Chiefs vs Jaguars: What I Saw

As many of you know, I recently got accepted to be a contributor for another site. I can still post here but I feel as though I should put all my sports writing mojo into that. So this will be my last FanPost for the foreseeable future. I feel as though my last FanPost should be where it all began. With my real name and my signature series. Hard to believe it has been two years since I joined Arrowheadpride just longing for a place to get my thoughts out. Then my first front page being the shutout against the Raiders. Kind of fitting my last FanPost will be a game that was more or less a shutout. I will still be debating away in the comments, just won't be doing FanPost's unless this falls through. I just want to thank Joel big time and all of my readers for their support.

Wow just wow.

If you would have told me 9 months ago that we would go into Jacksonville and effectively shut down the Jaguars, I would have called you a liar. What Bob Sutton has done on defense is absolutely amazing. To think that most of these players were playing in a conservative 2-gap scheme and now they are beastly.

Enough with the long winded things. Here is what I saw...

  • Straight up domination- I haven't seen a defensive effort like that in a long time. Until late in the 4th Quarter, the Jaguars didn't even sniff the Chiefs side of the field. The Jaguars actually ran more offensive plays than the Chiefs at one point. I don't care what team it is, you don't see that very often.

  • Imposing your will- The Chiefs from a defensive standpoint imposed their will upon the Jaguar offense. The Chiefs were going to force the Jaguars to do what they wanted and the Jaguars offense couldn't do a thing to stop them. The Chiefs forced Blaine Gabbert to throw and when the Jaguars tried to run it, they shut it down. Yeah the Jaguars moved the ball at the end but that was when it never really mattered. The damage was done.

  • Under Pressure- The Defense brought the heat and made any offensive player the Jaguars had uncomfortable. The Chiefs had a total of 6 sacks, 2 INT's and one of which was a pick 6 by Tamba Hali (who didn't register a sack). Felt good to see the Defensive Linemen bringing some heat and boy did they. Jaguars Center Brad Meester was just getting manhandled by NT Dontari Poe all game.

  • Offensive Uncertainties- The Chiefs on offense played very vanilla on offense after they had a significant lead. I can understand why too. No sense in putting something on tape when you can just play the game of just running the clock down and forcing your opponent back and letting your Defense do all the dirty work. There were some key drops and a near interception but they didn't show anything major. Fullback Anthony Sherman was actually the leading receiver. Alex Smith had 2 TD's, one to WR Donnie Avery and the other to Junior Hemmingway. Jamaal Charles had a rushing TD of his own. I really can't give an opinion on offense because they didn't show anything. Alex needs to work on his timing with his receivers but that is fixable.

  • Special Teams- One thing is clear about the Special Teams and that is they need to mesh better. When you have a ton of new guys who have only spent a week, you are going to have some issues. The only points the Jaguars scored was on a Safety after they blocked a punt that traveled out of the back of the End Zone. No spectacular returns but nothing that put the Chiefs in horrible position.

The Chiefs face the Dallas Cowboys next week. While it should not be as dominating as it was this week, they have a rookie at Center and Poe should have no trouble. I think they match up pretty well as I feel that Dallas front 4 is a little soft so the Chiefs should be able to get a good run game going.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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