The one time Alex Smith spotted me on the bench press

Christian Petersen

From the FanPosts -Joel

It was a cool Wednesday evening in Los Gatos, CA. Alex Smith was the most hated athlete in the Bay Aea at this moment in time during the Singletary era. He was literally the butt of every Niner joke. Fans would instantly boo him after an incomplete pass at home games.

Well, anyway, the story: The sun was still out over Courtside club, where our tennis team was putting in the dirty work on the courts. I must have hit 5,000 tennis balls that day. Our coach calls a break and he joins the two other coaches in the middle of the court. They were talking and pointing to the weight room above and to the left of stadium court.

They walked over to us and said, "Alex Smith is lifting weights up there, apparently." That garnered the responses of, "Damn he doesn't even work out with the Niners anymore (haha)?" Then a retort, "Dude [San Jose] Sharks players lift here all the time".

Anyway, we got water and went back to work on the court. Then I went home.

The next day I'm back at Courtside, but I'm lifting weights. I was on the bench press. I'm usually in there with my teammates but that day I was alone for some reason I don't recall. I was putting up the bar for like the sixth time on my third set, swore I could do a seventh, and just like that I got stuck with no one around haha.

I was losing it. I tried to tilt to my left and try to roll the plates off the bar, but remembered I had bar locks on them to prevent any movement.

Right as I momentarily began to panic, someone grabs the bar and helps me. I let out a laugh and a thank you, I sit up, and sure enough it was Alex Smith. We exchanged a few words, shook hands and he went on to do his thing. He was a really upbeat guy. I was impressed by that, especially during this time period.

Ever since that day I'd been a fan of his. His poor play in that era, in my opinion, really was because of inconsistent coaching and that broken finger he suffered on his throwing hand. When I saw him make that clutch game winning drive against New Orleans in the NFC Championship game, when he ran the ball in I was so elated for this guy. This guy is what they call a "pro's pro". Now I had been a Chiefs fan my entire life and I never had a clue this guy would wind up being central to the Chiefs success now but when he made the move here I knew we were getting the right man for the job.


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