Diamonds in the rough - 2014 Draftee candidates

"Diamonds in the rough." We have all heard that expression before however in the NFL and most especially in the NFL DRAFT / Combine where draft picks are the most valuable thing next to a franchise Quarterback.

So as I prepare myself for another year of mindless diehard and utterly disappointing season of KC Royals Baseball I decided to contribute to my one and only spot to fulfill my Chiefs-a-holic syndrome that we all have here..

This year is {insert another catch phrase} a pivotal year for the early reign of the new Era Dorsey/ Ried combo for the Draft. At this juncture we are all pleasantly happy.. we would be on cloud 9 if it wasn’t for an epic failure in Indy but we won’t speak of that just as we don’t mention that kickers name either.. no way jose.. However I digress.. this year is the end of the "year one evaluations’, it is the end of the "lets see what happens" if we try this scheme and it is the end of the "year one what happens if we play this guy" Both GMD (GM Dorsey) and Mr. OH YEAH! (Coach Reid Kool-Aid reference) know what they have personnel wise, they have the chess board pieces in place as they have received them and have identified the known losses and the handicap they have (no second round draft pick).

As it is this time of year on AP most of us haggle and argue over the early round selections "We need a WR or TE no way we need a CB!!" I will not debate on this issue. I am going to elaborate on the hidden talents; the late round draft picks the "players to be named later". We have seen over the last regime players that were late round draft picks or even undrafted become stars or potential stars.. most of us screamed at the TV and wondered why we didn’t pull the trigger. The players that recently come to mind and IMHO should be KC Chiefs right now are ILB Vontez Burfict and CB Tyrann Mathieu.

This is a copycat league and with that said what Seattle has done is to be applauded. Seattle hit on every (damn near every) draft pick 2 years ago from 1st to 7th and ended up with a stellar and cheap complete team. I wish to highlight certain players that are late round kids that have intangibles that I hope we consider in KC. Now mind you some of these kids that I highlight have issues or come from small schools however, the archaic mentality of not drafting players/kids that have had issues while in college (I highlighted KIDS on purpose as they have yet to fully develop and mature) causes us to not fully draft the very very best talent possible in previous drafts.

Colt Lyerla – TE – Oregon 6’5 246lbs
I have read all over the internet that Colt Lyerla was a cant miss second coming Tight End. In October, Lyerla was arrested and pleaded guilty to cocaine possession. Yes cocaine.. I know what ya’ll are thinking " C’mon Mas that aint going to fly at KC!" I know I know it’s a major ding against the kid. He made a mistake and damn near every NFL team will stay far from a kid like this and not seeing the potential behind taking a risk. Justin Houston, stupidly smoked marijuana before the damn combine and became a 3rd round draft pick when he is clearly a 1st round talent. We got lucky and looked past his stupidity and shortcomings and are reaping the rewards.

This kid is something special and no I don’t mean special Ed because he made a Dumb Sh*t move and got caught with coke. He is a DAMN good TE and has unbelievable potential. If our brain trust has the foresight to pull the trigger on a kid that goofed up and pleaded guilty to it paid his debt and mentor and guide him we will reap the benefits wholeheartedly. This is a HUGE gamble.. the kid did smack.. I do not agree with the usage of drugs or abuse of alcohol however, these kids being young and impressionable have and are treated differently that most people / college kids. Having a strong presence and leadership in our locker room and coaching staff would keep this kid on the straight arrow.
Below is a link to his highlights take a gander.

TJ Jones – WR - Notre Dame 6’0 195lbs
YES I am a homer for the IRISH I KNOW! TJ Jones is a tall slot receiver type, he has great hands and needed it due to the inability and lack of quality of Quarterback play the Irish have had. Last season he caught 70 passes for over 1100 plus yards and 9 TD’s. Over the past seasons he was a shadow to TE Tyler Eifert and WR Malcom Floyd offensively. However with the depth at WR this draft I can see us drafting a known commodity in a player like TJ Jones. He would be great for depth, reliable and cheap. Knowing how Alex Smith throws the ball (He spreads the love) having a WR that can actually catch the ball would be a nice change of pace. I can see using a 5th or 6th round pick on this WR and he will actually be around for more than a season and will be useful for more than practice squad fodder.
Below is a link to his highlights

De'Anthony Thomas – RB - Oregon 5’9 173lbs
This kid is a scat back type; a small fart in the wind but very agile and quick. He is an OW, like Dexter Mc Cluster; however he is cheaper than Dexter Mc Cluster and is seen as a replacement. This kid is a tweener type has played both RB and PR for the Ducks. He had an ankle injury that interfered with his 2013 season. In the 2013 he had 96 carries for 594 yards and eight touchdowns with 22 receptions for 246 yards a passing TD. If drafted in the later rounds I can see Thomas being used as a change of pace back/breather for Charles as well as a quick dink/dunk pass off the flats where he, in open space, can move quickly and possibly change how defenses play against us. He has double value that we all know and love he could replace Mc Cluster/Demps as a KR as given our current salary cap situation and the uncertainty that Mc Cluster will be back as he might be very expensive.

Below is a link to his highlights

Ty Zimmerman – S - Kansas State 6’1 204lbs
Yes we look to our own backyard for depth/dependability in the secondary. Zimmerman is a dependable Safety that knows how to tackle. That’s all I need to say. He knows how to TACKLE. With the many issues we have in our secondary once issue we should not have is our depth players our 2nd and 3rd string Safety’s/CB’s not have the fundamentals. Coach Bill Snyder is an old school fundamental coach and a damn good one at that. With Zimmerman, who has played since being a red short freshman, you are getting a solid contributor not just a body on the roster.

Below is a link to his highlights

Dontae Johnson - CB - N.C. State 6’2 199lbs
Here comes the copycat part; He is a late round consideration pick his size and speed cannot be taught. Right now we are looking for the diamonds in the rough the players that have something to offer to the table other than camp fodder. We got lucky with Cooper and he was a 7th round pick from San Francisco. Brandon flowers, whom I love, is getting old, his play has diminished and is not worth what we are paying him now IMHO. The next wave of the future in secondary play / CB is tall CB’s that are lean and have ball skills. In fact looking at it now what sense does it make having a 5’9/5’10 Corner back cover a 6’1 – 6’2 WR? The whole purpose of the CB is to deter, disrupt and interfere (legally) with the opposing WR and his route. I say invest late round picks with the tall lengthy CB’s that have skill and see if it sticks.

Below is a link to his highlights

Bene Benwikere- CB - San Jose State 6’0 192lbs
See above description. Same thing he’s tall he’s an unknown and if he’s there in the 7th round; screw it try him out, or if he goes UDFA give him a call and bring him in. Of course that’s why I am not a GM, I am willing to give anyone who has certain characteristics that cannot be taught a try. I just don’t want to give up 28 plus points again and am willing to try anything to get the right secondary in place and I am sure that’s the whole intent for GMD and Coach Reid.
Below is a link to his highlights

Max Bullough – ILB - Michigan State 6’3 252lbs
He is a projected 4th -5th round pick, just as Nico Johnson was. He’s a run stuffing hard nose tackle Linebacker. We have the luxury of having DJ covering the TE’s but we need a reliable ILB that can tackle and plug the middle. He’s not a flashy known name like CJ Mosely of Alabama but the teams that draft quality players regardless of mistakes or school played at have the more well-rounded teams. I only saw a little of this kid playing in the Shrine game and thought he might be a great addition to have on our ILB Depth, which frankly is pretty shallow right now.
Below is a link to his highlights

In the end results of this year’s draft I am confident that we will draft quality payers that fit the scheme and mold that both GMD and Coach Reid want. Having depth in all positions is something the Packers have had a great history of and GMD was a part of that process. The above are some kids I have researched into and wanted to share my 2 cents worth and see what yall thought.. after all the combine is a week away and the draft isn’t till April.. what else are we going to talk about? I personally am done with Sam is gay / Ingonito is a bully media banter..

"Stay Classy Kansas City"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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