Chiefs State of the Franchise Part 2

I have been a Chiefs fan for my entire life and this is something that has been hard to say for many years especially considering I live 2 hours from Chicago so I live among nothing but Bears fans who wonder why I am not a Bears fan. But this offseason is probably one of the most exciting offseasons that I can remember, besides last season but I didn't have high expectations for last season. You may think I am crazy for thinking this for this upcoming offseason but I think we have some real chances to make this team better and make another playoff run.

First you have to look at what we accomplished last year, Andy Reid and John Dorsey did a magnificent job of turning this team around. I think they both knew our weaknesses going into the season but thought we could minimize them by playing sound football. They knew we had to sign Bowe to a contract without him we would have had absolutely nothing at WR and I know his numbers weren't what we were all used too but I think with it being a new offense and Alex Smith not getting the protection he needed in the beginning of the season I think it really affected Bowe's abilities and he will come back this year with a vengeance. I think they knew we were weak at Safety but didn't have a lot of options available to us and they thought with the play of our front 7 and our corners they could minimize the horrible position we were in at Free Safety and for most of the season they were able to do that.

They clearly knew what kind of corners they wanted for the defense they wanted to run which is why Shawn Smith was one of our top targets in free agency last season. They also knew Flowers was a good physical corner but may be too small for the defense they are wanting to run which is why I think they will seek to trade him this offseason more of this later.

They knew they were probably going to lose Brandon Albert which is why we had to use the 1st pick in the draft last year to select Fisher who I think will become better than Joe Staley another former CMU grad. Reid and Dorsey know this year where we are weak and where we aren't and they will do what they need to by addressing the needs they feel are the most important and which ones they think we can withstand throughout the season. I will address the weaknesses of the team and which ones I think will be addressed and which ones I think will be filled with stop gap players to get us back to the playoffs. I will also address potential free agents, trades, and the draft. I have compounded all of this from the responses from my last State of the Franchise and reading several Fan posts as well as more research on several areas of this upcoming offseason hope you enjoy.


Free Safety: This is the most obvious to most Chiefs fans and most anybody that has watched Lewis play over that last couple of years. There was a recent report about Nick Collins being ready to play I think this could be a great option for us to pounce on. Sign him to a minimum contract and let him come in a compete that is if he is healthy. This could be a potential steal for us he was a dam good safety before going out of the NFL in 2011. He played 2 games in 2011 before being hurt and in the three years prior he had accumulated 40 pass deflections, 17 INTS, and 3 TD's. I think bringing back Husain Abdullah and bringing in Collins could give us the change to wait and not be forced to take a FS in round one, although if Clinton-Dix or Pryor are gone I don't think we would consider taking anyone else anyway.

Free safety will be addressed in several different ways this offseason and will have a ton of competition in Camp.

Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker: I think we need to find a good pass rushing DE to pair with Houston, Poe and Devito (one the best run stopping DE in the league). We could possibly need both DE and OLB because I think Reid and Dorsey aren't afraid of turning over a roster to improve. I feel they are going to Shop and end up trading Tamba Hali not only to get extra draft picks but to relieve some cap space for not only this year but for next season. We have to keep Houston and we simply can't pay both Hali and Houston and Hali could have some good trade value. Thanks to KansasKen for pointing this out and opening my eyes.

I think first OLB will be addressed in free agency after we trade Hali and DE will be addressed in the draft.

Inside Linebacker: I thought Akeem Jordan played pretty well last season and I know that we ran a lot of defensive formations that didn't have Jordan on the field but 68 tackles for an ILB in a 3-4 system just isn't good. I was even surprised at Derrick Johnson's 104 tackles. I still have hopes for Nico Johnson but I think he was brought in to replace Derrick Johnson and we need another tackling machine that can cover some space.

This position is up in the air for me there are some good ILB's in free agency but Dorsey likes to build through the draft so I could see them grabbing a guy in the 3-4 round to come in and hopefully take the job with ease.

Left Guard: I am not a big fan of Jeff Allen and haven't been since he came out of Illinois he always seems to get bull rushed and gives up way too many QB hurries, especially at the goalline he is a true liability and this position has to be addressed at some point in the offseason. I think Schwartz and Stevenson on the right side will be our strength of this o-line next year, that is if we can bring Schwartz back which I think Reid and Dorsey will get done considering he was our best o-linmen this past season.

This position I think could be in line for what we did with Schwartz last season bring in a bargain free agent and have him push Allen out of a starting job.

Wide Receiver: I think with the addition of Kelce will help this offense in ways that not even Reid and Dorsey know as of right now as long as he can stay healthy think of him as our Rob Gronkowski. But this still doesn't change the fact that we need a playmaker outside of Charles in the passing game I think Bowe will have a good season next year but we need a guy that has really good hands and can get some good YAC.

WR has already been addressed with the signing of Dressler but I don't think this guy is going to blow us away he might end up being a good player but we need to address this area in the draft especially since the Chiefs are high on Jenkins this position still needs to be addressed and I don't think it will be with Maclin.

Cap and Trade Casualties:

First we will start with the players that I think will be cut.

Dunta Robinson= Clearly going to happen $3.3 million in cap space

Donnie Avery= Just don't think he will be on this team to start the season $1.35 million in cap space

Anthony Fasano= I think with Kelce, the Beard, and a potential rookie I just don't see Reid and Dorsey keeping a guy that couldn't stay healthy and dropped so many passes. $1 million in cap space

Potential Trades: I think there is no doubt that Reid and Dorsey will explore every option to make this team better and I think trading two of our better players may be the answer to getting better. I know this sounds crazy I get it but think about it for a second Tamba Hali's contract is going to be up in 2 years we owe him a ton of money in those two years and we have a better player already on the team in Houston. Second is Flowers I like what he does I think he is one of the better corners in the league top 10 at least but he doesn't fit in the system and will lead us to look to trade his this offseason.

I have looked at multiple teams that I thought would have the need for either one of these guys and there current cap situation because that will have to play a factor in it as well. I had originally thought the Saints would be a perfect fit for Hali but there are in bad cap position to be taking a cap number like Hali's. Also when thinking of a guy like Hali who will be 31 when the season starts you have to think about a team that has the ability to win now and that team to me is Atlanta they need a pass rusher badly they have a good offense and have a few holes to fill to make it back to the playoffs remember this team was the NFC's number 1 seed two years ago I think we could offer Hali to the Falcons for there 2nd round pick number 37 and Atlanta would be happy to make this trade this could allow them to potentially trade back in the first round and pick that 2nd round back up and land Hali in the process. That is a win win for everyone we get that much needed 2nd round pick and ATL gets that much needed pass rusher.

Next is Flowers I think we could get some good picks for him and the team I think that will be looking to get a good corner for not that much is the 49ers they have so many picks in this draft they can do what they want and get who they want and I think Flowers will be one of their targets. We give up Flowers to San Fran for 2 3rd round picks they are going to end up with 1 1st round pick 2 2nd round picks and 3 3 round picks so they could give up both their 3rd round picks and still have one coming in compensatory picks because of the loss of Goldson last season. That still leaves them with picks to move up in the first round if they want to land a player they really want and we get more picks which is what we are looking for to improve this team.

We now have created $15 million in cap space and have acquired multiple draft picks so we can now sign a few free agents and have good picks to draft with.

Free Agents:

Andre Roberts: (WR) Could be cheap and could come in and catch 60+ catches for 700+ yards and 5-8 TD's that is what we need could compete and make Jenkins better as well.

Mike Neal: (DE) Still sticking by Neal here with the connection to Dorsey I feel he has the pass rushing ability to come in a really push Allen Bailey for the starting position.

Jason Worilds:(OLB) This guy to me is a younger better version of Tamba Hali and his potential just hasn't been fully realized yet and I don't think the Steelers are going to be able to sing him with the cap situation they are in.

Sam Shields:(CB) Again still sticking with Shields in free agency I think he is the type of corner that Reid and Dorsey are looking for and Dorsey knows him well and knows what he could bring to this team.

The Draft:

Round 1 Pick 23: David Yankey-(OG Stanford)- History shows that Reid and Dorsey take DL and OL in the first round and this is one of our bigger needs to address in this draft so why not take the top rated guard in the draft here with some of our holes already filled in free agency and having a pick in the 2nd round and 3 picks in the 3rd round to address our other needs especially with this being a deep draft at several positions.

Round 2 Pick 37 From Atlanta: Shayne Skov-(ILB Stanford)- Some may think this is crazy pick with good WR's still on the board but ILB is a huge position of need for this team and this guy reminds me of someone that I was really hoping we were going to take last year in Kiko Alonzo. I think Skov instantly makes this defense better.

Round 3 Pick 77 From San Fran: Pierre Desir-(CB Lindenwood)- Desir may elevate himself to the second round by the end of the combine but if he is available here this would be a steal. I still think he might be here since he is coming from a small school and he will be scrutinized because of the level of players he played against.

Round 3 Pick 87: Jared Abbrederis-(WR Wisconsin)- Finally a WR is probably what you are all thinking but I truly believe that Jenkins can be our field stretcher with Bowe working the outside and maybe Dressler working in the slot at times, but Abbrederis is a sure handed receiver that caught everything throw at him at the senior bowl this could be a great pick. He reminds me a lot of Jordy Nelson

Round 3 Pick 94 From San Fran: A.J. McCarron-(QB Alabama)- McCarron to me is an Alex Smith Clone and why he isn't higher on most draft boards is beyond me but if we can land him here in the 3rd and groom him we could be set for the future without having to give Smith a new contract and this could also allow us to try and trade Daniel during the draft.

Round 4 Pick 119: Daniel McCullers-(DT Tennessee)- Everyone knows that Poe can't be on the field as much as he was this past year he needs to get a breather and the reason he was on the field so much is because we have no capable backup to come in and take some pressure off so McCullers here would go a long way to us not destroying Poe with him playing some many snaps.

Round 5 Pick 151: Jimmie Ward-(SS Northern Illinois)- I know there are some that have said to take Ward in the 3rd round I don't think we need to take him that high I think he will fall in this draft right into our laps in the 5th round and contrary to what most think I see this pick being brought in to be a back up to Eric Berry and potentially take over for Berry if we can't resign him in the future.

Round 6 Pick 178: Jonathan Dowling-(FS Western Kentucky)- This guy is still my biggest sleeper in this draft and i think he will push Collins and Abdullah to become the starter by the end of training camp.

Round 6 Pick 183: Jalen Saunders-(WR Oklahoma)- I am usually not a big fan of small Wide receivers but this guy I think has a serious chance to become the next Wes Welker if we land him in the 6th round like this don't be surprised if he comes pushes Dressler and whoever else is trying to get the slot receiver spot on this team.

Hope you all enjoyed the writing sorry so many words and please give me some feedback thanks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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