Profootballfocus' best Fullback in 2013



The Arizona Cardinals did not need this guy and traded him away for a bag of Fritos, a handful of Skittles, and Javier Arenas.



"I feel like we have one of the (league’s) better fullbacks," Pederson said. "We need that spot and he’s a guy that’s versatile enough that if a tight end were to go down, he could fill in for that spot. We’re going to keep using him."

Especially if Sherman keeps executing his blocks as well as he did on Charles’ go-ahead touchdown run against the Titans.

"We talked about it all week, what (Griffin) was going to do," Sherman said. "Coach Bieniemy put me in a good situation, told me exactly how to go about it and I just did what I was told." - Link

What did the "Sherminator" do last season? He rushed twice for 3 yards... He caught 20 passes on 23 Targets for 156 yards and two Touchdowns.... He blocked superbly for Jamaal Charles. Ding ding ding!

According to PFF, Anthony Sherman blocked twice as well as the next best Fullback in the NFL. John Kuhn from the Green Bay Packers. Andy Reid is not the only one that loves him some Fullback.

Gray doesn’t use those words lightly; he says them because Sherman essentially functions as a sixth offensive lineman for the Chiefs, someone who has excelled at doing the "dirty work" in the backfield to a staggering degree.

"He loves getting after it, and we definitely run a lot of plays behind him," guard Geoff Schwartz said. "I know Jamaal has enjoyed running behind him."

He should. Gray was adamant that Sherman hasn’t made a single mental error in the running game this season.

"It’s rare," Gray said.

But while Sherman’s blocking has helped him stick with the Chiefs, who acquired him this offseason for cornerback and former second-round pick Javier Arenas, Reid joked Friday that Sherman has another facet of his game that has not yet been taken advantage of.

"Well, he reminds me that he hasn’t had a run," Reid said with a smile.

Though Sherman has caught eight passes for 73 yards this season, his lack of carries this season is a bit ironic, considering he was once a standout running back at North Attleboro High School, where he ran for 1,202 yards and 20 touchdowns as a senior and was chosen Massachusetts’ Gatorade Player of the Year in 2006.

Will the Chiefs use him more in the running game? Probably not. Will the Chiefs use him more in the passing game? I hope so. An 87% catch rate with 170 yards in YAC would be something I hope Andy Reid noticed.

What did Cyrus Gray say?

"Sherm has done a helluva job," running back Cyrus Gray said. "He’s the heart and soul of the running back group and I think he’s the heart and soul of the offense."

Geaux Chiefs

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