Alex Smith is the NFL's active post-season Passer Rating leader

From the FanPosts -Joel

Alex Smith has only played three post-season games. In two of the three games, he was statistically stellar. In the other one he was statistically mediocre, but managed the game in such a way as to put his team in position to win the game. But for two muffed punts, he would have managed to do so. In his first postseason game he outgunned Drew Brees and led two long game-winning touchdown drives in the last four minutes of the game. In his most recent post-season game he threw for four touchdowns without his team's best offensive weapon.

I went to college with Alex Smith, and was a 49er fan until they broke a cardinal rule and used a concussion to bench Smith when he was the league's top rated passer. I have been to approximately 100 college football games, but have only ever been to one NFL game (Chiefs vs. Giants at Arrowhead this year). I have owned exactly one NFL jersey in my life, my Chief's #11 Smith jersey. So it should come as no surprise to AP readers that I support Smith. I think he's great.

But in looking through this year's NFL post-season stats, I noticed something rather interesting. 16 QBs have led 16 offensive efforts in 8 playoff games so far this year. And Smith's game against the Colts, though it ended in a tragic loss, was the best rated game of the 16.

That got me thinking, where does Smith stand among active QBs over his career? Actually, he's first. Here is the list: (games played in parentheses)

1 Alex Smith (3) 108.6
2 Aaron Rodgers (9) 103.1
3 Drew Brees (13) 102.2
4 Matthew Stafford (1) 97.0
5 Russel Wilson (3) 94.5
6 Mark Sanchez (6) 94.3
7 Colin Kaepernick (5) 93.9
8 Eli Manning (11) 89.3
9 Peyton Manning (20) 88.4
10 Matt Schaub (2) 87.5
11 Tom Brady (25) 87.2
12 Joe Flacco (13) 86.2
13 Matt Ryan (5) 85.2
14 Jay Cutler (2) 84.8
15 Matt Hasselbeck (11) 84.4
16 Ben Roethlisberger (14) 83.7
17 Philip Rivers (8) 81.8
18 Robert Griffin III (1) 77.5
19 Andrew Luck (3) 70.0
20 Andy Dalton (3) 56.2

Of course Smith has a losing record in the playoffs, going 1 - 2 so far. And this is only Passer Rating, a composite stat that is fairly closely correlated to winning and certainly much more closely correlated to winning than counting statistics like TDs or Yards. And Alex has only played three games.

Nevertheless, I believe that the Chiefs should make Smith their franchise QB. As a #1 overall pick prior to the new rookie wage scale, Alex has made millions. Watching him over his career has convinced me that he is at least as interested in his legacy as he is in money at this point. I honestly think that the Chiefs could have him for around $10 million for the next three years, as long as it is guaranteed. The guarantee means he stands no chance of being replaced, and $10 million a year is enough. That's what I think the Chiefs should do.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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