Free Agent Keeper and Sweepers

Its that time where all of us begin to believe we could be the GM or Head Coach of the Chiefs. We like to throw out all of out "expert" advise and insight on offseason moves. We begin by going over who we need to keep and who we need to get out of town. So here I go...

Free Agent Keepers

Geoff Schwartz- Geoff was one of the best lineman we had this season. He rated out as the highest rated lineman on the team. He can play either Guard position and was a good Right Tackle when needed. He is a player we definitely should work to keep in KC.

Jon Asamoah- Asamoah has quietly become a very good offensive lineman. He is a solid Right Guard and when healthy is a dominant force on the line.

Dexter McCluster- Dexter has grown into one of the most explosive punt returners in the NFL. After earning a Pro Bowl berth this is apparent. He also can make some plays as a slot in the offense when called upon. He is a keeper.

Akeem Jordan- Jordan came in and was a productive addition from last years free agency. He played well next to Derrick Johnson and looked like a good fill until Nico Johnson or another young LB can develop.

Husain Abdullah- Abdullah was very productive when his number was called. He had his two must productive games of the season the last two games against San Diego and Indy. He looked much better in coverage then a player to be named later and played the Saftey/LB hybrid very well. He had two interceptions of Andrew Luck in that forever haunting Wildcard game.

Quintin Demps- Demps was a very good kick returner this year. He played a decent role on defense as the third safety but was often beat over the top. Keep solely for special teams play.

Thomas Gafford- A reliable Long Snapper. Keep him.

Let these guys walk:

Branden Albert- Donald Stephenson played excellent when Albert was hurt. Albert wants top money but cant stay healthy for all 16 games. Move Fisher to LT and play Stephenson at RT.

Kyle Williams- Was injured days after signing. To injury prone to ever make an impact.

Tyson Jackson- A very good run stuffer but is not fit for Sutton's attacking scheme. Not explosive enough to stay on field in sub-packages or passing situations.

Frank Zombo- Played for Justin Houston while he recovered from elbow injury. He had trouble pressuring the passer and made little impact as a pass rusher. Good special teams play but not an efficient pass rusher.

Kendrick Lewis- After a promising beginning to his career Lewis has plunged into a dark pit amongst Chiefs fans. He was exploited time and time again in coverage and was the reason for several heartbreaking plays (Last touchdown of Indy Game). He was out preformed by Husain Abdullah on many occasions and even by Quinton Demps who had his fair share of lapses in coverage. Time to move on from this one promising prospect. Snip, Snip.

Cut ties with these players (via Trade or Cutting them)

Dunta Robinson- One of the only busted pickups Dorsey made in Free Agency last year. His wheels are gone and he cant cover one-on-one anymore. He is well past his prime and one the edge of his career.

Anthony Fasano- Oft injured and out performed by Sean "The Bearded One" McGrath. With McGrath and a healthy Travis Kelce next year the Chiefs should look to dump some cap space by cutting Fasano. He was injured to often and underperformed when healthy.

Chase Daniel- For a guy who played in one game and hen held a clipboard the rest of the year he is making way to much money. Trading him is my favorite option here but if he will restructure then fine or if it comes to cutting him so be it.

Donnie Avery- After the Eagles game this looked like the free agent steal of the year. But he quickly faded and made a few plays but dropped more passes than he made big plays. He could be replace if AJ Jenkins developes and most likely we take a receiver with one of our first three draft picks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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