Former Chief Quintin Demps says Eric Berry is elite: 'He picked my game up'

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Quintin Demps, the Kansas City Chiefs former safety / returner took a few minutes to talk about his latest endeavor, his time with the Chiefs and Eric Berry.

On Thursday afternoon, former Kansas City Chiefs safety / kick returner Quintin Demps took the time to speak with me over the phone about a few topics, including his new team the New York Giants.

The full Q&A is posted below but I want to point out one quote in particular where Demps was asked about former teammate Eric Berry and whether he should eventually get a new, big contract with the Chiefs.

"Man, let me tell you this," Demps said. "I've had an opportunity to play with great safeties, Brian DawkinsGlover QuinDanieal ManningQuintin Mikell; and Eric Berry is an elite safety. I think he is one of the best I've been around. If he doesn't break the bank in free agency, he needs a new agent. The guy is a football player, he loves the game to death, and he's a leader. His film speaks for itself, he picked my game up. He's a playmaker."

Among the other topics covered included last year's playoff defeat, his most memorable moment in Kansas City. Demps also spoke about his free agency experience, why he signed with the New York Giants and his new faith-based record label, Purpose By Faith.

Q: Did you and the Chiefs have dialogue during free agency?

If he doesn't break the bank in free agency, he needs a new agent.

A: Here and there. I can't really say there was a mutual interest.

Q: What was the most memorable part of being on the Chiefs?

A: Just going 9-0, just the way we started. Coming out of camp we didn't know how good we were. We knew the sky was the limit but we took it one day at a time and it was amazing.

Q: When you played Denver, did you truly believe you could win?

A: We knew we could beat anybody on any given Sunday. We weren't scared of anybody. Teams put their pants on just like we do.

Q: What happened in the playoff game? You guys fell apart.

A: I just think the ball bounced their way. When you are a home in the playoffs, they picked up crazy momentum. They did a good job capitalizing off it.

Q: Did Bob Sutton's lack of adjustments cost the defense toward the end of the season with injuries mounting?

A: I cant say that. We as players needed to execute at times and we didn't do that. Bob and the coaches put us in a great position to make plays and the players need to take blame, myself included.

Q: Where do you genuinely see the Chiefs right now in relation to teams like Denver and New England?

A: I think with the leadership of Andy Reid and John Dorsey the sky is the limit for the Chiefs.

Q: Moving on to the Giants, why did you pick them?

A: The Giants were competing with a couple teams to sign me, but they stood out as a team that could win a championship. That's what I'm around, wanting to win a ring.

Q: What inspired you to start your record label, Purpose By Faith?

A: I was in a transition of trying to figure out what is next after the game. I'm a man of faith and I had a passion for music in college. Music is so powerful and I wanted to use it to bring hope.

Q: Where do you see your label going while you continue your NFL career?

A: I just see it blossoming because we aren't just a rap label. It respects all genres of music. It will have talented artists who take music seriously.

Q: Is this label more about you expressing yourself or giving a chance for others to express themselves?

A: Any artist wants to express themselves. This is me wanting to get behind somebody who may not have the opportunity to showcase their talent ... There are a lot of great artists getting overlooked by big labels. It's a faith based label and the music should give hope.

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