Realistic Expectations or Worst Case Scenario?

I find myself looking at the Chief's moves (or specifically lack thereof) in free agency one of two ways.

1. John Dorsey and Andy Reid know more about football than I do and are looking realistically at the future of this football team.

I rationalize the moves like this.

  • They aren't throwing the money they have around because, let's face it, barring major injuries (read Peyton Manning) the Broncos are winning the division and are headed to at least the AFC championship game THIS YEAR.
  • The window with the Broncos is incredibly small, Manning and Ware are in the twilight years of their careers and (hopefully) there's not going to be some hall of fame QB cut by his team and signed by the Broncos that follows him.
  • Denver is building for NOW because that's all they can do with their QB.

"Dorse" and Big Red believe Smith is legit and have several good to great years with Alex to build around. So we'll draft well, build the roster with some key FA signings for depth, and let some players go versus having to break the bank to keep them. This explains letting T Jax, Branden Albert, and the guards go. You can get decent replacements in FA to hold those spots down until you can fill them via draft picks. Save some money now, structure your contracts so that you're ready to be in the hunt in 1-2 years when there's no first ballot hall of fame QB and DE plus a swarm of receivers in your division.


So the big needs this year were to:

  • Stabilize the OL by moving Albert out, Fisher to LT and Stephenson to RT, and letting Asamoah go to make room for Schwartz to start.
  • Get a good top tier Safety and look at all the ones out there- TJ Ward, Jarius Byrd, Nate Allen, Donte Whitner, and send Kendrick Lewis packing.
  • Grab a 2nd tier receiver and sign him to a reasonable contract. Someone like Maclin or Sanders that fits the system. That way if our rookie WR struggles we're still good.
  • Get those 1 or 2 "Dorsey signings" that were guys we don't know yet but have great stats/ability/talent/whatever voodoo things he looks for.
Let's look at the results - NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, Linkinwho?
Meanwhile, in the state that has legalized pot they've made all the moves so that their fans don't need it. Every donkey fan for 1500 miles on any medications should stop taking them. Peyton cures cancer, D Ware sacks diabetes, Talib shutsdown high blood pressure, and TJ can stop a stroke by just lining up in the box. KC fans... start that petition to legalize pot so we aren't jumping off the Kit Bond bridge by the bye week. Face it, nobody wants to come to KC, we're not a sexy market and Elway is wearing Sex Panther (works 60% of the time... Everytime) for free agents. We lost in the Peyton lottery under Pioli and now we're some second class team that will do well to contend for a wildcard spot. It's like the Jets have been with the Pats in the division, just some annoying little brother that doesn't really have a shot to win, but plays hard.

In the end, as with most things, the answer is in the middle I think. Players want rings and El Burro is putting together an all star team in Denver that's built to win a Superbowl. We are up against the cap and don't have the money to drop on a huge star while still being in shape to make a run in a couple years. Smith had a very good half of a season, the half that we had all our losses in... so the jury is still out on his future. Lastly Big Red is known as a great mind, very good coach, and gets a ton of wins in the regular season but he's never won it all and isn't known to be his best in the post season. With the draft coming up we'll get some more pieces to the puzzle and see what the state of the kingdom really is.

Either way, please let Eric Berry introduce himself at a high rate of speed to Mr. Sanders on the first crossing route he runs this year while Hali and Houston sit Manning down to talk to him in the backfield. To Hell with the Donkeys GO CHIEFS!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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