Super Bowl 2014 predictions: Odds say Broncos, what do the experts say?

Tom Pennington

We are collecting your 2014 Super Bowl predictions for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. The odds say the Broncos are the favorite. Who ya got? We collected Super Bowl XLVIII predictions from ESPN, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Peter King and more.

The Denver Broncos are currently the favorite in the 2014 Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Some lines initially opened with the Seahawks as the favorite but Denver quickly took the lead. According to SB Nation's Super Bowl odds page, the Broncos are currently a 2.5-point favorite over the Seahawks.

My Super Bowl prediction has been turned in and it is the Seattle Seahawks. Part of it is that I think the Seahawks defense can slow Peyton Manning down and part of it is that the Broncos are the Chiefs rival and I just can't predict them. (Hey, I never said these were unbiased Super Bowl picks).

Back in October, a New Jersey groundhog predicted a Chiefs-Saints Super Bowl, which was unfortunately incorrect.

I have a bunch of Super Bowl XLVIII predictions below but there is one that's so important I need to point it out. An ape in Utah has predicted the Seahawks to win.

A Utah ape that has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner for six straight years predicted Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks will be the next NFL champion.

Eli the ape ran into an enclosure Thursday morning and swiftly knocked down a papier-mache helmet bearing the Seahawks logo, signaling his pick, said Erica Hansen of Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

So that's that.

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