Chiefs beat Jaguars: 3 things we learned, and 1 thing we didn't

Mike Ehrmann

What we learned from the Chiefs victory over the Jaguars: The Chifes defense can be very, very good, the offense can score in the red zone and they can avoid turnovers. What we didn't learn: Much else about the offense.

The Chiefs D has all the parts of a very, very good defense

Elite? That's a loaded word in the NFL so I'll just say that this team can be very, very good on defense. The key components to a dominating 3-4 defense is a pair of pass rushers, strong nose tackle and a ball-hawking secondary.

The Chiefs knew they had two good pass rushers in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, but it's possible that Houston is in the beginning stages of becoming one of the league's best pass rushers. He has shown it over the last year and a half. How good is Houston? Tamba had a touchdown and he did not have the best game among the linebackers.

Dontari Poe continued his beastly offseason with a big game, including his first career sack. He is proving he can be very good.

The Chiefs cornerbacks played well with Brandon Flowers coming away with an interception (and a pick-six that was called back).

The defense can be very, very good.

The Chiefs CAN score in the red zone

The Chiefs have been horrible in the red zone the last few years. Their horribleness in the red zone led to the drafting of Jon Baldwin ... over two years ago. This time around the Chiefs entered the red zone three times, and came away with three touchdowns.

If there's one stat to take away from this game, that's it. Scoring TDs in the red zone is so important.

Chiefs can protect the football

I love protecting the football. I'm the guy who would almost rather see the safe possession than risking it and going deep just because I feel so confident in a team when they simply win the turnover battle. KC needed to do that and they did as they did not turn it over once.

This is arguably the most important stat of the season for the Chiefs. They are +2 in the turnover battle.

We didn't learn much about the rest of the offense

The Chiefs first two touchdowns came after they started in Jaguars territory. By then it was 14-2 and KC was in control of the game before the offense even had to move the ball the length of the field.

Alex Smith stuck to high percentage passes, completing 21-of-34 pass attempts for 173 yards. Jamaal Charles carried the ball 16 times for 77 yards before exiting due to his quad injury. The Chiefs top two receivers combined for six receptions for 41 yards. Anthony Sherman, the fullback, was the leading receiver.

So I'm not sure we learned a whole lot about the Chiefs offense today. I still have questions about how this thing will work.

But, hey, if your defense will do the work for you....

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