Can we talk draft picks yet?

I myself like many of you are still processing all the emotions still after that heart crushing loss Saturday... but I have come to the conclusion that the only way to move on from that is to look to the future. That means draft time... Im not going to bore you with a mock draft just throw out a few names and possibilities at positions of need for this team. I think though that my opinion may very greatly with where a lot of Chiefs fans might given I feel that the offense is closer than we think. Down the stretch against play off teams the offense scored almost at will. I will call it the medium to deep passing game was coming together (was anyone else hoping that we would have been able to see that wheel route JC ran against Oakland in the Indy game?) The only problem I really see right now is the TE's ability to stay healthy, and the dropped passes by Avery. Other than that we had some good performances, I think we learned that Hemmingway can be something (plus his name is F*ng awesome) I think we should move Avery to the slot. I dont know if we keep DMC though which does concern me a little but he doesnt have great route breaking speed to avoid defenders in the open field. Kelce comes back as at the very least the No. 2 behind Fasano possibly coming out of Pre season as the No. 1 TE. So really our only need on the offense in my opinion is a solid No. 1/2 go to type WR; but as far as the draft Watkins isnt going to fall to us in any scenario, and Dorsey doesnt seem like the guy to trade up to get a WR. I dont like the idea of Kelvin Benjamin all too much because he reminds me too much of Baldwin. I think better options may be available in FA for this need. The only way I see the number one pick going to WR is if Mike Evans happens to fall to us which I highly doubt.

So this leaves me with the question of what our true focus should be in this draft. If you look at the games we lost including the WC round most of those losses were due to blown coverages in the secondary (I would say something to the nature of resorting to violence on K. Lewis or D. Robinson but I am trying to keep my new years resolutions this time. That was a joke so please do get all pc on me.) As well as a lack of pass rush late in the season (obviously due to the loss of Houston and having a hobbled Hali). So looking at those losses in that light I would say our Defensive needs are in the order of FS, ILB, CB, DE*.

Here are some names that I think could be possible given recent updates on team needs...

FS options:

Ha Ha Clinton Dix (Alabama) Rd. 1

Given the other 23 teams ahead of us needs it looks like Clinton Dix could fall to a pick around ours. I like this guy if he were to fall to us. Looking over his game tape from the '13 season he plays a lot of single high safety in a zone scheme but also really good instincts in coverage. There arent a lot of instances where the QB throws in his direction, and for good reason, a lot of the passes thrown his way are broken up or he comes up with and INT. He isnt afraid to play close to the LOS. He just seems to have that natural ball hawkish ability to always be around the ball at all time when playing close to the line. Also has the ability to compensate for a broken coverage with great (not elite) break speed to save the big play. My concern with him though is his tackling... I want a good cover FS that delivers bone chilling hits like Bernard Pollard used to for us, and Ha Ha seems to pull down his targets rather than wrap them up to finish the tackle.

Calvin Pryor (Louisville) Rd. 1

This is my bone chilling hitter I was talking about.... He plays a lot like Pollard does, he bring attitude, sure tackling, and has sure hands for the INT (I mean come on did you see that one handed leaping on the out of bounds line in the endzone INT he made? Better part is that he brought both feet down not just one) My concern with this pick would be the strength of the Cardinals schedule, which mainly worries me about his coverage ability against elite QB's. The one thing that is for sure he isnt afraid to tackle at all unlike Lewis.

Truth is with the FS position currently that we dont know what we have in Sanders Commings but we will see. To cover ourselves I think we should cover ourselves and draft a FS fairly high in the draft. Unless we can get Donte Whitner or Pollard himself to come back and Commings proves valuable.

My next priority need is an ILB... This front 7 is pretty mean usually (when everyone is healthy) I think what is missing though is a stud type ILB much like D. Johnson himself to play along side of him. That would just make it quite terrifying. For this I really have one major candidate.

Shane Skov (Stanford) Rd. 3

Now we as Chiefs fans know a little something about losing a key player to an ACL injury and how long it truly takes for them to come back to true form. Skov is a player in that position... coming off his 2012 ACL injury where he showed that he still has a relentless motor and still has amazing speed. This guy is a machine when sent in on a blitz or pass rush. Awesome run stopper and a thumper in the hole that doesnt let a lot of RBs get by him at all. He has a freakish ability to close on a QB in the backfield if he gets by the OL (and when he does get by them its usually pretty embarrassing for the OL). I could only imagine Poe collapsing the middle opening a huge hole for Skov to burst into the backfield and either get the QB himself or at the very least flushing him out to Hali or Houston in a hurry. IMHO I think that Mannings and Lucks quick 2.5 second throws wouldnt be fast enough to prevent Skov from getting pressure on them. Also has really good coverage ability which would help out the DBs in the middle of the field. Generally ILB's arent as highly coveted in the early rounds as other positions. Plus he is only one season removed from the ACL injury. However we all know by now that it usually takes at least one year for a player to become comfortable with that knee again and skov showed this last season that he was ahead of schedule so this would be a steal in my opinion. No other picks I like at this position though to be honest.

Alright now CBs... I know we just got Sean Smith and we have Brandon Flowers. But I think this secondary would be able to match up with a lot more offenses if we moved Flowers to cover the slot and move Smith to the #2 CB and ideally if we couldnt draft a nice CB I would be really interested in Alterraun Verner to be the No. 1. but if we could nab a decent CB these are who I would like to consider:

Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma St) Rd. 1

If we didnt go the FS route in Rd the first then I would like for us to invest in a solid CB that has decent size and great athleticism to keep up with WR in coverage (especially our man scheme we always run). This guy is a freak athlete that is a key part of the "If it flies it dies" secondary of Ok. State. Ranked 3rd overall in NCAA with 7 INTs this last season (but my power ranking based on those ahead of him puts him at 1st). That type of ability is just something you have to have and he has it. He also has 5 career FF which for a Corner is great. This would be an awesome pick up that could help transition Flowers to cover the slot receiver where I feel his frame and abilities are best suited.

A good late round pick in to me would be, Marcus Roberson from Florida.

So what about it AP any other picks you like? Free agents? Or do you just out right disagree?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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