Free agency rumors: Darrelle Revis makes sense for Chiefs if he weren't so expensive

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Yes, it would be great if the Kansas City Chiefs could sign Darrelle Revis, who will be cut or traded this week. No, the Chiefs likely can not afford it.

Kansas City Chiefs fans know there are surprise moves when a new regime is brought in. The same goes for Tampa Bay, where the Buccaneers new staff is realizing they don't want to pay star cornerback Darrelle Revis $16 million per year, a deal that was negotiated by the previous regime last year.

Revis is great and all but not many players are worth $16 million per year. In fact, Bucs Nation notes that the only players above $16 million per year contracts are quarterbacks, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Mario Williams and ... Revis. The Bucs don't believe Revis is worth that much. Revis believes he is and doesn't want a pay cut. You see where this is going. He's probably going to get released.

As for who could pursue him, the Eagles, Raiders, Browns and Jets have been reported.

So I bring the question to you, Chiefs fans. Would you make an attempt to sign Revis if / when he is released?

I'm assuming most people would love that move. Chiefs DC Bob Sutton is familiar with Revis from their time in New York. Revis can shut down half the field which is particularly important in the Chiefs defense. Signing Revis would help the pass rush and it would help the free safety position, which has been a problem with the Chiefs. Andy Reid has spent big money on defensive backs before so I'm guessing he values them well.

If you feel like I've written this same post before, you're right. From January 2013.


(In that post, we talked about giving up the Chiefs 2013 second round pick. Remember the days when the Chiefs had their second round pick? Pre-Alex Smith.)

The only problem with the Chiefs and Revis this year? The Chiefs, like me in college, are broke. The Chiefs are said to be $9 million-ish under the cap. Revis is currently getting paid $16 million per year but that number would surely go down with a new contract. Let's just say it was $10 million per year. Could the Chiefs do it? Yes, they could. They could make the space. But would it be worth it? Worth it to cut other players on the team (Brandon Flowers), to push more cap space into the future, something they'll eventually have to deal with?

We say things like "mortgaging the future" are bad. But would Revis be worth it? Vote!

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Chiefs free agents: OT Branden Albert, G Geoff Schwartz, G Jon Asamoah, WR Dexter McCluster, WR Kyle Williams, LB Akeem Jordan, DE Tyson Jackson, S Kendrick Lewis, DB Husain Abdullah, DB Quintin Demps

Chiefs free agents re-signed: LS Thomas Gafford, LB Frank Zombo, TE Richard Gordon (RFA), G Ricky Henry (RFA)

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