Break Out Players for next Season

Now that the combine is over I wanted to go through some of our own players and see how they compare to last years draft class as well as this years draft class. I will also compare them to a few players that are in this years draft since this is considered to be one of the deepest drafts in the last 10 years by some. I know that each players combine performance isn't always an indication on what kind of player they will be but certain drills at the combine are what decides a players draft stock and ultimately where they get drafted.

First we will start with Mike Catapano I think this guy is going to make a huge leap this season especially after hearing that he put weight back on and is playing at a weight of 290 LBS I am extremely excited about this kid going into the season. Lets take a look at his Pro Day numbers from last years draft.

Mike Catapano 6'3 290 LBS

40 yard dash= 4.75

Vertical Jump= 37.5 inches

Broad Jump= 117.6

20 yard shuttle= 4.31

3 Cone Drill= 7.09

Bench= 33 Reps

Now that we have seen his numbers from his pro day lets take a look where it would have landed him at the combine at last years combine and this years combine I will break it down on where he would have placed among all prospects that competed.

2013 Combine

Top 5= Bench Press, Vertical Jump, 20 yard shuttle

Top 10= 3 cone drill, 40 yard dash

Top 15= Broad Jump

2014 Combine

Top 5= Bench Press, Vertical Jump, 3 Cone Drill

Top 10= 40 yard dash, Broad Jump, 20 yard shuttle

If this wasn't enough evidence for some of you that Catapano may just be the player that some feel we need to draft in the first round (DE) then lets take a hot name that some have said we should be drafting in the first round and that is Aaron Donald lets take a look at his combine performance.

Aaron Donald 6'1 288 LBS

40 yard dash= 4.68

Vertical Jump= 32 inches

Broad Jump= 116

3 Cone Drill= 7.11

Bench Press= 35

As you can see Donald put up similar numbers to Catapano this is why I feel we don't need to be drafting a DE in the first round of this draft we can find some depth at this position later in the draft. Don't get me wrong though I believe Donald will be a dam good player in the NFL but I think we might have a player that is even better already on the roster.

Now lets move on to the Cornerback position because I am a huge fan of Marcus Cooper and I think he will become a shutdown corner in this defense next season, and within a few years could be in the same status as Revis and Sherman.

Marcus Cooper 6'1 192 LBS (Pro Day)

40 yard dash= 4.45

Vertical Jump= 39.5 inches

Broad Jump= 130.9

20 yard shuttle= 4.42

3 Cone Drill= 6.89

Bench Press= 20 Reps

With these pro day numbers that Cooper put up lets take a look at where it would have ranked him at the combine in the last two years.

2013 Combine

Top 5= Bench Press, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump

Top 10= 3 Cone Drill

Top 15= 40 yard dash

2014 Combine

Top 5= Bench Press, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump

Top 10= 40 yard dash

Top 15= 3 Cone Drill

Again just like I did with Catapano I wanted to find a player to compare Cooper to and I was originally going to use Justin Gilbert because he blew up the combine but I thought why not compare Cooper to Richard Sherman so I did some digging and found Sherman's combine numbers and here is how Cooper compares to Sherman.

Richard Sherman 6'3 195 LBS

40 yard dash= 4.56

Vertical Jump= 38 inches

Broad Jump= 125

3 Cone Drill= 6.82

20 yard shuttle= 4.33

Bench Press= 16 Reps

I really believe that Cooper and Catapano will really make some strides in this defense next season and they could be a big part of us making the playoffs again.I have another player that I would like to talk about and that is Sanders Commings but before we get to him let me explain why I don't believe Commings will make a move to free safety.

First I have been one of the guys that has been all over the trading of Brandon Flowers but after looking more into our team and who we have at corner I don't believe this is the best option and I don't think Dorsey and Reid would have restructured his contract last year to cut or trade him this season and eat $7 million in dead money. I think if Cooper can become the player I think he will become Flowers will be an excellent slot corner and will want to redeem himself from last season's collapse. I believe that Commings was brought in to replace Flowers and that may have happened this offseason had Commings been able to stay on the field and shown what he was capable of but that is not going to happen until next season.

Sanders Commings 6'0 216 LBS

40 yard dash= 4.41

Vertical Jump= 34.5 inches

Broad Jump= 117

3 Cone Drill= 7.10

20 yard shuttle= 4.30

I am not going to break down Commings numbers because he only placed in the Top 10 in the 40 yard dash in last season's combine and in the Top 5 in the 40 yard dash in this season's combine but didn't test in any other area that would have put him among the best. But I did find a corner in this season's draft that many people on here have been talking about wanting and he compares to Commings and that player is......

Pierre Desir 6'1 198 LBS

40 yard dash= 4.59

Vertical Jump= 35 inches

Broad Jump= 133

3 Cone Drill= 6.86

20 yard shuttle= 4.30

Desir does get Commins in the Broad jump and the 3 cone drill but they are similar in what they do and what they did in college both played in almost nothing but press man and are very physical press cover corners.

I believe that we have three key pieces on defense that will make us much better going into next season and our needs are't what they may be being made out to be. I think we could use a corner and I will let you know who but that is going to be in a different post. I think we can get this corner after round 4 and could be a great project to replace Sean Smith when he leaves in a few years. I also don't think we are in dire need of a DE in the first round of this draft for the simple fact that we have Catapano and I think he is going to take his game to the next level next season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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