Potential Depth Chart

I know this time of year everyone is doing a prediction or something but I thought I should give playing GM a try myself. Here is a potential 53 man depth chart for the Chiefs with some side notes behind certain players in parenthesis. Here a few notes on some acronyms I will be using most are explanatory but here they are: BPA=Best player that wins the position out in preseason, FA=Free Agent and I will list the team they came from, D#=Draft and the round selected, Players names put into parenthesis means they have already been listed once on the chart and anything else should be pretty self explanatory.

WR: Dwayne Bowe, Junior Hemmingway, BPA
WR: AJ Jenkins (I like what I saw near the end of the season), Donnie Avery
Slot: Dexter McCluster (resign: PR/KR & solid slot)
(Many of our receivers can play both and I expect them to have a heavy rotation)
TE: Travis Kelce/Anthony Fasano (split time and be on the field at the same time a lot), Sean McGrath
LT: Brandon Albert, Donald Stephenson
LG: Jeff Allen, BPA
C: Rodney Hudson, Eric Kush (Could be next in line a G as well)
RG: Geoff Schwartz (resign lengthy deal: versatility & good play), BPA
RT: Eric Fisher, (Donald Stephenson), (Geoff Schwartz)
QB: Alex Smith, Chase Daniels, Tyler Bray
RB: Jamaal Charles, Kniles Davis, BPA
FB: Anthony Sherman

Everyone keeps saying we need another WR (I agree it would be nice I like Beckam and Evans their combines moved them up quite a bit). The best in the first round will likely be off the board I think we should address it in later rounds. FA is a possibility and we are strapped for cash WR are pricey. Check out our points in the last few games including the playoff game with out Mr. Charles. Kelce returns healthy and Jenkins continues progressing (coaches are high on him). Albert could possibly leave and then Stephenson should take his place with Fisher backing him up and Schwartz sliding out to RT (Another T will be added in this case). I would not be opposed to Jon Asamoah returning but it is likely we get (afford) all three back and I will take Schwart on a lengthy deal (he wants stability) because he is better and can paly multiple positions. We can use a young cheap player at guard (on roster or draft pick). We may need the money for Albert if they can keep him.

LDE: Mike Catapano/Allen Bailey (Tough Call), BPA
NT: Dontario Poe, (Jerrell Powe), Jaye Howard
RDE: Mike DeVito, Jerrell Powe
(Expect a lot of interchanging positions/rotation on the D-Line)
LOLB: Justin Houston, Josh Martin, BPA (Maybe someone with some experience)
LILB: CJ Mosely (D1-Best player likely on the board), Nico Johnson
RILB: Derrick Johnson, James-Michael Johnson
ROLB: Tamba Hali, Jeremiah Attaochu (D3-GT:Nigerian Beast)
LCB: Brandon Flowers, Marcus Cooper
SS: Eric Berry, Quintin Demps (re-sign: Can play both safety positions, KR/PR, and ST)
FS: Thomas Decoud (FA-ATL), Sanders Commings (more playing time to earn the job)
RCB: Sean Smith, (Marcus Cooper), Ron Parker, BPA

I'm sure some will be calling for my head on Mosely but is the best player available at any given position, position of need for a long time, cheaper option (rookie ILB are cheaper the WR) and a Pro Bowl talent. I don't see DE as a major need I feel Bailey/Catapano/Powe can man the position and be good in rotation at the other DE being the Poe never leaves the field. Someone had a great post on AP about Catapano I liked him when they drafted him (he is a beast). Cooper showed flashes as a rookie and Flowers wasn't as bad as people are saying, hopefully he can rebound. FS was a major issue but HaHa is off the board and Pryor is a reach and most likely fit for SS. DeCoud was a CC that has good range and starting experience and could be a cheap option on a 1-2 year deal, hungry to reestablish himself (he signed a big 5 year deal with ATL last season). I really do like Commings but I preferred some additional experience as a backup/sub-packages.

P: Dustin Colquitt
K: Ryan Succop
LS: Thomas Gafford
KR: (Demps/Davis/McCluster)
PR: (McCluster), (Demps)

Of course most of this is circumstantial because of salary cap, ability to sign/re-sign, if the drafted player is available, trades (I don't foresee any), injury, and other factors. I went with a lot of in house players because of both cap situations (I expect Chiefs to be bargain shopping in FA) and late seasons trends in evaluations on our current (own UFA) players. I did not list a lot of draft picks (only 1st & 3rd) because I feel the Chiefs are in a position to take the best player available in the late rounds. BPA covers mostly drafted or young players with lots of upside but that late you don't know who will be there (I'll let you folks pick them). Thanks. I look forward to your feedback!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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