There is no gravity, the Earth sucks.

Saw this bit of graffiti a long time ago and it came back to me today. It came to me as I was thinking about this season and all it's ups and down. The thought that it came from was 'reality sucks'. Which led me to recall that old bit of graffiti wisdom. Gravity and reality are kind of close in nature, you can't argue with either one.

Could we have seen this kind of season coming? I think if we listen to Reid from before the season till the end of the season we could have anticipated this kind of season. Reid has said consistently that the Chiefs are a good football team but that they had plenty of room for improvement. Pretty accurate description of the team really. I know we all see press conferences and think all coaches have coach speak which is a dribble of cliches that when taken together really doesn't say anything. If anything I think Reid was amazingly candid throughout the season. Before the season he said we had a decent core of players but that it would take a "couple of seasons of churning the roster" to get to where we need to be.

Churn the roster is exactly what they did. They found some promising players in the Draft (Knile, Fisher) brought in some patch FA (Schwatz, Fasano, Avery, Demps, Robinson) drafted to get some development players at what he saw as team holes, (Commings, Kelce) and stole some depth players from team cut downs after cutting our own squad down to %# and then let more of 7 of those walk or slide to the practice squad. That was a lot of players to churn. but somehow he kept this team together and not only got them past the carnage of cut downs but got the team to pull together and get the new guys up to speed without the benefit of training camp.

Still at that point most fans were hesitant to buy in. We had been burned badly by Pioli and friends. Once the season started we snuck up on a few teams. Keep in mind that Andy did very well against teams he played against every season. (that we had more trouble Philly and Dallas didn't surprise me because of the coaching changes in both organizations) We had some luck defensively to start because our Defense executed Sutton's D as well as they could and until teams figured out the way to attack it we were pretty effective. Our offense took longer but learning Andy's WCO isn't bean bag. That it took more than half of a season to start getting consistency didn't surprise me. Every week Reid supported his offense but it was a pretty accurate assessment he gave us from week to week.

Once we hit 9-0 was when almost everyone shed the sceptic role and bought in. There were those that were naysayers and we know who they are. If they feel justified now then good for them. I hope they can suck on that pale glory all off season. Andy wasn't a sceptic but he knew we needed to be better. He said it consistently all year, Dorsey didn't sugar coat things either, he knew he had plenty of work to do here and made moves all season trying to improve the squad. Even when it was apparent that we would make the playoffs neither of them sat back and said 'Hey we did a great job here now all they need to do is play the games' with their attitudes or their statements to us, the fans.

I think both of them were pretty right on in their assessments and if anything I am pretty shocked at how much they said proved to be honest and up front. I was not expecting that from the FO or the staff. ( living in the Pioli years will do that for your P.O.V.)

So basically I decided about 10 weeks into the season that 'There is no Gravity, the Earth sucks' or in other words I denied Gravity (Reality) and substituted my own theroy the Earth sucked ( The Refs were against us, blah blah blah, any of a dozen excuses I tried to use to assure myself that we were not what everyone was saying we were.) I still don't think most of the naysayers were right about this team by the way. I do think though that if I had listened closer to what Reid and Dorsey were saying to us all along that this season's outcome would have been as crushing as it was for me. That said, it was a great ride. Wasn't the whole enchilada but better than anyone would have thought before we played one preseason game.

You pick a goal that is beyond where you can reach because that is the only way to get better. If that sounds a little too 'looking on the bright side of things' for some of you then, Well there is no Gravity, the Earth sucks, at least this year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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