A wide receiver or a safety for the KC Chiefs? Take your pick

Rob Carr

The Kansas City Chiefs need pieces on both sides of the ball, but which is more important?

Anybody who watched the Kansas City Chiefs this season knows a few things.

One, the Chiefs have found a successful quarterback/head coach combination, thus figuring out the most important parts to a Super Bowl team. Second, the building process is not complete, with glaring needs at free safety and wide receiver.

The question is, which one is more important?

Much of this debate is probably centered around your opinion of Dwayne Bowe. In my eyes, Bowe is a No. 1 receiver who had a very slow start to the season (along with the rest of the offense outside Jamaal Charles) before really emerging in the second half to become the playmaker of old.

Bowe is not Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald or A.J. Green, but he's a heck of a player who has to be game-planned for. The problem is the cavalry behind him. Dexter McCluster, if re-signed, is a solid slot receiver but on the outside the core is thin. Junior Hemingway is a nice prospect, but can you count on him to be a reliable No. 2 on a team hoping to be in the championship conversation?

Donnie Avery is nothing more than average. With 40 catches, 596 yards and a pair of touchdowns, that production could be easily upgraded with a solid draft pick or a nice free agent signing.

On the other side of the ball, we have the train wreck that was the Kendrick Lewis experience. I can't remember being so ticked off watching a player screw up almost every time he was in the picture since Eric Warfield. Lewis was an absolute mess, and I feel comfortable saying he will never play another down in Kansas City,

The defense was hideous at the end of the season, largely due to mistakes in coverage among other things (Bob Sutton, a lack of a pass rush, Bob Sutton, injuries, Bob Sutton). With five pro bowlers on the unit, not even including Derrick Johnson, this defense should be MUCH better than it is.

The only really good option in free agency is Jairus Byrd, but he is going to cost a pretty penny. Considering the Chiefs cap situation, it's unlikely they ink Byrd. The draft is also slim on options, with Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix being the top safety on the board but likely to go before Kansas City's pick.

So, which one is the more pressing need? I say safety, but I also believe that will be the harder piece to find.

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