Bargain shopping in free agency part 2

When we last left off , we were discussing the free agents that could be had for a bargain. Since we don't have a ton of cap space to spend , we need to spend what money we have wisely. We are now on the eve of free agency . You can practically smell the cash in the air. Lets not waste any time and just dive in to some other possibilities for this team to bring in.



Phil Costa G/C

Previous team: Dallas

2013 salary: 750,000

2013 games played: 3/0

As we all know ,the Chiefs have three offensive lineman who are unrestricted free agents in 2014. If all of these guys leave we have a potentially huge issue up front on offense. I have faith in Rishaw Johnson and Eric Kush . I think those guys will do just fine when they get a chance to play. But there is no depth at all on this team right now on the O line. That could possibly be solved with Phil Costa being signed on a cheap deal. Costa was once looked at as a long term answer at guard for Dallas just a couple years ago. But an injury plagued 2012 season followed by the drafting of Travis Fredrick doomed his tenure in Dallas. The poor guy got cut and dumped by Brook Hogan in the same year. This just screams reclamation project. Costa is young and has experience starting at guard and center. This team struck gold with Schwartz last year. I see Costa as potentially netting the same reward. Both were coming off injury, both are young and both can play multiple positions on the line . Costa could provide the same type of depth Schwartz did last year for this team. He could even potentially start for this team. And what is best is he shouldn't command very much in free agency



Ed Dickson TE

2013 team: Baltimore

2013 salary: 1,323,000

2013 games played /started: 16/14

The Ravens thought that they were getting a dominate TE tandem in 2010 when they selected both Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta. But out of those two guys it would be Pitta to emerge as a receiving threat while Dickson is still trying to find his place in the offense. Dickson had his chance to step up when Pitta was injured yet failed to produce when given the opportunity. He has only 46 catches and one TD the past two seasons in Baltimore . So why would KC want to sign him? Tight end isn't a major need for this team. But there are questions regarding that position heading into season. Kelce is an unknown coming off of surgery. Fasano missed half of the season with injuries and isn't much of a receiving threat downfield. Dickson is if anything a vertical threat at the position. He gives this team the speed element that is currently lacking from this group. He could push both Fasano and McGrath for reps while providing veteran insurance in case Kelce can't go. We could get him on a cheap , one year ''prove it'' deal where he would be motivated to perform to get a max contract much the same way Martellus Bennet was in 2012 .



James Starks RB

Previous team: Green Bay

2013 salary : 510,000

Games played/started : 13/1

Jamal Charles continues to be one of the most rounded and dominate backs in the NFL. And the Chiefs spent a high draft pick on Knile Davis to backup Charles and give him a breather when he needs it. But as we saw in the playoff game against Indy, Davis's injury problems came to light when he broke his leg in the game. If Davis were to get hurt again, it would leave us with underachieving Joe McKnight and disappointing Cyrus Gray on the depth chart. I think this is a need we need to address specifically in free agency. I would like to add back with some experience in case Davis has injury and or fumble issues again. I think James Starkes makes too much sense for the Chiefs. Starks had a career year last season in the YPC department. He averaged 5.5 yards a pop carrying the rock for Green Bay. He has enough size to break through an arm tackle and enough of a burst to bounce outside for a big gain.He also has a history with Dorsey back when Dorsey was with the Packers. The fact he is 28, seen as a backup and has had injuries in the past should limit his value in free agency and make him very affordable for KC to pursue



Calvin Pace OLB/DE

Previous team : NY Jets

2013 salary: 940,000

Games played/started: 16/16

The Chiefs defense stalled last season when the pass rush evaporated due in large part injuries to Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. The Chiefs didn't have anyone on the bench who take over and rush the passer from either the DE or OLB position when those two guys went down. Zombo did a decent job filling in for Houston but offered nothing against the pass. Quenton Moses did nothing when given an opportunity to play. Capatano and Bailey were a largely mixed bag in sub packages. The Chiefs need another guy who can get after the QB if injuries hit our LB core. Calvin Pace could be the guy for the job. Pace is coming off a career year in sacks(10) with the Jets. One problem though, he will be 34 years old entering the season. So that should put a cap on how much a team would be willing to spend on him. We could possibly get Pace on a one or two year deal to help out with depth at the pass rushing spots. He also has a history with Sutton who coached him with the Jets when they were both there



Ryan Mundy safety

Previous team: New York Giants

2013 salary: 715,000

Games played/started 16/10

We all know the struggles we had at FS last season. The good news is we won't have to suffer through another season of Quenton Demps and Kendrick Lewis. The bad news is we don't have a FS on the current roster. So not only do we need to draft a guy to help with that spot, we also need to bring in at least one free agent to help with the rookie transition into the starting role. Ryan Mundy will never be a star. He won't wow you with a ton of big plays. But he is a solid, quality player who would be a big upgrade over what we had at the position. What is even better is he won't cost very much to sign. We could get him for a very team friendly deal and have him compete in camp with whoever we bring in and be a stopgap guy until we are convinced that our rookie can take over and start. At the very least we would have a quality depth player much like what Hussain Abdullah was last season. Mundy is also a good special teams cover guy.



Jacoby Ford WR

Previous team: Oakland

2013 salary: 1,323,000

Games played/started :14/1

If the Chiefs WR core was a business it would have a huge help wanted banner up in front. Truth be told , this unit was one of the worst in the NFL in many categories last season. We need more speed and more big plays if this offense is going to become what it has the potential to be. KC is set to lose Dexter McCluster in free agency. His replacement could be Jacoby Ford from the Raiders. Ford would give this team instant explosion that it missed last season. He also can return kicks for this team looking for a new return man. Ford never lived up to the hype in Oakland. Then again, it's the Raiders we are talking about here. He would have the best QB of his career throwing to him in Kansas City. And a new coaching staff and scenery could do wonders for a player of his caliber. He shouldn't cost much more than the league minimum to bring in and compete for a roster spot. He could be a steal if the coaching staff can get through to him



Will Blackmon CB/PR

Previous team : Jacksonville

2013 salary:715,000

Games played/started : 15/8

The play of the corners left a lot to be desired a season ago. Sean Smith struggled at times, Cooper hit a wall, Flowers looked like he lost two steps and Dunta Robinson was a huge free agent bust. The Chiefs could really use some guys to come in and make things interesting. Dorsey is on record saying he likes tall corners. Will Blackmon fits that bill at a little over 6ft and 200 lbs. Blackmon had his best season as a Pro finishing with a + 7.2 PFF grade. He could take over in the nickel role or even compete for a starting job with KC. But what really interests me is Blackmons punt return ability. He has returned three punts for touchdowns in his career. The Chiefs are in the market for a good punt returner. Blackmon could fill that role in addition to helping out in the secondary. He is another guy who Dorsey has a history with in Green Bay



Garret Reynolds OL

Previous team: Atlanta

2013 salary : 715,000

Games played/started 15/10

The Chiefs are going to have to bring in several offensive lineman in the off season with the potential loss of Albert, Asamoaha and Schwartz looming. Preferably the team would sign a couple guys who can play multiple spots along the offensive front . Reynolds has lined up at both guard and tackle in his NFL career. He also brings a lot of size and physicality to the unit that is lacking in that department . He also was cut by Atalanta so his signing won't affect potential compensatory picks in the future



Terrel Thomas CB

Previous team : NY Giants

2013 salary : 630,000

Games played/started: 16/7

Terrel Thomas looked like he was going to be a star corner in this league at one time. He was a big physical corner with speed and play making ability. But back to back ACL injuries seemed to put his career on hold. He rebounded in 2013 however playing in all sixteen games for the Giants and had by all accounts a solid year. Thomas brings versatility to the table as he has played both corner and safety. He could also challenge Flowers and Cooper for a starting job. If healthy, Thomas has the potential to be a steal in free agency. If we can get him on a team friendly deal , he could pay dividends for this team. His injuries and age (he is 29) should scare teams from giving him a lot of guaranteed money. So we are in good position to sign him to a fair deal



Matt Shaughnessy DE/OLB

Previous team : Arizona

2013 salary : 850,000

Games played/started : 16/12

You can never have too many quality defensive lineman in the NFL these days. Unfortunately for the Chiefs last year, they didn't have very many quality defensive lineman to put on the field . Devito and Jackson were stout against the run a season ago. Both neither are great pass rushers and had to come off the field on passing downs. Our backups are just guys at this point. It would be nice to have someone come off the bench and be able to get to the QB for a change. Matt Shaughbesy could be just what this team is looking for . He has played OLB and DE in a 3-4 as well as a DE in a 4-3. He is good against the run and solid as a pass rusher. He wouldn't be a liability on running downs. His versatility would allow the Chiefs to line him up anywhere and be more creative with their defensive front and sub packages. He would be a great depth player/starter for this team in dire need of more quality defensive lineman.

Other possibilities

J'Marcus Webb OL: played RT and LT for the Bears. Didn't play much in MN last year. But could be a swing tackle candidate for cheap

Jonathon Dwyer RB: Big, strong inside runner. Played well when given an opportunity

Frostee Rucker DE: Another DE possibility. Would be a nice depth addition guy who could start in a pinch. Won't cost much to sign

Seyi Arirotu WR: tremendous size/speed combination. Elite special teams cover guy

Marshal Newhouse OT: Was a wash out as a starter in GB. Has depth potential. Another guy with ties to Dorsey

Jim Dray TE: Not much of a receiving threat. But catches everything thrown to him and is a good blocker. Can also play FB and contributes on special teams

Trindon Holiday KR: Has had fumbles in the past and won't help you on offense. But incredible speed in the return game. If Toub can correct fumble issues, he could be a Pro Bowl return guy

Brandon Meyers TE: Always seems to produce , yet no one ever seem to want him . Solid pass catching tight end

Usama Young S : Very versatile player. Has a knack for making big plays. Would be a solid depth signing on a team with no depth at safety

Pat Angerer LB: former high draft draft who looked like a star before injuries. Nice low risk gamble that could pay huge dividends

Javier Arenas CB/PR: out played Dunta Robinson at nickel corner last year. Might be worth bringing back with Toub as the special teams coach and need at KR/CB

Free agency is fast upon us. I hope I was able to shed some light on some of the lesser known players that are available come Tuesday. Many times it is the signing with less hype who contributes the most on Sunday

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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