Fixing the D

Hell, we didn't even think it was broke to start the season.



Wouldn't you think building one house would be difficult enough. The Chiefs might persist in building two defenses in the 2014 off-season. A Defense that is not even favored by the Head Coach Andy Reid. Andy Reid has always ran some various version of the 4-3 till this season. 4-3, or wide-9 or some exotic version, but not a 3-4. Bob Sutton has ran it all in his time on multiple defensive staffs. Bob was smiling early in the season as the Chiefs Defense was ranked right up there near the top in everything positive and then it all fell apart.

It is possible, that the Defense fell off due to who we played the last 8 weeks of the season. Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, and Andrew Luck drilled many a defense this season. Or maybe, it was injuries, as we played well enough to possibly win a few of those games we lost. It might have been the scheme was figured out as Sutton tried to work in a number of youngsters and Free agents to fill obvious holes already known from the 2012 disaster.

OR, it might have been trying to build two different defenses all along.

A significant reason for their gaudy sack totals a season ago is Philadelphia’s use of the wide-nine alignment, which as I wrote in my story in today’s newspaper, basically has the defensive line spread out, with the ends lining up way wide and tilting in towards the quarterback like sprinters in the starting block. The idea is to get quick pressure and also control the edge right away. Or put simpler, it’s all about sacking the quarterback.

But if it works so well, why aren’t more teams using it all the time? Well, it leaves gaping holes on the inside, and if the defensive linemen are going all-in on the pass rush on nearly every play, who is left to stop the run? The wide-nine quickly became controversial in Philadelphia last season, as the "Dream Team" Eagles fell flat on their faces at the start of the season. Among the major reasons was their inability to stomp out the run.

But it’s not all bad, according to Andy Benoit of Football Outsiders.

"It’s a big reason defensive end Trent Cole, a relentless force who plays with great leverage, is coming off his best season as a pro. And it’s a big reason Jason Babin has 30.5 sacks over the past two years," wrote Benoit in his 2012 Eagles season preview. "Defensive line coach Jim Washburn has always done a great job teaching the wide-nine. Its basic premise is for the ends to play pass first and worry about the run only if convenient."

I love how Benoit put that: "worry about the run only if convenient."

It has been mentioned that Andy Reid might be interested in bringing in Brandon Graham

Posted by Josh Alper on January 7, 2014, 2:04 PM EST 99fb69ebb856e6e9c035f37930febaf0-1Getty Images

The Eagles shifted from a 4-3 look to the 3-4 scheme preferred by defensive coordinator Bill Davis this season, a move that forced Brandon Graham to go from defensive end to outside linebacker.

Graham played a little more than a quarter of the snaps on defense during the regular season and finished the year with four sacks and added another in last Saturday’s loss to the Saints. That’s left Graham, a 2010 first-round pick, feeling like he has "pretty good film out there," although the fact that he never quite shook the look of a defensive end playing linebacker made him agree that he’ll "probably end up in a 4-3 my next go-round."

If that sounds like Graham’s thinking about changing teams, it’s because he wants to move up to the starting lineup in 2014 whether it happens in Philly or somewhere else.

"I’m not saying I want to go anywhere else, but I do want to be a starter," Graham said, via Reuben Frank of "If that works out here, it works out here. If not, it doesn’t. But I will be playing somewhere."

Graham is signed for two more years, he’s set to make $1.6705 million, but the Eagles will likely be looking for a little more pass rush off the edge after tying the Cowboys for the lowest sack percentage in the NFL during the 2013 season. If they find it, Graham may be on the move.

In 2012, Brandon Graham was the 2nd best 4-3 DE per Profootballfocus. Maybe we trade a Draft pick, we know how that plays out. A 3rd would be generous, but a 4th might be more than appropriate.

Why a 4-3 DE?

The Chiefs are not really all in on the 3-4 after the change in leadership. It would seem 6 DB's is where we should start in thinking about what we do. Ass backward.

In the Chiefs playoff game versus the Indianapolis Colts our 3-4 DE's played:

- With the Colts spending the near entirety of the game in 11 personnel it meant Mike Devito and Tyson Jackson saw a combined 19 snaps and six of those were with the Colts in victory formation.

What!, WHY? In the most important game the Colts neutered or front line with just scheme. Why do we want to rebuild that? We might as well have played the backups again like we did vs San Diego. Regardless

Moving on.

Some think we fix the Free Safety and we fix the issue. That is like a paramedic slapping on the tourniquet. That is NO fix without addressing the artery that needs repaired....

Some think we fix the issue by tighter coverage. Cornerbacks are very expensive. Quite a bit of the Chiefs Cap is tied up in our Secondary. Our secondary is as usual bearing the brunt of the load in games. Our leading tacklers:

Where are the rest of the Chiefs? The Seattle Seahawks mix of tacklers is quite different:

only 4 DB's. how bout another 3-4 Defense in the San Francisco 49ers:

5 DBs. Who makes the tackles is important. Where is equally important. It would seem Seattles' are closer to the LOS and ours are farther from the LOS.

The Chiefs are losing Tyson Jackson, Akeem Jordan, Kendrick Lewis, and Quentin Demps this season. 3 of our leading tacklers. Are we going to try to rebuild what sorta worked last season? Or Change to more of what we actually had to do in game last year with a different scheme?

We have a lot of pieces to assemble. I would prefer we build ONE coherent front-7 base defense.

Geaux Chiefs

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