Draft hits and misses, the new regime

Not the typical, "who are the Chiefs gonna draft" post here.

Just a quick review of previous regime's drafts and how many solid picks/misses there were.

As well as yall's thoughts on how the talent evaluation of the Dorsey regime will be

based on this year's results.

2012 draft

1- Dontari Poe NT

2- Jeff Allen T

3- Donald Stephenson T

4- Devon Wylie WR

5- DeQuan Menzie CB

6- Cyrus Gray RB

7- Jerome Long DT

7- Junior Hemmingway WR

Just from this draft I'm looking at 5 players that started and played well/contributed positively to the team. In my mind this was a hugely positive draft, and if the Chiefs can keep hitting like this, then they have the makings of a perennial playoff club.


1- Jonathan Baldwin WR

2- Rodney Hudson C

3- Justin Houston LB

3- Allen Bailey LB

4- Jalil Brown DB

5- Ricky Stanzi QB

5- Gabe Miller LB

6- Jerrel Powe DT

7- Shane Bannon FB

Definitely a quality over quantity draft here. Hudson, Houston and Bailey are the obvious standouts here, with Baldwin being a huge #1 bust. Perhaps Houston's greatness makes up for Baldwin's bustness?? Still not something you want to see with a team that is looking to move up.


1- Eric Berry SS

2- Dexter McCluster WR

2- Javier Arenas CB

3- Jon Asamoah G

3- Tony Moeaki TE

4- Cameron Sheffield LB

5- Kendrick Lewis FS

Only standout in this draft is Berry, granted Asamoah is a starter but we'll see if he is retained this year or not. McCluster is a great contributor on Special Teams, but in my opinion doesn't contribute enough day in day out to merit that high of a pick. My caveat to that is, I have seen more production out of him this year with the new regime, I feel the Chiefs will keep him and is poised for a breakout season next year on offense not just special teams. I think Reid has "figured out" how to best use him.

Well now that all that typing is done, I would love to hear back from yall in the comments as to the talent evaluation abilities of the current regime under Dorsey/Reid. How much better or worse it will be than previously experienced and how the next several drafts will be defined. For example I think the Pioli regime will be remembered as over complicating the process. Their first 2 drafts were trying to hard to make gem finds later on instead of just taking guys that could flat out play football, looks like they figured it out by the 2012 draft, but was too little too late.

On a final note, what are the odds of the Chiefs hitting a goldmine draft like in 2008 again. Glenn Dorsey DT, Branden Albert T, Brandon Flowers CB, Jamal Charles RB, Brandon Carr CB (full list abbreviated). That's 5 guys that are all legit startes (Dorsey not a stud but definitely starter material).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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