DmC is all that and a bag of chips too

Lots of diatribe out there right now about Dexter McCluster's value and whether he should/should not be resigned, money value, and if he is effective as a spot holder on the Chief's 53 man roster.Well,for good or ill, here is my two scents.

Note: this is my first attempt at a fan post and using statistics that were not made up while drinking beverages with my friends= if you are one of the two people to read this, be nice please.

I took a little time and compiled a (very) few stats comparing our DmC to a couple of well known receivers currently playing for other teams. No article, it would seem, can be written or viewed lately without comparing DmC to DeSean Jackson to Welker to DmC to some collegiate hopeful who has proven nothing (the collegiate hopeful shall therefore not be mentioned again in said text). What I was trying to define is if Mr. Jackson or Mr. Welker were actually more advantageous to keep on roster than KC's DmC. Here goes.

DmC had only 53 receptions for a grand total of 511 yards in 2013. That's a whoppin 9.6 yards a catch.Now,he did have a long of 43 yards but he also had 5 greater than 20 and moved the chains 28 times. However, punt returns is where DmC really shined. He showcased a 11.6 return on average. He returned 11 times for gains of greater than 20 yards, 3 times for more than 40 yards, and once for 89. Not to shabby huh?

I looked at DeSean Jackson next and had a small epiphany, when it comes to looking up stats, I am one lazy s.o.b.! While Jackson had a far better average receiving at a whopping 16.2 per catch, for being targeted far more times his longest reception was only 18 yards more than DmC's at 61 yards. Hell, the Chiefs have running backs that can do better than that. Jackson's punt return performance was like taking a needle to your favorite balloon though, 5.1 yards a return with a long of 32 yards.Nuff said here, next!

My personal least favorite of the three receivers if only because he can afford hair club for men and i regrettably cannot, Wes Welker. 73 receptions for 778 yards and a longest recorded reception for 33. He's a slot guy, and a damn good one! At 10.7 yds a reception he too is a chain mover. His punt returning was a smidge better than Jackson's at 7 yds a return, but significantly less than DmC's and with far fewer attempts.

I mulled these stats over for a while (two beers worth) and kept coming back to the same quote from a sports page that i already forgot..(paraphrased to avoid law suits) Dexter McCluster can fill in as a receiver, a punt returner, a kick returner, or a half back(un-paraphrase). Who else in his current position can do this?

DmC in his limited (but I hope to see grow next season) roll in KC's offense can be replicated, duh! But the two guys that he is always being measured against cannot do it, at least not in the capacity that they have been used in so far. Wes Welker lining up at half back does not scare me, DmC puts bigger hits than Welker. Jackson at punt and/or kick return does not scare me, he relies on separation and his speed (both considerable) but Jackson does get the edge at receiver, until Reid opens the playbook more next season.

I hope in my own rambling way that I made an iota of sense in my support and defence of DmC, I fully support bringing back a player of his impact at a responsible price. What I do not support is ignoring what DmC brings to this ball club. I read "must have seperation or be placed in a mismatch", excuse my french,but No Shit! What slot back, punt returner, o.w. does not? DmC is finally in a position to be able to excell and the future looks bright, but not so much if DmC suits up for another team next season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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