Harsh Cap Realities V2.0

Last week before the game I wrote about the Chiefs upcoming Salary Cap in 2014. (

Since then, some alerted me to this site:

It's an interactive site where you can make moves and see how it changes the salary cap. The site shows the Chiefs 2014 cap around $129M. This would be a fairly large increase over last year. The Chiefs spent more than $129M last year, but that was due to their Cap Carryover. The 2013 standard cap number was $123M. So I'm not 100% sure where they are getting the $129M for this (I believe I've seen $127 in other locations), but let's assume it's right for the sake of argument.

The basic points of my first article still holds. 1) The Chiefs have too much money in bad contracts and 2) Denver is in a vastly better cap position than we are, even with Peyton Manning's ridiculous contract.

According to this new tool the Chiefs have $6.9M in space for 2014 assuming you let all Free Agents walk. The Broncos on the other hand have $14.1M... that's more than double.

Let's stick with the Broncos for a moment. Sure Eric Decker is a free agent, and he is going to command a HUGE price tag. But the Broncos also have Champ Bailey on the books for $10M against the cap, with no cap penalties to cut him. The Broncos could easily structure Decker into the cap if they cut Bailey who really is getting old and is not worth the contract. So they will still have more than double our cap space after releasing Bailey and signing Decker.

Kansas City on the other hand is really in trouble against the cap. Let's assume it takes $3.0M to sign rookies. You are now down to $3.9M. Let's assume they cut Robinson (who probably cost us this playoff game). That gets you back to $7.2M. With that $7.2M you have quite a bit that needs to get done. Let's just focus on starters.

1) LT. Do we roll with Stephenson and Fisher? If so it probably costs us $1M to get a swing tackle. If we try for Albert there goes the $7.2 by itself and we are hunting for players to cut.

2) DE. Tyson Jackson is a FA. Do you try to resign him? What does that cost against the cap? A few million probably at a minimum. Is he worth it?

3) Safety. Kendrick Lewis is a free agent. You could probably resign him for cheap. But would you want to? Probably not. Any proven safety will cost you, so you are probably looking at a rookie or player already on the roster (Commings?)

4) Guard. Schwartz or Asamoah are FA. Do we resign Schwartz? Resigning one of them is probably $1M

5) McCluster. He's that slot WR/PR. Do we resign him? If so it's probably over a $1M.

6) LB. Jordan is a FA. Do we assume that our 5th rounder from last year is the starter next year? Still need another backup at a minimum then.

7) QB. Do we extend Alex Smith? He's going to cost more than he's making now. Might structure it so it's not a hit in 2014, but overall he will go up in value.

8) Not this year, but soon we will need to sign Justin Houston, Dontari Poe, and others.

Long story short, the Chiefs can very quickly eat that $7M, and they wouldn't have even addressed getting backups to replace FAs that are leaving. So to everyone who says "Sign Maclin" or some other big name FA, tell me how the Chiefs pay for it.

Here are my HARSH CAP Realities that I think we need to discuss:

1) Robinson is gone. That one is easy.

2) Cut or Trade Tamba Hali. That's almost another $6M right there. Hali will be 31 years old.

3) Cut or Trade Eric Berry. He has his moments, but he's not $11M a year against the cap good. You can save almost $6M by cutting him.

I'm not saying you have to do all 3 but those are the biggest cap impact we could make, and it would help this team moving forward. Also, I'm not 100% sold that Tamba and Berry fit what Sutton wants to do.

This team needs to fix it's cap issues soon.... How do you guys think we should do it?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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