How Dorsey will acquire more draft picks

First thing I would like to talk about are the trades that Dorsey engineered last season. He managed to make 3 trades in his first season with the Chiefs and almost made it 4 had they been able to trade Brandon Albert during the draft like everyone thought he was going to be able to do. Let examine the three trades.

First we have the Alex Smith trade I for one am a believer in Alex he proved to me that he is capable of taking this team into the playoffs and possibly into the Super Bowl. When Charles went down during the first couple of minutes of the Colts game I thought we were done and Smith took this team on his shoulders to the tune of 30-46 for 378 yards and 4 TD's and also added 57 rushing yards on 8 attempts. This is a guy that is well worth the 2 second round picks we gave up to get him he was one of the main reasons we wen't from one of the worst teams in the league to one of the best.

Next we have the Javier Arenas trade for Anthony Sherman clearly when this trade happened I was confused, not on why we traded Arenas but who the hell Sherman was. I was also confused because we already had two Full backs on the roster but that turned out not to matter Sherman came to KC and became one of the best Full backs in the league paving the way for Charles to prove to the NFL that he is one of the best in the game right now. This was a very good if not great trade for Dorsey once again.

Now onto the last trade Dorsey made which was the Jonathan Baldwin for A.J. Jenkins and after I watched Jenkins catch that 42 yard pass I was convinced that we had got the better end of the deal on this as well. I was even more convinced when the Chiefs came out and said they were really high on Jenkins going into this next season I hope this kid can step up and reach the full potential he has when he was drafted in the first round.

I am really not sure after hearing Andy Reid talk at the combine that KC will be big players in Free Agency if they are players at all. Getting some extra cap space from the league raising the salary cap limit will be nice it could allow us to sign people like Schwartz but it won't allow us to make any huge moves. But I do think that Dorsey could end up engineering a few more trades this year in order to get some extra draft picks and some extra cap space.

So lets get on with it.

I didn't want this to turn into another Brandon Flowers trade post but like some have said the writing is on the wall with this one especially with the recent reports of Dorsey being like Ron Wolf who has a strong believe of not drafting a cornerback that is smaller than 6'0 and even though Dorsey didn't draft Flowers he knows he doesn't fit into the system and I think he will be moving him before the draft. I looked to see what teams could take on his contract and would be willing to give up a 2nd round pick for him and how good of a fit would he be in there defense. I found a few teams that fit this bill but one team in particular was really intriguing to me and that is the Bengals. They have 3 aging corners and they may need to cut a few of them because of there production last season and they have Leon Hall coming off a second injury of the same magnitude. They Bengals need a few things to get back to the playoffs and one is corner if they could land Flowers for there 2nd round pick it could free them up in the first round and still be able to come back and take another corner if they need to in the later rounds with how deep the corners are this season. So the Chiefs trade Brandon Flowers to the Bengals for their 2nd round pick number 55.

I really like where we stand at the TE position I think we have some young players there that we can build around so I think Fasano could potentially be up for a trade if the deal is right. And I think there is one team that could be looking to get a TE on the cheap because of the other areas they need to address and they can't take a TE where they are picking in the draft and that is the Falcons I think we could get a 4th round pick for Fasano and one of our 6th round picks.

So to recap where we are we now have acquired a 2nd round pick and a 4th round pick and gave up a 6th round pick. We gained another $4.5 million in cap space as well by making these two trades. I also think Dorsey will look to trade down when the Chiefs get on the clock and I can see one team that may want to make the jump to get there guy and that is New England who picks at 29. I think they are going to be looking to get another TE especially with the uncertainty of Gronk. So we trade our 23rd pick to New England for the 29th pick and the 93 pick (3rd round pick)

So we now have

Round 1 pick 29

Round 2 pick 55

Round 3 pick 87

Round 3 pick 93

Round 4 Pick 99

Round 4 pick 120

Round 5 pick 151

Round 6 pick 184

So lets take a look at where we could be going if we land these picks in the draft.

Round 1 (Pick 29)- Calvin Pryor: 6'2 210 LBS( FS)

I think that we can trade down and still land Pryor in this draft and we need him in the worst way I think Pryor and Berry could rival the tandem of Chancellor and Thomas of Seattle. Pryor is an instant upgrade and he will allow Sutton to run more Cover 1 defenses which is what he wants to run most of the time. This would be my favorite pick if we can land Pryor in the first round.

Round 2 (Pick 55 From Bengals)- Shayne Skov 6'2 245 LBS (ILB)

I have a feeling that we could go WR (Brandin Cooks) but I have some other ideas on that are later in this draft so we take a guy that had 109 tackles, 13 TFL, 5.5 sacks, 10 QB hurries and 3 Forced Fumbles to pair with Derrick Johnson and this front 7 just got that much more dominate.

Round 3 (Pick 87)- Brandon Coleman 6'5 220 LBS (WR)

I really like this kid the more and more I research him he is a very imposing WR that has been very productive and could be a great red zone target for Alex Smith and he has the speed to run away from corners after the catch. I think this kid with Bowe on the other side could be really dangerous and maybe even Dressler can develop into something special.

Round 3 (Pick 93 From Patriots)- Marcus Smith 6'3 258 LBS (OLB)

We need a replacement for Tamba Hali for next season I believe he will be gone after this season especially since we will save $9 million against the cap if we cut or trade him after this season we need to groom someone to take over for him and I think Marcus Smith could be that guy he was a very productive pass rusher in college and I hope he can become our next Justin Houston who we also drafted in the 3rd round.

Round 4 (Pick 99 From Falcons)- Dominique Easley 6'2 280 LBS (DT/DE)

This guy in my opinion could come in and be that DE rusher we could be looking for and he could also take some pressure of Poe in certain situations and Bailey could play the DE spot. I really like this kid to come in and become a big part of this defense especially playing on the same side of Houston.

Round 4 (Pick 120)- Jeff Janis 6'2 212 LBS (WR)

I really wanted to take a QB or a OG here but the value that Janis could bring to this team would be too great at this point in the draft with taking Coleman earlier and Janis now and maybe Jenkins can develop into something good we could be sitting really good on offense even after Bowe leaves.

Round 5 (Pick 151)- Stanley Jean- Baptiste 6'2 215 LBS (CB)

I know that you all may be thinking how are we going to trade Flowers and not draft another corner until the 5th round but you have to look at where I have taken this team we have the FS we need we picked up two potential pass rushers and we got a very productive ILB to make the front of this defense really scary. Plus I feel that Cooper, Smith and Commings as well as Parker will be able to hold down those positions while Jean- Baptiste learns the system and then takes over next year or the year after. He is a big physical corner that has some really good ball skills and I would love to see us be able to land him here to solidify this secondary.

Round 6 (184)- Brandon Linder 6'5 316 LBS (OG)

This is a guy that could come in as a late round pick with a chip on his shoulder and could end up beating our Jeff Allen for the starting spot on the left side of the line next to Fisher I think he could be a very productive starter for many years in the NFL.

Hope you all enjoy the post as always let me know what you think about this and give me some feedback thanks to all and go Chiefs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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