Draft Look at Terrence Brooks - S - Florida State

I've been looking at WR's and Safeties in the upcoming draft to see who we could possibly target in the 1st round or if we trade down, maybe early 2nd round.

Many claim Clinton-Dix is the #1 Safety from Alabama, but I can across Terrence Brooks from Florida State and I really love what I saw from his junior and senior season highlights. Right now CBS has Terrence projected to be drafted in the 3rd or 4th round. I'd love if he fell that far, but I can see this dude climbing boards. He might land in the 2nd round, which sucks since we don't have one. He is a former CB that's already been converted to a safety.

Sidenote: I hate only being able to watch these highlight reels on youtube of all the college players. It's deceiving, but it's all I can find.

Terrence is 5' 11" and weights somewhere around 195-200 lbs depending on what site you are looking at. CBS reports him running a 4.5 40 yard dash.

This is his breakdown from CBS Sports

STRENGTHS: While a touch shorter than scouts would prefer, Brooks looks the part of an NFL free safety, boasting broad shoulders, a well-built frame and trim waist. He possesses good balance, agility and straight-line speed, including an impressive burst to close.

A former cornerback who is asked to drop down and cover slot receivers, on occasion, demonstrating good balance, fluidity and change of direction for coverage. Brooks is more physical than you might expect given his cornerback background, often dropping down into a linebacker-like role for the Seminoles.

Long arms and good balance to play off blocks and make plays near the line of scrimmage amid traffic. A big-hitter who seems to enjoy the physicality of the game. Flashes strong hands for the interception, as well as the ability to track over his shoulder (North Carolina State). Good special teams player.

WEAKNESSES: Only has two seasons of starting action after spending his early career with the Seminoles in backup duty at cornerback. Below average height for the position, though his strength and leaping ability make him less of a liability in jump-ball situations than it might appear.

Highly aggressive defender who will lower his shoulder and fail to wrap up, leading to some missed tackles. Unreliable hands for the interception. Let several "easy" interceptions slip through his fingers in 2013.

COMPARES TO: Louis Delmas, Detroit Lions: Neither boasts the imposing size scouts would prefer but the instincts, athleticism and closing speed are there to overcome it.

--Rob Rang (12/29/13)

In the videos below you can see he has the ability to plan close to the line of scrimmage, but he can also play deep. Basically, it seems like he can do a lot of the things Berry can do. I think it'd be interesting to have two safeties like that, because you can really mix and match what you do on defense. You can afford to play Berry deep more with Brooks down by the LOS. I think it'd give Sutton freedom to throw more confusing looks at an offense rather than offenses knowing when they go 3 wide that Berry will drop down with Lewis going deep middle. This would allow us to not be as predictable.

I like Terrence's physicality, but his speed as well. He can close really fast and is very physical. Something that Lewis and Demps are not. Terrence seems to take good angles and lets his presence be known when he gets there. I don't think he's merely an enforcer though as there are highlights of him playing the ball when he has deep responsibility as well.

Here are his Junior Season Highlights

Here are his Senior Season Highlights

Here is a video of him vs North Carolina State

Here is a video of him vs. Pittsburgh

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