Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 2/18

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

And... it's snowing again (still?). Anyway, here's your Kansas City Chiefs news. In case you missed it, Dontari Poe is a beast. Enjoy!

Franchise Tender Decisions May Begin Today from The Mothership

The new league year doesn't start until March 11, but some offseason activity may begin as early as today, when the Kansas City Chiefs, along with the rest of the 31 NFL clubs can make one of the following three designations to players, listed below, just like Kansas City did with Chiefs Hall of Fame DE Neil Smith, who was designated as the team's franchise player in 1993.

Stephenson's Development Means Chiefs Likely Won't Tag Albert from FS Kansas City

The development of Blue Springs, Mo., native Donald Stephenson at the tackle position would allow the Chiefs to feel comfortable parting ways with Albert. Stephenson, a second-year man, could conceivably step into a starting role at left tackle, or the Chiefs could switch last year's first overall pick, Eric Fisher, to the left side and move Stephenson to right tackle.

The Chiefs also are in dire need of financial freedom to sign some of their own free agents.

Chiefs' Schwartz On Free Agency: 'You Have To Get What You Can, When You Get It' from FS Kansas City

"Yeah, I had a great season with Coach Reid and the offensive line and just the whole offense -- it was a fun year," says Schwartz, who played 2013 on a one-year, $700,000 deal with a $35,000 signing bonus. "I was welcomed to the team. Even with the change made to keep me in the starting lineup (at midseason), there was no animosity. It was great. I'd love to come back, but that's not always the way it works."

The goal of the Schwartz camp is a multi-year deal at fair value. The Chiefs, meanwhile, are on the brink of salary-cap hell, with an estimated wiggle room of $3.092 million as of Feb. 17, according to

NFL Franchise, Transition Designation Period Opens from Chiefs Spin

The Chiefs, who franchised left tackle Branden Albert in 2013, are scheduled to enter the March 11 free agency period with 11 unrestricted free agents.

The Chiefs originally had 12, but re-signed long snapper Thomas Gafford to a one-year deal two weeks ago.

NFL Draft Reset 2006: Patriots Take Running Back But Not Laurence Maroney from NESN

20. Kansas City Chiefs: Greg Jennings, wide receiver, Western Michigan (No. 52)

Actual pick: Tamba Hali, outside linebacker, Penn State The Chiefs have needed another receiver to pair with Dwayne Bowe for years. Bowe and Jennings would have been a top receiving duo.

NFL Salary Caps: Browns In Great Shape, Cowboys (Again) Are Not from CBS Sports

About half the league has work to do to get in the right place before March 11. Here's a look at each team's situation. The first number is the amount of players under contract, the second the salary cap situation. These cap numbers are ever changing with some teams bringing forward 2013 salary cap space they didn't use, player cuts (we already have had 12 significant player salaries removed from rosters) and players or clubs not exercising option clauses...

...Kansas City Chiefs (68, $6.8 million over): The Chiefs have no dead money tied up in Alex Smith, so they can do a deal with him to get back to at least even in the salary cap. They also have a few solid young players, like Eric Berry and Tamba Hali, with whom they could convert salary to signing bonus and make cap space.

'Cake Boss' Experiences A 'Fiery Competition' On TLC from

Buddy met with a guy named Pat, who runs the Anthony Fasano Foundation. Anthony Fasano is an NFL Football player and a Jersey boy who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. The foundation will be running a bocce bash to help veterans...

...The bocce cake is great, with a red, green and white background for the Italians, and red, white and blue for the veterans. When they get to the event, Buddy's father-in-law comes along to play. Anthony Fasano stated that the guys from the bakery should stick to baking, not bocce, as their team lost. But they redeemed themselves with the cake and had great big thanks from all involved.

NFL Scouting Combine: Freaks And Flops From The Past Five Years from


FREAK: Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis.

Whenever a 6-foot-4, 346-pound defensive tackle shows nimble feet and exceptional body control, scouts immediately take notice. But the buzz grows to a deafening level when said defensive tackle also shows phenomenal strength and power in the weight room. Poe excelled in every aspect at the 2012 combine, with a remarkable 40-yard dash (4.98) and a group-leading 44 reps on the bench press. Additionally, Poe blistered the turf while running through bag drills and position-specific work in front of scouts. Although Poe's critics derided the Kansas City Chiefs' brass for taking him at No. 11 overall based on the strong workout, the defensive tackle emerged as one of the top NFL players at his position this past season, making the Pro Bowl and proving his combination of skills certainly wasn't maximized at Memphis.

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