Could we trade out of the first round?

I have seen a lot of talk about Chiefs fans wanting the team to trade down in the draft this year, but who would be willing to come up and how far is too far for us to drop down to still land a good player and pick up that extra pick. I have combed through who may be willing to come up at 23 and who they may be looking at, the only realistic thing I could see happening is one of the QB's falls (Bridgewater, Carr, Bortles, or Manziel) I could see the Texans taking Clowney to team him with Watt. I could also see the Browns taking Watkins to team with Gordon. This means that there are only a few more spots that a team could look at a QB the Vikings at 8 the Titans at 11 the Jets at 18 and the Cardinals at 20. I think the Vikings will probably draft one and the Jags will draft one that leaves two of the top 4 left I don't think the Titans will look for a QB in the first round. I believe the Jets don't know what they want and are a wildcard to take one in the first round. I think the Cardinals have other needs before the address QB in the first round, so lets say the Jets do take one of them then that leaves one of the top 4 QB's left and the Browns are sitting 3 spots behind us at 26.

So I got to thinking who could potentially come up that far to get ahead of the Browns and my thought process is this the Browns have a very unique opportunity here because they have so many draft picks I think they will be competing with themselves here. I think they take Watkins at 4 then they trade us the 35th pick and the 71st pick for our 23rd pick and they draft whatever QB fell in the draft and they come back at 26 and take the best guard available.

This give us a very good opportunity to get value in this draft we pick up the 35th pick which is where I think ideally Dorsey would like to be picking and we pick up another 3rd round this would be huge for us in this deep of a draft. Everyone keeps talking about a WR in round one but I think there are some WR's that are going to fall in this draft because of the depth at the position some good receivers that people may think will go in the 2nd and maybe the 1st this situation could be similar to Keenan Allen of last season. So lets get on with where I think we will go after making this trade with the Browns.

Round 2 Pick 35 (From Browns)- Gabe Jackson (OG) 6'3 336 LBS

After the recent reports of Rishaw Johnson potentially landing a starting job on the o-line this made some people think we weren't as weak at guard but we need someone to replace Jeff Allen in my opinion Allen to me is a very good back-up depth player and if we take Jackson I think he is automatically slated at LG and Johnson will take the RG spot with Allen being depth for us on the o-line. Our line then would be in my opinion Stephenson, Jackson, Hudson, Johnson, and Fisher this would give a very young line but with time they could develop into one of the best in the league.

Round 3 Pick 71 (From Browns)- Jordan Matthews (WR) 6'3 212 LBS

I know some of you are going to say that I am crazy that Matthews will never fall into the third round I believe that he can and will the depth at this position is so deep Matthews could get overlooked and fall just like Keenan Allen did last season. Matthews is made for a west coast system he has soft hands and is a very good possession receiver that we need. I think he would be the perfect complement to D. Bowe and they could create some serious problems especially if Jenkins could improve and be our speed slot guy.

Round 3 Pick 87- Jimmie Ward 5'11 192 LBS

I have seen some people mocking Ward to us at 23 I really don't think he is going that high and I don't think Dorsey will reach like that I can easily see him being available in the 3rd round right where we are picking. I do think that Commings will get every opportunity to be the starting FS and I think Abdullah is great depth behind Berry and Ward will push Commings for the starting spot on the back end. This pick would give us great competition and depth where we were the worst last season.

Round 4 Pick 120- Pierre Desir 6'1 198 LBS

I had Desir pegged for the 3rd round but he didn't run well at the combine but his ball skills are undeniable and he could be a very good pick up for us to groom behind some of our starters he could be a very good corner in a year or two after he gets up to the NFL playing level.

Round 5 Pick 151- Tyler Starr 6'4 250 LBS

I have been all over this kid since seeing him mentioned here on AP and he may very well develop into the real deal. The 3 cone drill is where you see what you may have in a rush linebacker just to give you an idea Starr had a faster 3 cone drill then Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing, and Von Miller. I have to think Dorsey is looking at this kid and I really hope we draft him and he can learn from Hali and Houston and take over for Hali next season or the season after.

Round 6 Pick 177- A.C. Lenard 6'2 252 LBS

Maybe after the rumors of the Chiefs being interested in both Finely and Pettigrew then maybe they are confident in Kelce going forward or the just want to stock pile TE's and see who comes out of top. Or maybe they want someone that can push Kelce to his potential, I think that guy could be Lenard. Lenard is strictly a pass catching TE with little blocking skills but Kelce is a very good blocking TE and this combo could be deadly in the future.

Round 6 Pick 184- Dontae Johnson 6'2 200 LBS

This guy is a depth pick that could turn into something special he had a very good combine considering how tall he is. Johnson has played both corner and FS so his versatility would be a great addition to this defense.

I believe this draft could be huge for us potential playmakers across the board, this would be us building through the draft these kids could help us get back to the playoffs and win a playoff game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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