Your Chiefs 2014 Offseason (In my Perfect Little World)

Hello fellow APer's! I have joined the ranks again. I haven't commented/posted on here since Saturday, Week 1. For good reason. The Chiefs were wining. I didn't want to jinx it. Oh well.... I want to take you all for a ride today. I'm your GM and I'm gonna be makin some moves and I'll lay it all out here, starting with.....




This in my mind, is a no brainer. Give me some Smith. Our Ryan Gosling look-alike QB (seriously, if a movie is ever made about Alex for whatever reason, there is your actor. Freakin Identical) took life by the balls Saturday and scored 44 points without our MVP RB. Alex Smith proved he is a Top 10 QB, IMO. He's gritty, athletic, smart, accurate and a leader. Not a whole lot more you can ask from your QB. I love him, and believe needs to be extended to lower his cap hit this year (hopefully) and to keep around for the future. I am giddy to see how much more this offense continues to improve in year 2 of Reid's WCO.
Now Let's move on to who is gonna get re-signed and whose walkin.




1. Geoff Schwartz, the O-line improved immensely when he came in for Asamoah
2. Jon Asamoah, that being said Asamoah is still quality depth if we can re-sign him cheap
3. Hussain Abdullah, dude was good depth. Don't know why he wasn't starting over Kendrick Lewis. Another coaching lapse by Sutton? Likely.
4. DMC, our Pro Bowl PR and slot receiver should be re-signed if we can get him on a team friendly deal.

Now whom I believe should be let walk:
PUBLIC ENEMY NUMERO UNO: Kendrick F****** Lewis. Just absolute garbage play this year, no words can express my disdain for him.
2. Branden Albert, he's gonna be wanting Pro Bowl $$$. Unaffordable, plus Fisher and Stephenson at LT and RT, respectively, is something I'm very comfortable with.
3. Tyson Jackson, I like him but he hardly makes an impact, and with Bailey improving rapidly I see him stepping into TJax's spot easily.
4. Donnie Avery, the drops are too much for me, coupled with little upside makes this an easy choice. AJ Jenkins has much more upside and is much cheaper.
5. Quintin Demps, the River Knile takes over KR duties, Abdullah takes over his role as backup FS. Good as gone.
6. Dunta Robinson, he's a shell of his former self. Needs to retire.
Now to move on to the most important move we'll make all offseason....




Bye, bye Bob Sutton, HELLLLLOOOOOO WADE PHILLIPS! Old Bobby showed he can't make adjustments to save his life (or job) and we bring in one of the premiere D-Coordinators to use this talented Defense. Oooooo, this would be a nasty D.


As we know our Round 2 pick is by default Alex Smith. Still think we lost that trade? I don't. Big needs include WR, FS, TE, DE (depth), O-line (depth), OLB (depth), and CB (depth).

Round 1, Pick 23

Eric Ebron, TE USC


I believe Ebron to be the best TE in the draft, and I want him. Bad. This kid would do wonders for an already pretty good Chiefs Offense. Every Elite QB has that Elite TE nowadays and I believe in Ebron to become one. (Kelce too for that matter; can you imagine?)

Round 3, Pick 89

Jimmie Ward, FS NIU


This kid is FOR REAL. I (along with many APer's) love this kid. He has great ball skills and is 5 times the tackler Lewis is. I would kill for this kid.

Round 4, Pick 121

L'Damian Washington, WR Mizzou


Good solid receiver, could become a spectacular receiver. Really like him as a developmental receiver whom could see significant minutes. Good hands, unlike a lot of our receivers.

Round 5, Pick 152

Chris Burnette, OG Georgia


Good strong Guard, whom could be better than Allen in our scheme eventually. At the least, he's good depth.

Round 6, Pick 177

Taylor Hart, DE Oregon


Tall lanky DE, could add weight to his frame. Could become good 3rd down DE. Mainly depth pick.

Round 6, Pick 187

Dexter McDougle, CB Maryland


Mainly a depth, camp fodder pick. Has some decent upside.




1. Jeremy Maclin, WR from the Eagles. Knows Reid's system is a good WR with exceptional hands.
2. James Jones, WR from the Packers. Good route runner, getting older though. Should come decently cheap.
3. Arthur Jones, 3-4 DE from the Ravens. Good run stopper and decent pass rusher. Athletic. Cheaper than TJax. Split time with Bailey.
4. Kurt Coleman, SS from the Eagles. Knows Reid and his expectations. Decent Depth. 5. Tiquan Underwood, WR from the Buccaneers. Quick, strong handed receiver to split slot reps with DMC, possibly even start in the slot.

This would be my course of action as GM. I would garner cap space with extensions to some more key players, like Hali and Flowers as well to allow more cap space for many of these moves to actually be made. Please share your thoughts and let me know what YOU want the Chiefs to do this Offseason. Here's to the Donkeys losing in the Divisional Round!

Rily McCall

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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