How Ray Farmer could affect the Chiefs Offseason

Ray Farmer is now the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns and in case you all don't know Farmer was apart of the Chiefs front office for 6 years before going to Cleveland last offseason. What does this mean? Well I think it means a few things Farmer knows the players on the Chiefs roster very well and he knows he has plenty of picks in this draft to remake the Browns franchise. Lets take a look at what the Browns needs are QB, RB, OG, ILB, WR, CB and they need to resign there own free agents the good thing about this is they have $46 million in cap space (according to this is an amazing amount of cap space and draft picks to overhaul this roster and bring the Browns franchise back instead of being a cellar dweller.

Lets start with the Houston Texans why do you say would we be talking about two teams that mean nothing to the Chiefs (I will get to that just bare with me) I believe the Texans will make a trade for Ryan Mallet Bill O'Brian was with the Pats when Mallet was drafted and O'Brian is going to want to bring in his own QB someone he knows he can put into his system and they can succeed this will also allow the Texans to draft Clowney to team with Watt. This team isn't far off of taking that division back. How does this affect the Browns well that means they have 1 team in front of them that need a QB baring any trade which I don't think will happen I think Sammie Watkins is too good for the Rams to pass on. So the Jags are the only team standing in the way of the Browns potentially landing what QB they want in this draft it could be Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles, or Carr so this could eliminate the need for the Browns to trade up to land the QB they want.

The Browns need a replacement for Buster Skrine he was continuously picked on last year because nobody wanted to throw at Joe Haden and rightfully so he is one of the best corners in the league. This is why I could see the Browns giving up one or more of there picks to the Chiefs for Brandon Flowers he fits what the Browns are looking for on defense and would be a huge upgrade over Skrine.

I think we could get the Browns 2nd round pick for Flowers this would allow the Browns to fill several positions in the draft without having to move much up or down and land the players they want. They could take the QB they want at 4 take one the multiple good guards at 26 and then they get Flowers in the 2nd round. They come back in the 3rd round and take their RB and maybe a FS to team with Ward who they will resign I also think the Browns may be big players in the WR's market when free agency begins.

Now onto the Chiefs we don't need Flowers contrary to what some may think Flowers doesn't and never will fit into the system being ran by Bob Sutton this makes him a liability and good trade option. Flowers is still 27 years old and still a good corner in the right system and I think we could easily get a high second round pick for him and that pick could come from the Browns. This could allow us to flexibility when entering the draft and would free up $3.5 million in cap space for this season which would take us up to $7.5 million right now with more cuts and potential extensions and restructures we could be looking at upwards of $15 million in cap space heading into the draft. If we could have something in place for this trade and some extensions and restructures handed out before the start of free agency we could be serious players in the Jarius Byrd market.

Lets assume that we get the cap space that I just described I think we could be looking to bring in not only Byrd but a good WR like Maclin although I am not a big fan of Maclin I think if the WR market is flooded like it seems it is going to be the interest in Maclin will be low and we may be able to get him on a cheap 2-3 year contract that we could get serious value on this type of contract especially if Maclin brings the type of play he is capable of. So we have now brought in Byrd and Maclin we also were able to sign Schwartz in free agency, now lets focus on the draft/

Round 1: Stephon Tuitt- I have heard some good and some bad about Tuitt on this site but I am one of the guys that fells this guy could come in and instantly make this defense a much better pass rushing team he has had 18 sacks in the last two seasons at Notre Dame. Just think of this Tuitt taking up double teams from the guard and center leaving Houston one on one with the right tackle and Poe one on one with the right guard and Devito on the right tackle and Hali on a tight end can you say PRESSURE.

Round 2 (From Cleveland)- Cyril Richardson- Now that we have filled holes at several positions on this team in free agency and the first pick in this draft we have to address the o-line here Jeff Allen was one of the worst guards in the league last season and this has to change I could see a move for Schwartz to the left side to help Fisher and putting Richardson on the right side to team with Stephenson. I could see Kush even pushing Hudson out of a job and we could always have Husdon as a good back up at the guard position.

Round 3- Pierre Desir- I have gone back and forth on this pick now for a while and after reading the post by H_Dubbs on moving Sanders Commings to the ILB position if he can add some weight I love this idea and think he could excel at that position. So since we traded Flowers and moved Commings to ILB we have to get a corner in this draft and I think Desir fits the bill perfectly he could even give us the confidence to let Sean Smith walk when his contract is up in 2 years.

Round 4- Robert Herron- Good slot receiver who put up some good stats over the past two seasons someone that could come in and compete with Dressler and Jenkins for the slot spot because I don't think we will resign McCluster either.

Round 5- Daniel McCullers- This guy is a massive DT and we need someone that can come in and take some snaps from Poe he was on the field way too much last season and this guy could be the answer to get Poe a breather every now and then.

Round 6- Max Bullough- This is a guy that we bring in just in case of a few things first if Nico Johnson is a bust and if Commings doesn't work out at the ILB position and we have to move him back to corner or try him at safety for when Berry might leave.

Round 6- David Fales- Reid likes taking QB's in every draft to develop them and this draft is no different we take Fales with our last pick in this draft and this could allow us to attempt to trade Daniel for a late round pick in next year's draft.

Hope you all enjoyed let me know what you think.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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