Chiefs OL Review: Jacksonville Edition



Hello AP, NN here with a pressed-for-time, rushed Offensive Line review where I will watch the footage and tell you how I saw each offensive lineman did, so you don't have to.

The starting lineup with Asamoah (arguably our best offensive lineman) out looked the same aside from Neanderthal giant Geoff "The Red" Schwartz starting in his place.

The Chiefs racked up 115 yards rushing with Jamaal out for about 45% of the game and the fact that we didn't even run with the lead like other teams seem to do. We averaged 4.3 yards a pop on the ground. Alex put up 173 passing yards and 2 TD's with no INT's while only getting coverage sacked once.

Branden Albert

Albert had a good game, no doubt. Went up against a decent enough pass rusher in Babin and more or less made him disappear. Babin is an AWFUL run defender though, so it was tough to judge his dominance there.

The only thing that concerned me about him is that his blocking in space was poor. It's to be expected since it's the first regular season game but it's still an area of concern. I know he's an athletic dude and has quick feet for his size but he is going to have to step it up from here if we want this running game to jump to the level it should be for this offense to be successful.

Jeff Allen

Allen's first game of the season was similar to his first season. WILDLY inconsistent. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a good player. He gets movement at the LOS, he has naturally good feet, and when he's on he's ON. But laziness and effort seems to be a problem occasionally, his steps are inconsistent and he's prone to getting too high and not running his feet, and he loses focus late in games which showed when they tried to pull him. It seemed like the same problem, not used to the speed so he misses at the second level and I anticipate that that improves over time.

Rodney Hudson

Hudson was spectacular. He had a great camp then a lackluster preseason so many of us began to worry but fear not, this bro is for real. His pass blocking was impeccable, even on plays where the pocket broke down he rarely gave up more than a yard. In open field he broke down and his height made sticking onto and driving tiny linebackers easier for him than others. And if we asked him to run block against a defensive tackle his feet were firing and his hands were inside and he was down, so he consistently got movement. Great game against All-Pro defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks.

Geoff Schwartz

The viking with the hairy arms, the great unknown. Should he be starting? Why has he been cut so often despite a great career?

I dunno. Because he kicked ass this game. At 6'6, 340 pounds his ability to maul people at the LOS was kind of a given and he road-graded over tackles Marks and Miller all game, throwing them around on down blocks and and pancaking them on drives and seals with the kind of power and brutality we haven't seen on this line since the great Ryan O'Callaghan. His pass blocking was similarly outstanding as he gave up no hurries or hits on our QB.

But once again, he struggled in space and honestly that may very well be because he isn't near as athletic as our other linemen. His feet are slower, his strides are clumsier, his feet are more cumbersome. But even still, I think this mammoth lineman has made a case that he deserves to play more than he does.

#1 overall pick, Eric Fisher

Let me preface by saying there was a lot to like and a lot to worry about.

Biggest issue for him right now is leverage. He's a tall kid who was able to kick whoever's ass he went against in the MAC no matter how he wanted to but he can't do that anymore More than once during his time with us and this game he lets a smaller, inferior player get up under him and force him backwards, and that simply shouldn't happen. On run blocks he fires his feet and is tenacious but defenders tend to still get under him, or go around him due to another annoying tendency to lunge. And the speed is obviously still a problem as quick inside moves get him more than they should

But take solace in the fact that despite all his rawness, he still put up a good game. His footwork and hands are quicker than the dickens and his nastiness and willingness to finish are gonna be what makes this kid good down the road. Add on to that, he's the most athletic 310 pounder you'll ever see and his ability to pull, move, engage and terminate in space are off the charts. Every time he pulls it's like a masterpiece being written, and he has the instincts of a guy who knows how to let into defenders and take them out of the play while not missing his blocks by hesitating or lunging.

And if anything, he did better than Joeckel. WAYYYY better.


The worry that our run game is going to suffer this year because the blocking sucks is overblown, a lot. Movement at the LOS was pretty good all game and the only reason we didn't break off longer runs was because of missing guys at the 2nd level, which will only improve as time goes on.

We had a great game on the OL despite missing our best guard, who is also our best OL and probably the best run blocker in the AFC. Schwartz stepped in and played great and despite the fact that We passed even when we were ahead and that Jamaal was out a lot of the game we still finished 6th in rushing this week. I like our odds against Dallas in moving the ball.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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