The Chiefs State of the Franchise

Multiple fan posts have been written and many things have been debated and this will continue probably until the season start in September of this year. I have been reading many posts, mock drafts, expert analysis, and doing my own research. A lot of the decisions that I will be talking about were derived from what Reid and Dorsey did last year and how everyone thinks they will handle it this year only in my own version.

First we all know what we needed last year going into the offseason and for the most part the Chiefs brass addressed most of what us fans felt were needs. This carried us to an 11-5 record I don't care who we played we were the worst team in the NFL in 2012 and a 8-8 record would have been an extreme upgrade so making the playoffs was something most Chiefs fans didn't expect including myself. I want to address a few things here potential roster cuts, potential long-term contracts and extensions, free agent targets and the draft. If the cap number goes up to $129 million the Chiefs would be sitting around $4 million in cap space right now. So here we go hope you enjoy.

Potential Roster Cuts:

Dunta Robinson- I have to think this is the one guy that Dorsey won't even think about and all Chiefs fans will agree if you don't agree you weren't watching him play this year or not playing however you want to put it. Cap savings $3.3 million.

There are other guys I wanted to put on this list but the dead money it would cost us isn't really worth the cut. I also have been thinking we should try to trade Tamba Hali or Brandon Flowers but if my calculations are right with the cap numbers the base salary is all that we would save by trading them which for Hali is $6.25 million but we would be responsible for the remaining bonus on his contract and that would count against the cap this year and it is the full amount. It won't be spread out over the remaining years of the contract which would be $6 million so no savings there and we would just be losing two good players. I believe we are going to have to create cap space by restructuring contracts of certain players and signing players to contracts before they expire.

Potential long-term Contracts:

Alex Smith- This is a given as it has been reported that they Chiefs are looking to extend the contract of Smith and for good reason he made a big difference for this team this year and he seems to be a perfect fit for Reid's offense and they can save some cap space by extending his contract. Depending on what the terms of the contract, lets say Smith resigns and his cap number is at $4 million this season we would have a saving of $3.5 million which is much needed.

I had originally looked at who we could restructure to create some cap space but after reading into it and actually understanding how it works this is a horrible idea this only creates cap space for the current season you are in and will only create problems in the later years of said players contract.

But I do feel there may be one or two players that the Chiefs may be looking to restructure and that is Tamba Hali and Eric Berry. After this year Hali only will have one year left on this contract which we would only be liable for the restructured amount for the 2015 season. I can see them cutting his base salary by $3 million (like they did with Flowers last year) which would take his total cap figure from $11.5 million this year to $8.5 million this year and he doesn't lose any money in the process. I think this is something that will also be done with Eric Berry to drop his cap number they drop his base salary by $3 million and would drop Berry's cap number from $11.6 million to $8.6 million for this season.

Renegotiating a few contracts:

Renegotiating and restructuring are two different things and there are two players that I think the Chiefs will try to renegotiate this off season and that is Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Flowers. They restructured Flowers contract last season and I don't think Dorsey will hesitate to ask either one of these guys to take a pay cut and most players will do this if the team is showing promise for years to come usually it's done in a restructure but in the case of these two they need new contracts. They could go in and ask Bowe to take a pay cut of $3 million per season lowing his cap number from $10 million per season to $7 and ask Flowers to lower his salary from $6 million per season down to $4 million that is another $5 million per season.

I know this sounds like a lot of moving and shaking but if the Chiefs are going to be able to keep some of the good players we have like Justin Houston we have to get these contracts where they should be. Bowe and Flowers especially they need some different contracts. Now that we have gone over what they may look to do and have created $20 million in cap space we are now in a position to set up this team for the future. We need good players in position so when we lose players like Hali and Flowers and maybe Berry over the next couple of years we will be okay. Kind of like we did last year when we drafted Fisher because we knew there was no way we were going to be able to bring Albert back. Doing this will also allow us to bring back some key free agents like McCluster, Schwartz, Asamoah, and possibly even Jackson depending on how much he will be wanting in his next contract.

Free Agent Targets: Position to address- WR, CB, ILB, DT, FS

Wide Receivers:

Jeremy Maclin:

I think every Chiefs fan has been calling for this since the end of the season but I am not sure the Eagles are going to let him get away from them. I would love to see him brought to KC I am just not convinced this is going to happen because Philly is going to try hard to keep him. The only way I think he leaves is if we offer him a multi-year deal and I don't see Reid being able to talk Dorsey into this.

Hakeem Nicks:

This is the guy I would like to see the Chiefs bring in simply because of where I think they are going to go in the first round of the draft which we will get to in a minute. Nicks is still young and just didn't seem to have the chemistry he has had in the past with Eli Manning not to mention the Giants were just bad this year so it made him look bad I think we could get him cheap and he may even out perform Bowe down the stretch.


Sam Shields:

This is a guy that Dorsey knows well and would be a welcome addition to this team I believe we aren't as weak at corner as some on this site because I believe Commings can develop as well as Cooper, Smith is serviceable and adding Sam Shields would lessen the blow when Flowers does leave wither that be by being released or traded this year or next year if he performs like he did last year.

Inside Linebackers:

Wesley Woodyard:

I am really pulling for us to bring in Woodyard I feel like he is one of the better coverage linebackers in the league and I feel that is what we need so DJ can roam around the line of scrimmage and make plays while Woodyard makes plays in coverage.

Defensive Tackles:

B.J. Raji:

Another player that Dorsey knows well, I think if we were able to bring in Raji we could move both him and Poe around between DT and DE and really create some pass rush. Raji kind of fell off this season but he is still a good NT in a 3-4 defense and has spent plenty of time at DE in Dom Capers defense over the last couple of years the potential here for Poe could be huge for this defense.

Free Safety:

Mike Mitchell:

I really want this guy to be one of our top targets in the offseason he is only 26 years old he is 6'0 210 LBS. He and a few other players in Carolina's defense are the reason why they were so good this year. Some stats just to get you to where I am with this guy.

Mitchell= 64 tackles 4 sacks 2 forced fumbles and 4 INT's

Lewis= 56 tackles 0 sacks 0 forced fumbles and 1 INT

Byrd= 48 tackles 1 sack 1 forced fumble and 4 INT's

As you can see he played really well this season it could have been the scheme he was in or it could just be that he is a good under rated FS in the league and we could steal him on a much cheaper contract than what Byrd may be looking for.

NFL Draft: Positions to target: WR, CB, TE, DE, OG, OT

Round 1:

Odell Beckham JR.- (WR) I have looked over so many prospects in this year's draft and even if we get Maclin or Nicks I think we still need to draft Beckham Jr. This guy runs good routes and can take the top off a defense and that is what we are lacking right now. Avery was suppose to be that guy but it just isn't going to happen. Having Nicks, Bowe, Beckham Jr. and Kelsey our offense could be very scary. This could be an offense that could absolutely keep up with the Broncos.

Round 3:

Aaron Lynch- (DE,OLB) We have to find an edge rusher for this defense, Lynch's weight has fluctuated to where when he was with Notre Dame he was a dominating 3-4 DE but when he transferred to USF he was lighter than he was at Notre Dame but still played well I think he could potentially take over for Tamba Hali when he ends up leaving or could play DE if Tamba stays.

Round 4:

Stanley Jean- Baptiste- (CB) Huge corner 6'3 214 LBS just what the doctor ordered for this defense even if we pick up Sam Shields and develop Cooper or Commings this is too good of a value/ scheme fit for us not to take here.

Round 5:

Brandon Linder- (OG) Got to add some o-line depth in this draft and we can do it late in my opinion Linder helped Miami to the tune of 448 yards per game and scored 40+ points 5 times in 2013. He has played multiple positions on the offensive line and would be a welcome addition to this o-line.

Round 6:

Josh Huff- (WR) Another WR you can never have enough WR's and we need more playmakers on this offense especially if our TE's don't end up panning out for us this could be huge value at this point in the draft to grab a developmental WR like Huff.

Round 6:

Jonathan Dowling- (FS) I really want this guy to be on the Chiefs roster next season this guy is a true sleeper he has the size and ability to play centerfield in our defense could be one of the biggest steals in the draft this year kind of like Kam Chancellor was for Seattle.

Round 7:

Aaron Murray- (QB) Here is Andy Reid's QB that he likes to take in every draft and develop in his system I know Murray is short but so is Chase Daniel so I think he will appeal to Reid and could end up pushing us to releasing Daniel or trading him to someone before the season starts.

There you go Chiefs fans let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy the read.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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