AP Official Mock Draft Thread: Pre-Combine Edition (2-12-14 to 2-19-14)

In years past Arrowhead Pride has always sported an Official Mock Draft Thread to hold the multitude of mock drafts and mock draft discussion that inevitably arise as May approaches. This central location makes a great one-stop place for all your draft talk. Longer more in depth posts certainly merit their own fan-post, but your quick 7 rounder probably doesn't need to bump someone's hours of in-depth game tape analysis off the front page. In the past I've always appreciated the organization and conversations that take place in this post and as I haven't seen an official thread posted yet this off season I figured I would step up to the plate and take it on. I apologize if I'm stepping on the toes of anyone with more seniority. With that said, you all know what to do, rec it up so this stays front and center and easy to find.

I'll start things off, if I were GM my off season plan would look something like this:

In House Free Agents: G Geoff Schwartz and S Hussain Abdullah, both played solidly when given the opportunity and neither should break the bank. If the price is right, I would also bring back McCluster, Jordan, and Jackson. Personally, I would also be willing to give Jon Asamoah another deal, he should come decently cheap, and I suspect it was lingering injuries not scheme that hampered his play this year.

Outside Free Agents: I would take a long look at Nick Collins, if he checks out medically he would be a great signing, once dominant player who will come cheap. If Collins doesn’t check out go with Nate Allen, he looked great as a rookie then got caught in the dream team mess hopefully a change of scenery will get him back to playing at a high level. I would also look for a veteran wide receiver, priority to Tate or Maclin, however it looks like we might get outbid on both.

The Draft: I realize I went really heavy on defense, is that realistic? Probably not, but I liked the players and I think they address some of our biggest areas of need in a good way. If we can get back to playing dominant defense, Alex (who I’ll admit to being wrong about) and Charles can get the job done on offense. A pair of extra mid-round picks for a lineman like Moses and receiver like Bryant or Moncrief would be stellar, and really make for a more balanced draft, but I don't like mocking trades and I like defense, so you'll just have to deal.

1: DE Rashede Hageman (Minnesota) – Somewhat of a boom or bust pick, the Chiefs grab a raw freak athlete for the defensive line rotation. Hageman has perfect size for a 3-4 end coupled with freakish combination of burst and strength. While he’s still raw, this a guy with JJ Watt like upside rushing the passer. We add a true impact player next Dontari Poe.

3: CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste (Nebraska) – A former receiver turned corner Bapiste has the perfect combination of size and speed to play outside in Sutton’s defensive scheme. He’s a guy who can lock down receivers with his initial jam but still has the athleticism and fluid hips to turn and cover down the field.

4: OLB Michael Sam (Missouri) – Very high motor player who’s a bit small for a 4-3 end, a little slower than you would ideally like, and inexperienced in coverage… sounds a bit like Tamba. Sam is probably not an immediate starter but offers good value in the 4th round as depth and guy to learn behind and aging Tamba for a few seasons. This is the perfect time to bring in a guy like Sam for Hali to tutor, if he can learn to be even half the hand-fighter Hali is, we may just have a quality player to step up when Hali eventually steps down. Plus the kid has a shown a huge amount of courage and maturity by telling his story – If I’m a GM that’s a guy I would WANT to add to my locker room.

5: FS Jonathon Dowling (Western Kentucky) – A 6’3" 200 pound free safety who runs a 4.4. This kid is pretty good in coverage and can lay the wood. Has the speed and athleticism to excel in a single high scheme. Would have been drafted much higher had he not gotten booted from Florida as a Freshman, seems to have been a model player since. He can come in and battle Commings and Collins/Allen for the starting spot.

6: WR Tevin Reese (Baylor) – This kid is a burner who has a knack for getting open deep. He’s got similar size and speed to Desean Jackson. Doesn’t run a great variety of routes, but he’s certainly got the tools to develop into a real threat in Reid’s offense.

6: TE: Colt Lyerla (Oregon) – Let’s start off by acknowledging that Lyerla has got some major issues, quitting the Oregon team and the addiction issues are the only reason this beast is not a 1st round pick. Reid has historically shown a willingness to give "problem" players a second chance, and it’s hard to justify passing up this kind of talent in the 6th round. Lyerla is a big body and talented receiver. He’s an absolute bull to bring down after the catch and fights through contact as well as any tight end in the league.

That's my mock, what's yours?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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