Free Agents that are still out there that could help the Chiefs at a good Price

First of all I have to say that I didn't expect the Chiefs to do much in the first couple of days of free agency but when I seen the even more cap strapped Saints sign Jairus Byrd I was a little upset as to why the Chiefs had done nothing.....oh wait they signed three guys that are the same as what we had last season maybe? So after watching the Broncos try to buy a Superbowl over the past two days I decided that I was going to take a look at some of the free agents that the Chiefs could still sign that could help us keep up with the Broncos because they have got better and we have got the same if not worse over the past couple of days. Not real sure where Dorsey is going to do but I am hoping that we can sign a few guys on the list that I have come up with, so lets start with the defense since that is where the most help is needed.

FS- Thomas DeCoud

6'2 192 LBS 28 Years old: DeCoud had a down year last season but I think that had more to do with Atlanta's defense being really bad and the fact that for most of the season the Falcon's were starting two rookie corners. DeCoud's stats in 2011 and 2012 were comparable and even better than Jairus Byrd who is considered to be the best FS in the league. I think DeCoud could be a huge steal for us if we can get him on a cheap contract and since we are hitting day 3 of free agency this is a very good possibility.

CB- Dominique Rogers-Cromartie

6'2 197 LBS 27 years old: I am not sure what the relationship is between Reid and Cromartie but if they are in good standing I think he could be a solid pick up for this defense. I know his desire to play is suspect but he played pretty well for the Broncos last season and maybe he would be motivated since they didn't want to resign him. Maybe a second time around Reid can motive him to become the player he has the ability to be.

DT- Terrence Cody

6'4 340 LBS 25 years old: Everyone that is a Chiefs fan knows that we need someone that can come in and give Poe some relief, I think Cody can be that guy he is a mammoth of a man, he doesn't provide any pass rush but he can be a good double team eater in the middle on certain downs and having him and Poe in the game at the same time could allow Houston and Hali to attack like they should all the time.

DE- Anthony Spencer

6'3 262 LBS 30 years old: I know that Spencer is coming off an injury and he is 30 but his production is undeniable he is a good pass rusher and could really help us on the d-line just don't know if he is someone that Dorsey would be looking for since he seems to be looking for younger players.

DE- Ziggy Hood

6'3 300 LBS 27 years old: I am really surprised that Hood couldn't get it going in Pittsburgh they usually find really good pass rushers but he has never had more than 3 sacks in a season. I think Hood would be a much better option then Tyson Jackson would have been if we would have tried to resign him and he provides a better pass rush then what Jackson could provide and he is equal in the run game in my personal opinion.

I know that the Chiefs won't be able to bring in all of these guys so I am going to pick the three that I think would provide us with the best option to keep up with our division and the tough schedule that we will be facing next season. I would love to see us bring in DeCoud, Rogers-Cromartie and and Hood, I think these three guys would be a good start to getting to where we need to be to be competitive again next year. Now with the offense

WR- Danario Alexander

6'5 217 LBS 25 years old: I know this kid has had some serious injury issues in his first three seasons but he proved last season that he has some serious talent and we could use some talent on this roster even if we can get him on a 1 year contract and see if he can stay healthy and if he performs well and makes contributions to get us back to the playoffs it is a win for us.

WR- Julian Edelman

5'10 198 LBS 27 years old: Edelman is a guy that I have wanted the Chiefs to target before free agency even started and I hope they at least take a look at him he is a better return man than McCulster and could be one of the best in Toub's unit. Edelman caught 105 passes last season that was more than McCluster and Avery combined last season. One last thing he had 151 targets and caught 105 of them for a catch rate of 69 percent he could be a very good option for us to pursue.

OG- John Jerry

6'5 335 LBS 27 years old: Everyone knows that we need some guards I think we may have our starter already on the roster but we need some depth and Jerry has started every game for the last two seasons so he has some experience and if anything he could provide some leadership and push our younger guys for playing time and may even be the starter for us with some upside.

OT- Marshall Newhouse

6'4 319 LBS 25 years old: The Packers connection with Dorsey here I think Newhouse is a good tackle and if we can get him on a cheap contract the competition at the tackle position would be very interesting going into training camp with Newhouse, Stephenson, and Fisher and we would have our swing tackle.

Since we don't have a ton of cap space I know we won't be able to sign all of these guys but I took three defensive players and I will take three offensive players Edelman, Newhouse and Jerry.

So let's recap we could sign Edelman, Newhouse and Jerry on offense that would give us our kick and punt returner as well as a reliable receiver. Also two young offensive lineman who can give us what I think could be a better line then what we had last season. On defense we could sign DeCoud, Rogers-Cromartie and Hood this would give us a very good option at free safety and give us another corner that would give us some really good options in our schemes with moving players around since we want to run Cover 1 as our main coverage. This would also give us a better option at DE then what we had last year and these signings could give us some freedom entering the draft to be able to draft the BPA.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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