Cody Latimer: Mid-Round Steal

Let me start off by admitting that I biased. I graduated from Indiana University and I am a huge fan of all Hoosier sports. Over the past two seasons, I became one of the biggest fans of Cody Latimer, a Wide Reciever for the high flying Hoosier offense.

Cody Latimer is forgoing his senior season to enter the NFL Draft. A combine invite and a Mid-Round Projected player, some think he should have possible stayed one more year to bolster his stock. As a Hoosier fan, I selfishly agree. However, he is more than NFL ready and he is exactly what the Kansas City Chiefs need. My hope is that KC finds a WR in FA like Maclin, drafts a FS in Round 1 (Calvin Pryor/Haha-Clinton-Dix), and than adds Cody Latimer in Round 3-5. Get your popcorn out b/c as a dyslexic guy, I like videos... so I got some for you.

Cody Latimer, Indiana University, Wide Receiver

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 220lbs

Projected 40: 4.40-4.50

Projected Round: 4-6th Round


2nd Team All-Big Ten (2012 and 2013), ESPN All-American Player of the Week (vs. Illinois), Biletnikoff Award Watch List


2013: 1,096yds, 9TDs

2012: 805yds, 6TDs


Latimer has exceptional hands. I am not talking great, I am talking elite. One of the major issues with the Chiefs wideouts is a big issue. They can't catch! Cody is your go to guy. Cody is the one on a 3rd and 6th you can trust to pull it in for the first down.

Latimer is exceptionally sure-handed. Johns said that in three years of practices and games, the coach has witnessed Latimer drop a pass two or three times. Wynn said Latimer wins most of the drills in which receivers catch the football with one hand. "He just doesn't drop the ball. Unlike anything I've ever seen before," Johns said (OC/WR/QB Coach, Indiana University)

Latimer flashes soft hands and good coordination when asked to extend and pluck the ball off his frame, and positions his body nicely when adjusting to balls thrown off stride."'s Derek Stephens

Latimer’s hands are very good. He consistently makes receptions on catchable passes, whether in traffic, tight coverage or after contact. And can make some very difficult receptions with cornerbacks breathing on his neck. His hands were one of the areas where I gave Latimer a perfect score when grading him. So there is no reason to think they will be an issue at the next level.Overall, he is one of the best in this class in terms of concentration on 50-50 balls. James Cobern -

The Chiefs need a 50/50 guy. A red zone guy. A guy that Smith can just throw in the general direction and know that he will win that battle. His size, his leaping ability, and his amazing hands is why Latimer is a perfect goal line WR. He wins 50/50 battles, plain and simple.

Check out the 1:04 MARK

Latimer has Victor Oladipo like ups, you guys:


I love physical wideouts. Ones that can block. Ones that DBs fear tackling.

"He flashes the physicality and initial quickness to develop into a receiver who could beat press coverage at the next level, and is a willing blocker in the running game with room to improve his technique there."'s Derek Stephens

Understanding of blocking assignments and cut blocks are positives about Latimer’s game." James Cobern

Route Running

Indiana WRs just know how to run routes. Latimer is a prime example. Head Coach Kevin Wilson is a offensive guru and requires his WRs to be able to run expectional routes.

"Latimer possesses a thick, athletic-looking frame and an impressive speed/agility combination that enable him to separate consistently as a route-runner, and extend plays after the catch both in space and on contact,"'s Derek Stephens

Andy Reid Play:

Chase Down the Deep Ball:


Special Teamer

Latimer was also a starting Special Teamer for the Hoosiers. Excellent speed mixed with phsyicality made him an All-Star on Special Teams. He was his High Schools leading tackler at defensive back with 95 tackles. If you get drafted in the mid-rounds, you better be able to play Special Teams too. Latimer is perfect for that.

Against Elite DBs

Here is a fun video link of Latimer challenging top defensive prospect Darqueze Dennard (Michigan State). Even top DBs struggle with his frame/hands/leaping.

Well there you go. I will let you judge for yourself, but if KC is on the clock in round 3-5 and Cody Latimer is still on the board -- DRAFT HIM. I love athletes and that is exactly what Latimer is. Multiple star athlete in high school, he has that multiple skill set I love in a TRUE athlete. While you come to a conclusion on Latimer, he will be busy training in Florida with Brandon Marshall to get ready for this combine and life in the NFL. Go Chiefs! Go Hoosiers!

Highlight tape

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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