Hey Arrowhead Pride just swung by to answer any questions you may have about the Jaguars. As I have some questions for your team.

Here's a little back story and players to watch on the Jaguars during our week 1 match up.

Maurice Jones-Drew - This is a no brainer as everyone knows what he is capable of but coming off a lisfranc injury this past year he is one to watch. He is in a contract year and has shown signs in training camp and in the few preseason snaps he took that he still has the ability to be an every down back. With upgraded blocking from our rookie RT and a new Zone Blocking scheme we are running it will be interesting to see how he does against your front 7/8.

Cecil Shorts lll - He with Justin Blackmon are going to be the next best WR duo Jax has had since Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell in the late 90's when we had our near run at the AFC championship. Shorts is a playmaker flat out. He has a definite knack for getting open and making big plays. He averaged 18 yards a catch last season and would have easily eclipsed 1000 yards but was sidelined with concussions twice last season. He also did not start the season as a staring WR only to emerge as the main playmaker on the roster.

Ace Sanders - This rookie WR has shown a burst/speed we haven't really seen around here. Look for him on screen passes and routes out of the slot. He will also likely be our main punt returner and has shown break away speed and the ability to hit the hole with a burst.

Dwayne Gratz - The rookie CB will get the nod with Alan Ball on the outside. Gratz has made plays in Gus Bradleys defense as he had two picks during the preseason. It will be good to see how our defense matches up against your offense as Bradley has previously game planned for your staring QB Alex Smith when he was the SF.

Jaguars DLine - We never sent any Blitzes other than our front 4 during pre-season. We got pressure from the middle of our Dline from Senderrick Marks and that was about it. We have been terrible at rushing the passer the past 5 years so we have no idea how things will be this season until this game get underway.

Now I have questions for Arrowhead Pride:

1. How do you see Alex Smith doing this year? How much of an upgrade is he over Cassel.

2. How has your #1 pick looked so far during training camp and preseason?

3. Are you guys happy Eric Berry has 1 full year under his belt since his ACL tear? I am hoping he has a break out year (just not week 1). He was a beast in college and looked like he was going to be awesome his rookie season.

4. How do you guys like Dwayne Bowe? From afar I have always thought he was an above average player with so so hands. Just wondering the opinion of people that see him all the time.

5. What kind of year do you expect from Jamal Charles? I know he had some bad games last year then he would have games where he would rush for 175+ almost in the first half. Do you expect much of the same up and down or a more consistent effort this season?

6. How is backup RB Knile Davis? Will he get many touches this season?

Good Luck to you guys this season. I have high hopes for you guys. I actually picked you guys a couple years back to win the Superbowl because your defense was so good and your offense seemed like it was coming together.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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