We are 9-0, enjoying the bye week, and we have reason to hope. The Kansas City defense is authoritative, and the offense shows signs of life. In any case, it had done what it needed to do up to that point, controlling the ball if not putting up real points. The Chiefs seem designed to undo the Broncos’ lightning offense. Our secondary can hang with anyone, and no one can hang with our pass rush. And yes, our next game is in Denver, but anything can happen.

Okay, so we were pretty soundly beaten. The pass rush never got to Manning, the secondary was left stranded. But Alex Smith started to really move the ball around. A few more plays go our way and it’s a different game. We have the Chargers at home next week, and then a shot to take down the Broncos on our turf. The AFC West is still wide open; anything can happen.

Huh. Our defense just gave up 41, coverage blown over the top with under a minute left and the Chargers needing a touchdown. How were we not ready for that? We are still a shoe in for the playoffs, and we will be playing angry next week. Something to prove, everything to play for, at home to the Broncos. If our offense is going to score like this, anything can happen.

Damn, we couldn’t hang on to a decent lead at Arrowhead. That’s pretty disappointing. Where in the world has our secondary gone? Eric Decker, two-years-ago a scrub, just torched us. At this point it’s time to admit we won’t win the West, short of a real stumble by the Broncos. As for the offense? The Kansas City Chiefs score for fun now. If we weren’t playing Peyton Manning we could outscore anybody. We still look great for a wildcard spot, especially with a few more wins. Who knows?

Blowing out the Redskins was fun, start to finish. Even when they kicked to us, we’d shove it back down their throats, twice for TDs. Griffin never looked like challenging out defense, and special teams made plays like they did in the first few weeks. Add a little offense and you have a deadly concoction, and once you’re in, anything can happen.

We punched our ticket to the playoffs in Oakland. Man that was sweet. Jamaal Charles cannot be human. He must be MVP, right? Yes, the Raiders started to fight in the second half, even cut it within two scores, but don’t read too much into that. We buried them and checked out, and it was comfortable in the end. Charles had five touchdowns! Who is going to stop him?

Two tough losses that didn’t really matter isn’t the ideal way to end the season, but nothing to lose sleep over. Damn Chargers found a way in, but we were resting our guys. We’ll get healthy for the playoffs – the Colts can’t block. Can’t run. No defense. The Chiefs are going to end this drought; after that, anything can happen.

Jamaal is down. It’s the first series. The Chiefs are wearing white-on-white. It looks like the 90s, my childhood, and suddenly I’m worrying that the Chiefs are stuck in an awful past. In 1997 I was just old enough to remember, but too young to understand why the good guys didn’t win when the Chiefs fell to the Broncos. As I got older the disappointment became familiar, met by the knowing nods of elders in the Chiefs Kingdom. As a rattled Charles headed to the locker room, I felt the same supernatural certainty: this cannot end well.

We handle it, the loss of our core weapon, and even go up big on the back of some turnovers and strong defense. Alex Smith is a field marshal. Who said he can’t throw deep? That 79 yard bomb begs to differ. Is this a rout? This is a rout. We are going to definitively end this hurt. Anything can happen.

Halftime ends, and we pick up where we left off: putting up points. The Colts eventually stop the rot on a fumble recovery, there is even a hint of spark about it, but all we need are a few first downs. Chiefs start dropping like flies, and even Dan Hicks, the broadcaster, sounds like he can’t believe it. Checking the scoreboard, I realize this is a game again. My chest is tightening. Oh god. Anything can happen.

Luck may not be a lady tonight. Luck may be a bearded, goofy, athletic, quick-thinking quarterback, but it’s sure as hell not with us. It looks like the beginning of the season again; if we can’t get points we at least need a big drive. It’s like time is going backwards. We’re not asking for points, just a few vintage Week 3 game-killing clock-munching 8 minute drives. Just give us one.

Another bomb, beaten over the many times is that now? 7 points. The lead is gone. Dwayne Bowe is out of bounds. It’s a cruel, callous world. Did that really just happen?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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