In depth Mock Draft for the Kansas City Chiefs

First I would like to start off by saying that I believe that the front office will be active in free agency this offseason but it may be more with our own players. I think they will be able to extend Alex Smith, Eric Berry and Justin Houston. I also believe they will be able to bring back a few of our free agents like Schwartz, and a few free agents that could give us some good value. They are Brandon Browner, Stevie Brown, Mike Neal, James Jones, and Adam Carriker. I believe all of these guys could come fairly cheap and could really help this team make a deep run at the playoffs this season.

But enough of the free agency talk lets get to the mock draft that I have set out to do. I have taken multiple things into consideration when doing this mock even the similarities between Dorsey and Reid's draft tendencies. So here we go.


Aaron Donald 6'1 285 LBS (DE-DT)

I was really torn on taking either Donald or Ealy at this point in the draft but I think with where we are drafting if we can't land a trade to go down a few spots we have to take the BPA and right here in my opinion it is Donald I know he fits as a 5 technique in a 4-3 system but he has looked too good for us not to team him with Hali, Houston, and Poe.If he could bounce outside to DE we could be looking at one of the most dominate defensive fronts in all of the NFL. Donald was in the top of all DL at the combine in the 40 yrd dash, the bench press and the 3 cone drill, he had 63 TFL and 27.5 sacks in his last three seasons he is going to be a special player why not with the Chiefs.


Donte Moncrief 6'2 221 LBS (WR)

At 6'2 Moncrief ran a 4.40 at the combine which ranked him in the top 5, he also ranked in the top of the vertical jump and the broad jump. Moncrief could be a huge upgrade to our WR core. We need long-term answers at this position Jenkins could be one of the answers but I think Moncrief could come in and give the front office the confidence to let Bowe go when the time is right.


Brock Vereen 6'0 199 LBS (FS)

I absolutely love this kid I was really high on Jonathan Dowling a few weeks ago but after watching Vereen perform well at the combine, he is now my biggest sleeper of this draft. He has the skills to hold down the back end of our defense much better than anyone we had last year. He reminds me a lot of Berry only Vereen is much better in coverage then he is at playing in the box, but that is what we are looking for.


Tyler Starr 6'4 250 LBS (OLB)

If you go back and look at what Dorsey and Reid seem to look for in Linebackers they both have drafted multiple LB's that performed very well in the 3 cone drill and guess who had the best time at the combine in the 3 cone drill. Starr plays like Clay Matthews (not just because he looks like him) to me when watching some of his tape he needs to refine some skills to his game which Reid and Sutton could help with but once he puts it together he could be a very special pass rusher in this league. I think he picks it up quicker then anyone expects and he plays so well that we release Tamba Hali at the end of the season.


Dontae Johnson 6'2 200 LBS (CB)

Outside of Vereen I think Johnson could really be something special he is a big physical corner that ran a 4.45 in the 40 yrd dash, he also had very good measurable's in every other part of the combine. If Reid and Dorsey are looking for a late round CB steal this kid may be the answer to what they seek. Not to mention he started 5 games at Corner last season and 7 at Free Safety. I think he will take some coaching on playing press man but if he can pick it up we could be set for a long time at the position with Cooper, Johnson and Parker.


Jeff Janis 6'3 219 LBS (WR)

I know some of you will say that Janis won't be available in the 6th round I completely disagree teams are really going to question if he played like he did because of the weak competition and the tougher competition he did play he didn't play very well so I think he will fall which is good for us. I think Janis is a physical freak same with Moncrief these guys are 6'2 and 6'3 and they both ran 4.40 and 4.42 and Janis was actually unofficially clocked at 4.35 in the 40 at the combine. I think Janis will be good for some playing time this season with the potential to develop into some special.

I hope you all enjoyed the post and I look forward to hearing some feedback.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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