Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 1/6

Andy Lyons

Good morning. Saturday's loss still sucks. I think I'm getting sick. Mock drafts are about to start like life depends on it. Kill me now (not really). Here's your Kansas City Chiefs news.

Chiefs Finalize Season, Envision Bright Future from The Mothership

On the defensive side of the ball, Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson shared his emotion of Saturday's loss and the response that he and his teammates are embracing.

"This one's going to hurt," Johnson said. "This is the one where, we had it and we let it go. We have to learn from it and stick together. We're still a family and (we'll) come back even stronger, next year."

Chiefs DE Mike DeVito also stressed the family mentality that exists within the Chiefs locker room.

"This is a family," DeVito said. "A lot of teams say it, but this team really lives by it. I really feel that way. I've been around a lot of really great locker rooms, a lot of great guys and this is the greatest group of guys I've been around. I have no doubt that we're going to bounce back from this and get better. It's going to hurt, but we have to let it fuel us, going into next year."

Andy Reid: 'We're Striving To Be Great' from The Mothership

Q: What would you say the identity of this Chiefs team was?

REID: "That they're going to battle you. They kind of came in that way. They checked their egos at the door and they were going to battle you. It didn't always turn out right, but a majority of them did. I sat there and talked to them this morning and there were a lot of long faces. There weren't guys laughing and high-fiving and all that. That wasn't going on then. It was a bunch of guys with their heart ripped out. I can work with that. I can handle that. We'll get better, because of that. It should hurt. It'll make us better. That's how they did, they gave it up, unconditionally, they gave it up, and said, ‘Hey, show us what we need to do to be better' and they did that every day. They tried to do that every day."

Alex Smith's Season-Ending Press Conference from The Mothership

Q: Is it easier said than done to take a step back and put this out of your mind, before you look at all that was accomplished this year and how you can move forward from it?

SMITH: "You know, I certainly think you use this as drive. I think it's good to be playing in these types of games. I think these types of games are contagious. You go back to playing in just regular season games, you want that itch, you have that urge to try to get to these types of games, these playoff games - the stage, the feeling is just so much different. With that, I think you use it. Certainly, I think the foundation has been laid for us as a team, the way we do things. It was our first year together for all of this. I certainly think that foundation has been laid for next year."

All-Pro Performances By The Chiefs from The Mothership

While the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 season came to a close on Saturday, the 11 wins and countless team and individual peformances [sic] won't be overlooked. Prior to Wild Card Weekend, the All-Pro First and Second Teams were announced and included five of our eight Chiefs Pro Bowlers. Video: Andy Reid Season-Finale Press Conference Video: Inside The Locker Room: Postseason

Kansas City Chiefs' Stunning Loss Undermines NJ Groundhog's Super Bowl Predictions from

The Chiefs broke Missouri hearts with their fourth-quarter collapse and in the process, the team also undermined the credibility of an Essex County groundhog.

Clover, the resident weather prognosticator at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, predicted that the Chiefs would win the first-ever Groundhog Day Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium.

Chiefs reeling From Historic Loss from ESPN

The Chiefs have lost a record eight straight postseason games, their last victory coming after the 1993 season. Most of the current members of the team were in grade school, some of them still in diapers, the last time Kansas City tasted any success in games that truly matter.

It appeared for most of three quarters Saturday that things would be different. Kansas City had raced to a 31-10 halftime lead, and then took advantage of an interception early in the third quarter to tack on a touchdown that several Chiefs would say later should have sealed the game.

The problem was that they started playing as if the game was in hand, while Andrew Luck and the playoff-tested Colts started to play as though they had nothing to lose.

Reid: Chiefs Players Had their 'Hearts Ripped Out' from FS Kansas City

Chiefs coach Andy Reid talks often about the fine line between winning and losing in the NFL.

And on Saturday, that fine line came down to just a few inches. That was the difference between Dwayne Bowe's right foot being in bounds on the Chiefs' final play. Bowe's foot came down out, and the Chiefs turned the ball over on downs, sealing the Colts' 45-44 win.

"Four inches," Reid said at his season-ending press conference Sunday. "We were four inches away from being on the (Colts') 15-yard line. We had our best receiver on their nickel back.

"It's a play we expect to make."

Reid Touches On Loss, Free Agency In Final Presser from Chiefs Spin

Unlike the prior regime, Reid has made it a point to connect with fans and often mentioned their support during postgame pressers or during his first presser of game week.

The good will continued in his final media session of the season.

"I would like to just thank the fans for the great support in which they gave our football team and their football team this season," Reid said.

KC Star Sports Section Address Chiefs' Collapse With Harsh But Unforgettable Cover from The Huffington Post

The law of conservation of fan euphoria requires that for one team to celebrate an epic comeback another must suffer a heartbreaking collapse.

While the Colts' historic 45-44 win against the Chiefs in their AFC wild-card playoff game was hailed in Indianapolis, the reaction in Kansas City wasn't quite as positive.

Chiefs' Meltdown Nothing Compared To Giants In '03 from CBS New York

Of course, the Chiefs will travel through this offseason in deep need of consolation, having historically blown a 28-point lead in Saturday's wild-card game to allow the Colts to advance. It went as the NFL playoffs' second-biggest collapse in history, unseating - you guessed it - the Giants' 24-point wild-card freefall on January 5, 2003 in San Francisco.

As devastating as that may have been for Andy Reid's group, Kansas City's collapse looked like kid stuff when compared to the Giants'. In terms of speed of descent and area of splatter, few live up to that mess at Candlestick Park.

Snake-Bit Chiefs Fall Short As Defense Fails Repeatedly In Second-Half Collapse from CBS CT

A last-minute KC drive ended when wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was pushed out of bounds on a 4th-and-11 pass play before he could get his second foot down to give the Chiefs a chance to try a game-winning, field-goal attempt.

And so it goes on for Kansas City, which now has an NFL record they don't want all to themselves: eight straight postseason losses, dating back to 1993 when Joe Montana was the team's quarterback.

Nobody Deserves This: Chiefs Lose Again In Playoffs from CSNNE

Anyway one minute, 48 seconds later the Chiefs lead was down to 10. This Colts drive was 80 yards again. Luck completed a 25-yard pass, a 30-yard pass, a 13-yard pass and a 12-yard pass. That's 80-yards if you're counting. It was the third time the Colts had a long touchdown drive that lasted less than two minutes. Andrew Luck -- what a player. What a man.

And the beat-up Chiefs defense looked entirely lost.

At this point, I must admit, I did not think the Chiefs were going to lose. I knew they were going to lose. That's a terrible feeling isn't it, when you KNOW something bad is about to happen but you still have to actually go through it? It's that feeling when you have a bad report card but you haven't yet shown it to your parents.

The loss was certain. Now it was just a matter of watching it.

Saturday Night's Colts Victory Over Chiefs Still Seems Unreal from FOX 59

Not only did the Chiefs make plays, but Alex Smith found a way to transform himself into the modern-day Joe Montana. Never before in the history of the league had a quarterback lost a contest (regular season and playoffs) while throwing four touchdowns, zero interceptions, 350+ yards, and he even rushed for 57-yards. Read that line five more times, and think about how untruly unlucky you have to be for that to happen. I was told earlier in the day over breakfast with Chiefs beat reporter Herbie Teope that Alex Smith has essentially had it with the title of "game manager", and on Saturday night, Smith was looking like everything you could hope for from a former number-one draft pick who was shedding that moniker.

Smith on his own outrushed the Colts in the first half, he avoided blitzes as if he was playing Pacman, and more-impressively, he did all of this without the help of Jamaal Charles (a player that is virtually half of the Chiefs offense) who left the game early with concussion. His opening 14-play drive down the field only had one third down, a perfect six-yard pass to Dwayne Bowe for the score, silenced everybody in Lucas Oil except the handful of thousands of Chiefs fans that impressively made the drive.

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