The mid-late round steals: WR - Tevin Reese - Baylor

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From the FanPosts -Joel

I saw citadelchief's fantastic post on Johnathan Dowling as his defensive steal in the mid-to-late rounds and thought, as an offensive guy ... Who would be my offensive steal at a position of need in the 2014 NFL Draft?

The most obvious need on offense by a majority of Chiefs fans would be another pass-catcher. So I give you an Andy Reid-type of prospect as of late. My vision of an Andy Reid prospect would be speedy, can stretch a defense, elite athletic skills and excels at gaining separation.

So I present to you...

Tevin Reese - WR - Baylor - 5th Round

Like Johnathan Dowling, CBS has Reese listed as a 7th round prospect. Also Like Dowling, Reese could climb ... as high as a 3rd round guy if you ask me (and you didn't, but I just told you anyway). Reese has great balance, earning him the nickname "Sweet Feet" by some of his teammates at Baylor. He has elite speed and athletic runner.

Reese broke his wrist against Oklahoma, causing him to miss the final four games of the season. Up to that point, Reese had absolutely thrashed his opponents game after game, submitting himself as a force defenses would have to key in on every play for the Baylor Bears.

For those of you who didn't get to watch Reese play before getting hurt his senior year, let me tell you just how electric he was. Reese scored 24 touchdowns from his sophomore to senior year. 21 of those touchdowns went for 40+ yards and nine of those 21 scores went from 60+ yards. After Reese was injured, Baylor's offense went from averaging 63.9 points per game to 38.4 points per game. Reese amassed 867 receiving yards and eight TDs in basically seven games (with only 38 receptions). Reese finished out his final four games as a coach to his fellow receivers on the sidelines, constantly reminding them how important it is to be vocal leaders to there underclass players now and after he graduates off to the NFL, as Kendall Wright did with him.


Height - 5'10

Weight - 170

40 time - 4.31

Hometown - Temple, TX

Stat Line:


In every catch that Reese has to extend for, he shows his balance by almost always maintaining his feet and gaining that all important YAC. Killer Speed, & vision after the catch.

I would like to see Reese put on about 10-15 more lbs. Even if the Chiefs draft another receiver early in the draft, Reese could still be a guy you take in the 5th round and makes a difference on this team. He will stretch any Defense, pull back space for the run game and can make plays when given the opportunity. The Chiefs have to find a way to get faster at the WR position and Reese brings that to any NFL team that takes a chance on him. Feel free to post your opinions on Reese. I am always down to look into a player I didn't get to see play or overlooked.

So let me know, who is your steal of the draft, Chiefs fans?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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