Time For Dorsey To Make Things Happen

It's no secret that Kansas city has a severe cap space problem. After cutting Dunta Robinson the Chiefs have roughly 4.2 million in cap room available to spend. Still, we could barely sign our draft picks with that little cap room. Let alone sign some quality free agents to help the team become Super Bowl caliber. Kansas City management needs to cut players, ask players for pay cuts, and trade players who refuse to take a pay cut. Here is my plan on how we could do it the right way.

The first and most obvious thing to do is too cut players. If the Chiefs cut Anthony Fasano, Chase Daniels, Donnie Avery, and Ryan Succop(who played horrible) we would end up with 7.3 million in cap space. This could be huge for the Chiefs. We could have 2-3 million dollars to get a free safety like Louis Delmas or Nate Allen. We could also get a receiver like Emmanuel Sanders or Jeremy Maclin if we don't sign a costly free safety in free agency.

Another choice for John Dorsey is too ask players who aren't living up too their salary to sacrifice for the team and take a pay cut. Just like what management did with Tyson Jackson last year. If I was Dorsey I would ask Brandon Flowers, Eric Berry, Dwayne Bowe, and Sean Smith to take pay cuts. If just 2 of these players accept a pay cut we could add 2-3 million to our cap space.

The Chiefs will also need to make and receive phone calls to trade away players that are aging or don't fit our scheme. Those players would be Brandon Flowers and Tamba Hali. Flowers is a shutdown corner in a more Tampa 2 and cover 3 defense, but simply is not a press corner that Sutton needs. While I do believe that Hali has at least 2 more seasons of quality production, I think we should trade him, take the cap savings, and draft another pass rusher(the draft is loaded with them). Somebody like Dee Ford, Michael Sam, or Jeremiah Attaochu could be taken in rounds 2-3 to replace Hali.

If we cut the players I listed above, receive some pay cuts, and trade away flowers and Hali we would have 15 million in cap space. This means we could resign Houston, Smith, and sign a very good receiver like Edelman or Golden Tate. This is what our draft could look like:

Round 1 Stephon Tuitt DE (Gives a pass rush at Left end)

Round 2 Dee Ford or Jeremiah Attaochu OLB (Both great pass rushers)

Round 2 Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB (perfect fit for Suttons press man)

Round 3 JaWuan James LT/RT (depth/competition for Fisher and Stephenson)

Round 4 Dion Bailey FS (5 interceptions last season)

Round 5: Cody Latimer WR (1000 receiving yards last season)

Round 6:John Urschel OG (depth)

Round 6: Nate Freese K (made 20/20 kicks)

Do you agree with my plan and do you think Dorsey will do something similar?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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