I pick, you pick, we pick, they pick-Week 1

A couple friends and I are going to get together this season and make our predictions for each game. We thought we'd post them publicly to endure the praise or ridicule based on our success or failure. We will each contribute a "one liner" assessment to support our pick so feel free to add your comments telling us where we went wrong or that we're right on or even to make your own picks. At the end of the season we'll tally our totals and see how we did against the "experts" from various other sites.

This week's games:

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos (Thursday game)

Eric: Denver

Denver gets it revenge for the hail Flacco play

Nate: Baltimore

Without their top 2 sack leaders from 2012 and an injured Bailey, how will Denver stop the reigning SB MVP?

Vince: Denver

Denver has loaded up this off season while the Ravens have lost a lot of talent.

Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars



Eric: Kansas City

The Jags are a good "break in game" for the Chiefs new offense.

Nate: Kansas City

Nielsen ratings might be at an all time high for the game featuring the 2 worst teams from 2012. Chiefs win because they suck less.

Vince: Kansas City

KC has the potential to be great this year while the Jags just hope to win a game.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Eric: New England

New coach, new QB, same old Bills

Nate: New England

Pats have won 23 of the last 25 against the Bills. No reason to think the dominance will stop now.

Vince: New England

Buffalo has too many issues across the board probably won't get a pick all year

Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears

Eric: Cincinnati

Cincy will be clicking on all cylinders this season and it starts in the windy city

Nate: Chicago

The Bengals will be a team to watch out for in 2013, but will lose a close one to the improved Bears squad.

Vince: Cincinnati

Jay Cutler is too inconsistent to beat a team that’s taking the league by storm

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

Eric: Cleveland

Cleveland takes advantage of the home filed and Norv

Nate: Cleveland

Both teams made major upgrades this off season. Cleveland's upgrades were just better.

Vince: Miami

Tannehill will really show a lot of his skill this year while Weeden is on the back side of his career already

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Jets

Eric: Tampa Bay

The risk of "gang green" is lower than MRSA so the Bucs take care of business

Nate: Tampa Bay

Geno avoids Revis and makes a stronger debut than most think, but the Bucs edge out a win.

Vince: Tampa Bay

With a solid Defense and NYJ being all over the place, Freeman should have a good opener.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Eric: Atlanta

New Orleans new D isn't stout, Falcons offense is

Nate: New Orleans

Sean Payton has had nearly a year and a half to prepare for the 2013 opener.

Vince: Atlanta

With such a dynamic offense and the addition of Osi and Jackson look out for ATL

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers

Eric: Pittsburgh

The Titans new line keeps it close but the Steelers are too much in week 1

Nate: Pittsburgh

Closer game than people would expect. Steeler’s home field gives them an edge and the win.

Vince: Pittsburgh

PIT is still a Super Bowl caliber team and TEN looks weak overall

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

Eric: Detroit

Bush adds another element to the already powerful Lion offense

Nate: Detroit

Detroit is finally ready to start playing to their potential. Win a close one against their division rival.

Vince: Detroit

It's a tossup but I'd take Stafford and Megatron over Ponder and AP

Oakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts

Eric: Indianapolis

It's Oakland…good warm up for Indy

Nate: Indianapolis

One team is in complete rebuilding mode. The other team has Andrew Luck.

Vince: Indianapolis

Its Oakland must I say more?

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers



Eric: Seattle

Cam faced a "slump" in year two, will Wilson? Not in this one.

Nate: Seattle

Seattle will prove that 2012 was no fluke.

Vince: Seattle

This will be the year everyone sees Cam Newton is only an average QB

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams

Eric: St. Louis

An old Palmer can't pull the cards over the hump, yet.

Nate: St. Louis

Good battle in the dome. Rams might be the biggest surprise team of 2013.

Vince: Arizona

Love Bradford and what the Rams have done but I think Palmer and Fitz are too much

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

Eric: San Francisco

SF has the defense to slow down Rogers; GB doesn't have the o-line to slow the Smiths

Nate: San Francisco

Aldon Smith vs. 4th round rookie Bakhtiari in Green Bay. Rodgers might be under pressure all game.

Vince: San Francisco

This game could really go either way but SF just has better pieces on the board

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Eric: Dallas

It's Dallas' year…to win in week 1 against the Giants (see 2012)

Nate: Dallas

The Giants have won the last 4 meetings on the road against America's Team. Dallas finally puts an end to that.

Vince: Dallas

The Giants look more sloppy this offseason than the Cowboys but with this game who cares

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

Eric: Washington

The battle for the NFC East cellar starts in week 1!

Nate: Washington

Philly's D was awful last year and is now transitioning to a 3-4. Going to be a field day for RG3.

Vince: Philadelphia

Not an RGIII fan Cousins is a better player in my eyes.

Houston Texans at San Diego Chargers



Eric: Houston

Not sure what made this game appealing to ESPN, should have saved SD for December

Nate: Houston

The Chargers need to blow things up and rebuild. Houston will remind them immediately about the long season that awaits them.

Vince: Houston

Houston will most likely bully most of the people they play this year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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