Eye Test: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Well Chiefs fans it was a long hard fought season but alas it is that time again. A time where mock drafts run wild and arm chair GM's know which player is best for their team.

I will be one of those guys this year as I will be giving many prospects the ole eye test by watching any tape I can find on them. From now until May I will be looking at guys I think the Chiefs could take.

I am always open to suggestions but I do have a few that I will be looking at specifically. If there are any you want me to look at, keep in mind that all the tape I will be looking at will be coming from, so if the player is not on there I will not be doing one.

For my first player, it will fit the number one need in my mind, Free Safety. As much as I would love a DE or WR in the first, if the best FS is on the board, you take it. Kendrick Lewis and Quentin Demps are horrible (although Demps is an amazing KR) and will need replacing. The biggest things I am looking at is how he does as the single deep and in the box.

Today I am looking at Ha Ha Clinton-Dix out of Alabama. He is the best FS this year if he comes out as he is a Junior. Unless something happens, I doubt he will be at 23.

  • No laughing matter- Dude can lay the smack down on someone. Not the hardest hitting guy in the world but he can make you wish you avoided him.

  • Deep- In all the tape I watched on him I thought he did pretty well when he was back there by himself. There were a few times where he would misread but oh well.

  • In the box- This was the other big aspect on him that I paid attention to. I thought he was solid when asked to be there. There were times where he would miss a tackle or misread but he was usually around the ball carrier.

  • Coverage- I thought that he did quite well when he was covering a guy. Not going to be able cover those speedy guys. If a fast guy gets to Dix that means that someone missed their assignment.

  • Speed- My biggest gripe with Dix is that he looks slow on film. I would guess he runs a 4.5 at the combine. If it is a slower guy then it isn't much of a problem.

  • Alabama DB's- What might make teams a little weary is that Alabama DB's have not had the best track record as Chiefs fans know well with Javier Arenas.

I know this is short but there really is not much to say that hasn't been already said by others. He is by far the best Safety in the draft. He is no Eric Berry or Earl Thomas but whoever gets him will have a good talent. If the Chiefs pick him, they would have a lot of versatility with how they can use Berry as Dix can be that deep guy but can also be in the box and is a sure tackler and very rarely takes any bad angles.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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