Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 2/2

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Good morning! It's Super Bowl Sunday and you need something to fill the 5,000 hours between now and kickoff. Read your Kansas City Chiefs news! Today's stories are all over the place. Sadly, we start with all the awards that weren't won by Chiefs yesterday, but we rally at the end and learn the secret to Jamaal Charles' magnificent hair. Seriously. Enjoy!

Will Shields 'Okay' With Hall Of Fame Decision from The Mothership

Former Chiefs guard Will Shields says despite not being part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's 2014 Class, he's grateful to be mentioned among the greats of the game.

"It's a great honor to be on that list," Shields said. "Me not getting in doesn't tarnish anything that's been done over the 14 years of my career. It's still a positive thing. It's okay. There's nothing I can do to change it. There are a lot of great guys that have played and had great careers on the field and some of them had great careers off the field. All I can say is I put my best foot forward and did everything I possibly could, on the field and off the field..."

Jamaal Named 2013 Fantasy Player Of The Year from The Mothership

Kansas City Chiefs fans knew their three-time Pro Bowl RB was crazy good, even before the season began. Led by new Chiefs coach Andy Reid and RBs coach Eric Bieniemy, Charles took his talents to a new level in 2013, elevating point totals of Fantasy Football League (FFL) owners, everywhere.

"I hear from a lot of fantasy people," Charles said. "I mean, that's cool. People get to know me - people from different teams, playing fantasy football, and it steals them from their team. But, that's pretty cool when you get a congratulations, when you help win the league for a fantasy team. That's pretty cool."

Chiefs Weekly from The Mothership

This week, ten Chiefs players returned from Hawaii after the Pro Bowl, where Team Rice defeated Team Sanders 22-21. For the full Pro Bowl recap, click here...

...Now, let's take a look at what's happening on social media in this week's edition of Chiefs Weekly. Video: 'NFL Honors': Jamaal Charles Wins Fantasy Player Of The Year Award

Will Shields Must Wait Another Year from ESPN

But Shields played an unglamorous position, the Chiefs never reached the Super Bowl during his 14 seasons between 1993 and 2006 and he was competing with a strong group of finalists this year, the third he was eligible for Hall of Fame selection.

Shields Not Selected For Pro Football Hall Of Fame from Chiefs Spin

Meanwhile, part of the selection process involves a discussion among the 46-member selection board over each candidate before a vote is submitted, as pointed by Hall of Fame voter Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Twitter.

Williams' original tweet on the duration of some discussions led to a brief Twitter exchange over how long it was for Shields.

Andy Reid, Jamaal Charles Miss On Awards from ESPN

Kansas City was 10-0 against non-playoff teams and 1-5 against teams that made the postseason. But I still believe the Chiefs traveled a longer distance. Reid did more than help the Chiefs win games. He helped change what had been the miserable, rotten culture that permeated the entire organization. When he walked in the door, the Chiefs were infested with people who pulled in different directions and were out for themselves. He got everybody to believe in the greater good.

Kickin' It With Kiz: Seahawks Are Most Formidable Foes For Broncos from The Denver Post

Real and fake. Federal law-enforcement authorities tell fans traveling to New York to be wary of counterfeit Super Bowl tickets. Along those lines, didn't the Kansas City Chiefs try to get into the Super Bowl with a fake team?

Jim, Denver

A Dog In The Manger On Football's Big Day from American Thinker

Well, if you can't be champs, at least you can be loud. So, Chiefs fans endeavored to distinguish themselves by making Arrowhead the loudest stadium in the land. But it's unsportsmanlike to addle the visiting team with the decibels of a jet engine, making it impossible for them to hear their quarterback. Do you just want to win, or do you want a game?

But fans need to have something to point to, some claim to fame, and if noise is all that's left, then noise it's going to be. But it is interference. You can't have fans interfering with the game. Such interference would never be tolerated in the more civilized sports, like golf and power croquet.

LeSean McCoy Wins FedEx Ground Award from

This is the second FedEx Ground Player of the Year Award for McCoy, who also took home the honors in 2011 when he rushed for 1,309 yards and scored a league- and franchise-record 17 rushing touchdowns. McCoy beat out Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs and Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears to bring home the award.

Number One 'Super Hits' From Super Bowls Past from NJ101.5

Super Bowl IV - January 11, 1970

The Kansas City Chiefs beat The Minnesota Vikings and the "Superhit" that day was "Leaving On A Jet Plane" from Peter, Paul and Mary.

A Guide To Alternate Super Bowl Storylines from SB Nation

While Sunday's Super Bowl promises to be a good game between good teams, there is a notable lack of the sort of dramatic "Super Bowl stories" fans have come to know. There are no players guaranteeing wins, mooning helicopters, kidnapping congressmen, entertaining multiple prostitutes or getting publicly wasted. It didn't have to be this way. Here are some storylines that would have kept America rapt if anyone besides these two snoozers were in the Super Bowl...

Chiefs Lucky Reid is Still Along For Super Bowl Ride

Andy Reid had one of the most successful seasons in NFL history as a head coach in his first year with the Kansas City Chiefs, leading a team that was one of the NFL's worst just a season ago all the way to the Super Bowl. But the reality is that he almost quit the Chiefs gig several times during the 2013 season to pursue the one thing he finds as gratifying as coaching football.

Super Bowl Glory: Huntsville Native Robert Holmes Remembers Winning The Big Game from The Huntsville Item

Robert "Tank" Holmes, a standout running back at Huntsville's Sam Houston High School in the 1960s, was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs when they upset the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. Now 68, Holmes said his memory of his biggest game is a little fuzzy, but he remembers what it was like to be a world champion.

We Tackle Three Football Players' Beauty Routines from Elle

Jamaal Charles, 27, is a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs and has been playing in the NFL for five years. He also used to run track in college. He has striking long hair and is the product junkie of the three.

I'd love to hear about your hair care routine. Does it require a lot of maintenance?

I go to this lady and she does my hair. She gives me all sorts of things to put in my hair, all natural stuff. I need her with me to tell you what they are! I don't really look at what she gives me. It's embarrassing what I have in my bag. I have hair spray and at least three oils. The hair spray makes it shiny because my hair and scalp get dry really fast.

Alex Smith Playing 1st AT&T National Pro-Am from The San Francisco Chronicle

Smith is eagerly anticipating his AT&T debut, though he's not wild about the gallery's proximity to the fairways and greens. PGA Tour pros are accustomed to seeing spectators close to the action and respectfully quiet - but Smith is an NFL quarterback, not a tour pro.

"Sometimes, visually, it's a little scary with the people all around," he said. "The silence is the craziest thing. I'm used to noise in moments of pressure, and this is a completely different thing - it's so quiet you almost want to quiet the voice in your own head.

"Dead silence is so much more foreign to me than people at screaming at me, good or bad."

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