Vance Walker feels for offenses who will have to face the Chiefs defense

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

New KC Chiefs defensive lineman Vance Walker met the KC media and talked about his role in 2014.

We pointed out earlier today that the Kansas City Chiefs new defensive lineman, Vance Walker, is a funny guy. Walker backed that up with some good stuff in his conference call with the Kansas City media on Monday.

The money quote: "I really feel for offenses this year. It's gonna be terrible for them."

Another money quote: "They can't double team all of us ... I consistently believe if you get a one-on-one, you have to win. There's no doubt about it."

YES! Let's just hope that this quote doesn't come back and make the Chiefs look silly by next season. I love the attitude though. I can already tell Walker will be a fun dude to follow this year.

Walker said he will most likely be playing 3-tech (lined up outside the shoulder of the guard) or 5-tech defensive end (outside the shoulder of the tackle) but he has experience playing all over the defensive line. He started his career in Atlanta and played last season for the Raiders.

Here are a few highlights from Walker's conference call:

  • On picking the Chiefs: "I love the environment. I love what they're building there. It's something really exciting. As far as myself, I figured I'm a good fit with the scheme they're employing on defense. I saw a lot of good possibilities for myself and for the team as well to be more successful than they were last year.  I'm really excited about the defense. They have a lot of playmakers and I can add to that to help them be much more successful than last year.
  • On what the Chiefs told him about the role: "Nothing too specific. If anything I've played pretty much every position on d-line. I've been in the league for five years so I have some experience at the nose, 3-technique and defensive end ... really whatever it is to help the team win. I'm sure I'll be moving between those positions. I play them equally well, whether that's rushing the passer or stopping the run.
  • He estimated he was in on third down about 80 percent of the time last year, usually from the nose tackle or 3-tech.
  • On rushing the passer vs. the run: "I know I'm capable of doing both of those things, stopping the run and rushing the passer."
  • On Chiefs fans: "I've got a very warm welcome since I signed. Just being an opponent last year and playing in Arrowhead at chiefs stadium, it was something. That may have been the game they broke the record for the latest stadium. Having those fans being so energetic really adds to the game especially on the defensive side of the ball. It's a good football city."
  • Walker said he didn't do as much pass-rushing in Atlanta early on in his career but the Raiders gave him those opportunities last season in Oakland.
  • On pressuring the passer: "You may not get that sack, but one of your teammates might. That's a win."
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