Kansas City Chiefs over / unders: The final numbers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2013 NFL season began, we looked at the predicted over / unders for the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's review those numbers and see how they did now that the season is over.

Alex Smith

Projected (actual):

Passing yards: 3,350 (3,313)
Passing TDs: 19.5 (23)
INTs: 13.5 (7)

What I said then: The yards seem about right -- IF he plays a full season. So do the passing touchdowns, but I might lean the under on that. INTs seem high compared to what Smith has done in the past, but he's also going to be passing a lot more. New team, new system, I could see that one going either way, but I'll take the under.

What I say now: That was pretty damn close. We assumed because he was passing more that he would throw more interceptions but that wasn't the case. Smith had one interception taken away -- the refs ruled one pick a fumble in the first game against the Colts.

Jamaal Charles

Projected (actual):

Rushing yards: 1,150.5 (1,287)
Rushing TDs: 6 (12)
Receiving yards: 300.5 (693)

What I said then: Jamaal Charles won't be carrying the ball as much so it's tough to predict his rushing numbers. I'll take the over at 1,200. On rushing touchdowns, if you think the Chiefs are going to be scoring more often then there will be more chances for Jamaal. Give me the over. And, yes, I'm taking the over on receiving yards as well. I'm all over Jamaal.

What I say now: Any questions? It's amazing that we thought he might get just 300 receiving yards. He more than doubled that. The touchdowns were also a nice surprise because he added seven more through the air.

Dwayne Bowe

Projected (actual):

Receiving yards: 1000.5 (673)
Receiving TDs: 6 (5)

What I said then: Can I bet a total homer? I'll take the over on both of these.

What I say now: The under on both. While Bowe was a disappointment statistically on the season as a whole, he showed up in a big way with 150 receiving yards and a touchdown in the playoff game.

Anthony Fasano

Projected (actual):

Receiving TDs: 3 (3)

What I said then: Three sounds about right.

What I say now: Exactly right. Three touchdowns and 200 receiving yards. The disappointment here is that he played just nine games.

Tamba Hali

Projected (actual):

Sacks: 9.5 (11)

What I said then: Under? This is a good line.

What I say now: Over! Tamba ended with 11 sacks.

Justin Houston

Projected (actual):

Sacks: 7 (11)

What I said then: This one stands out the most to me. It's gotta be over, right?

What I say now: Houston blew past this by Week 3 but finished with just (just?) 11 sacks.

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