Chiefs Fans' Remedies

(My first fanpost, so be gracious if it's terrible).

Once again, the franchise we have all come to know and love has suffered an undeniably heart breaking playoff loss. The Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff curse seemed to be fully realized in the 1990’s, when two legitimately good Chiefs teams were ousted in the playoffs, teams with first-round byes. The ’95 loss to the Colts really stung, thanks to three missed field goals of 35, 39, and 43 yards, the latter ending the game. And in ’97, the disappointment was twofold for Chiefs fans. First, Pete Stoyanovich missed a field goal wide left. Then Tony Gonzalez, after an incredible touchdown catch, was ruled out of bounds on the play. Instant replay was not in use at the time, but TV replays clearly showed two feet in bounds for Gonzalez. Two more playoff losses to Indianapolis between 2000-2010 led to a subtle correlation in the minds of Chiefs fans between the curse and the Colts. And now, this. Quite possibly the most heartbreaking loss in Chiefs history, let alone playoff history. Of course the Chiefs would lose Charles to injury. Of course Andy Reid’s play calling would hurt us. And of course Andrew Luck would temporarily turn into Peyton Manning/Superman for two quarters. What are Chiefs fans left to do? I have the answers, along with reccomendations for Reid and Dorsey this offseason.

Step-by-Step Heartbreak Remedy for Chiefs Fans:

1) Cry

2) Repeat step 1 until minor flooding occurs.

3) Break your television remote.

4) Publicly rant about how ugly Andrew Luck is.

5) And Peyton Manning.

6) Find a cardboard cutout of Kendrick Lewis. Burn it.

7) Pray that Charles’ injury isn’t significant. Or Flowers’. Or Houston’s. Or Davis’. Or any other player that’s injured, which comprises around two/thirds of our roster.

8) BREAK OUT THE MOCK DRAFTS. We pick 23rd. Kendrick Lewis is #23. Coincidence?

9) Have nightmares about T.Y Hilton. By the way, he just caught another touchdown pass.

10) Countdown days until pitchers and catchers report.

11) Meditate on the fact that all we have going for us now is the Royals, and the hope that Peyton Manning eventually will break down.

12) Who are we kidding, we all know Peyton is really immortal. Guess it’s time to switch divisions.

13) Figure out why we were so excited about Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson.

14) Attempt to understand why we ONLY RAN THE BALL 10 TIMES IN THE SECOND HALF.

15) Be thankful that Alex Smith does have another gear, and boy is it fun to watch.

16) Whatever you do, DO NOT watch national sports media for the next week. All you will hear is "Andrew Luck is the most amazing quarterback since anyone" and "The Chiefs are giant frauds" and "Alex Smith couldn’t win the game when the Chiefs needed him" and I’m going to go punch some drywall.

What Andy Reid and John Dorsey can do to fix this:

1) No, Bob Sutton shouldn’t be fired. But Reid, try to find someone to force him to change his defensive schemes once in a while. Andrew Luck read that defense like a book all day, and Sutton didn’t change a thing. Hey, I hear Carl Pelini’s available! Great guy. Just don’t let him hang out with Dwayne Bowe.

2) Andy, I know Knile Davis is still a bit of a question mark. And I know Cyrus Gray is about as trustworthy as the NSA, but you gotta run the football with the lead. That’s football 101.

3) Dorsey, I really hope you make the most of this draft. That means, do everything Pioli didn’t do.

4) Also, if Bowe doesn’t perform next season, he’s gone. I would suggest drafting a potential #1/2 starting WR to A) replace Bowe or B) compete with Avery for the #2 slot. Frankly, this guy should be better than Avery WHEN WE DRAFT HIM.

5) We need to cut a lot of guys on this roster. There’s not a lot of wiggle room on the salary cap, and there are some players on this team that have straggled along for too long.

6) Finally, continue the winning trend of this year. Sure, we limped to a pretty horrible ending, but this city was ALIVE in the middle of November. It’s your job, Dorsey and Reid, to sustain that atmosphere. Do whatever you have to do.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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