Chiefs' Andy Reid sees Ron Wolf's influence on John Dorsey


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said on Thursday that some of what John Dorsey does reminds him of former Packers personnel man Ron Wolf.

When people talk about the great personnel men of the Green Bay Packers, many are talking about Ron Wolf. He joined the Packers and one of his first big moves was to hire Mike Holmgren and trade for Brett Favre. You know the rest.

So consider it good news that Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who also worked with Wolf, said he sees some of Wolf in Chiefs GM John Dorsey, another former Packers personnel guy.

"John is upbeat, positive," Andy Reid said on Thursday from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. "He works hard. He understands the personnel side. He comes from a pretty good lineage of personnel people starting with Ron Wolf, who arguably is one of the finest ever to do his job. John studied under Ron and is very close with Ron to this day. You can see some of the things that John does are from things he learned from Ron." just had a great post about these Packers connections. Remember the time Reid said that Dorsey likes bigger cornerbacks? If I may quote from Chiefs Spin (read the whole thing here):

One of Wolf's core draft commandments was to never select a defensive back under 5-foot-11. He wanted big cornerbacks and safeties with speed that loved to hit and tackle.

Although the first pick of Wolf's Green Bay career was Terrell Buckley, a 5-foot-10 cornerback out of Florida Statee selected fifth overall in the 1992 draft, it was a pick that he regrets as Buckley spent an unremarkable three seasons with the team.

"I violated one of my basic tenets, and that is you don't take a defensive back or cornerback under 5-11," Wolf told Don Banks of Sports Illustrated in April 2001 shortly after announcing his retirement. "In bad weather you need big people."

The whole Packers personnel guy thing is in these days with John Schneider, previously with the Packers, winning the Super Bowl as the GM of the Seahawks.

Dorsey's first year in Kansas City is certainly considered a success but it's not all because of the draft. The trade for Alex Smith, some of his work in free agency and the "extra draft" during roster cuts was his finer work. Reid said that Dorsey was "aggressive" in his approach.

The Chiefs 2013 draft class is a good example of why you don't judge a class after one year. Right now, it's looking pretty average at best with Eric Fisher and Knile Davis being the biggest contributors. But if Travis Kelce, Nico Johnson and Sanders Commings end up contributing, it looks a lot better.

The Chiefs will not be the players in free agency that they were last year so the draft is as important as ever this season. This wouldn't be a bad time for his Ron Wolf impression (and by that I mean go to back-to-back Super Bowls).

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