byrd and T.J. Ward expected to land lucrative deals as the top two free agent safeties, Mitchell might be viewed as more of a bargain. He should have no trouble landing a multi-year deal at $4-5 million annually. Mar 9 - 11:08 AM
Mike Mitchell Defensive Back

While we can't be sure that the Redskins and Eagles are the top two teams for Mitchell, our hope should be that of the five teams mentioned by Rotoworld either the Bears or the Eagles win. Both the Bears and Eagles pick within 10 picks before the Chiefs and have needs at safety. The Redskins don't have a pick until the second round, the falcons pick at #6 and we don't want the Broncos to pick up any good players.

So what is the info coming down on other FA's that could impact the Chiefs:

Arthur Jones DE Baltimore:

Jones would be a nice replacement should the Chiefs let Tyson Jackson walk. The Titans picking him up might cause them to look a different direction in the draft rather then taking a Hagemann, Tuitt or Ealy with their first round pick.

TJ Ward SS Cleveland:

While the Chiefs probably don't have a lot of interest in Ward since he plays Berry's position, the fact that the Lions might go get him means that Clinton-Dix or Pryor is off their first round radar if they acquire him. At the very least, it makes it less likely that they focus on that position early in the draft. Again this would push the safeties down.

Jarius Byrd FS Buffalo:

Now many of us would like to see the Chiefs go get Byrd, however, with a $9 million + price tag it seems unlikely. Yet, if a team like the Rams were to acquire Byrd they would likely be out of the first round safety market. However, a report like this raises another question, "Why should we assume the Chiefs can't get into the bidding for a player like bird?" I know Seth Keysor wrote a nice article on this topic The Kansas City Chiefs can afford Jairus Byrd, and other free agents yet when another team with less Cap space as the Chiefs jumps into the conversation on a free agent you have to think about it a little more.

Notice the cap space here:

Lamar Houston DE Oakland:

If Green Bay is interested in Houston, the next logical question is, "Does Dorsey think like his mentor Ted Thompson?" If you believe the answer is yes, you might conclude that we are among the interested. Although the Packers have a lot more cap space.

This brings us to the next point: setting the market. When you get a couple of contracts done the market tends to get set at a position. Fortunately, it seems that the cornerback market has been set by the signing of Grimes and Shields. Albert Breer has a couple of interesting points on this compared to the last couple years:

If the corner market is set at the $8-9 million range, you have to figure this will impact the value of the safeties. That brings us back to the market. While two corners have already signed, the other positions of interest seem to be offensive line, safety and defensive end. We haven't heard much information outside of that. Then there was this report:

It would seem the Chiefs, like the rest of the league, don't have a need for running backs. However, this didn't stop the speculation here at AP Darren Sproles is a free agent; Andy Reid has shown interest before. Some want Sproles in KC, yet others feel he will be cost prohibitive. If this report is any indication, we could see FA running backs on the cheap especially with the depth at RB in the draft.

Profootballtalk provides this excellent article on the tampering period and the early days of free agency:

This would seem to follow the Chiefs strategy, although we really won't know until Tuesday. I would guess the information will be very slow, whether we get a flood of news is anyone's guess.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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