Rebuilding or Restructuring?

Rebuilding is when your team has lost most of its impact players due to numerous reasons. You may have one or two impact players to build your team around but basically your are starting from scratch. Restructuring is when you have numerous quality impact players. Some of these players may fit the new offensive or defensive scheme, others may not. The players that do not are either let go, released or traded. No matter how good they might be.

It is the opinion of this writer that the Chiefs are once again in a restructuring mode. This has hurt the Chiefs organization. Every couple years the Chiefs changes GM's and Coaches. The new GM and Coach has their own idea on what it takes to build a winning organization. So they change personal to fit the type of offensive and defense they want to run. Numerous recent high draft picks by the Chiefs have be let go for this reason. We need these draft picks to produce year after year to have a winning organization.

A perfect example of this is Glen Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. Each of these players were very high first round draft picks. They were drafted to fit a bend not break defensive scheme. The new organization wants to run a more aggresive defense by putting more pressure on the QB. Which I like but the debate on which is better is not the topic of this article. The point is if we would of drafted more aggresive players to play the D-line with the Dorsey and Jackson picks. We would have one of the top 5 D-lines in the league and we would not be calling for D-line help through the draft this year.

So what is the solution? First we have to find the right GM and Coach. To date I am comfortable with our current Front office and Coach.

What is next you might ask. We as fans have to be patient. One of the reason Hunt has changed the front office is because of pressure put on him by us, the fans. Yes to some degree you and I are to blame for this constant changing in the organization. It is hard to restructure with just one or two drafts, and we do not have a 2nd round pick this year.

Thirdly the organization has to demonstrate some patience themselves. Once you get the right O-line players to fit your scheme it takes some time to build some unity amongst themselves. It takes a little time to build connections between the QB and his recievers. The RB's take time to get use to running behind a differant blocking scheme. The same can be said about the defensive units. Restructuring is understandable, but it is getting old. During the restructuring stage you can not grade improvement merely by the wins and loses. There is so many varibles that can sway wins and loses. You have to judge by improvements between each unit. Is the O-line becoming more cohesive? Are the CB's willing to take a few more chances knowing the Safeties have their backs and so on.

Building a winning organization via the draft is the right way to do it. Look at the Packers. I read that Fotry some players on there roster were drafted by Green Bay, and are contenders year after year. One upside to this is I don't have to by a new Chiefs Jersey every couple years because the player on my jersey was just let go. We are going in the right direction now as fans we have to have a little faith and patience. The Broncos are trying to buy a Championship this year which may or may not work out. I do know that my Chiefs aren't just going to lie down and let them have it. After this year, maybe next year the Broncos will be in a rebuilding stage. A place I do not want to be. The Chiefs should be complete with there restructuring and ther needs will be to then fill the holes from players getting to old to no longer play the game. We should have a winning organization year in and year out, with a legitimant shot at a championship every year. My advice to fellow Chief fans is to be patient Grasshopper and believe.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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