My nfl power rankings. What do you think?

These are just based on who would win on a neutral field.

1. Broncos- Their offense looks unstoppable right now, but they still look like they could be beaten.

2. Seahawks- Top 2 defense (between us and them). Good offense with Russell Wilson and will only get better once Harvin comes back.

3. Lions- This team looks to me like they're just oozing with talent. That defensive line is nasty, and that offense is so explosive. They are like they were in 2011 only better thanks to having dynamic running back in Reggie Bush.

4. Chiefs- I think this will be a team no one wants to play in the post-season. The offense is only gonna get better, and we have the bets defense no one is talking about.

5. Colts- On paper they shouldn't be this high, but their offense could be great (so many weapons) and their D is uber physical.

6. 49ers- They had a little slump but they'll be back. Harbaugh just had to realize to go back to playing the way that made them successful in the first place.

7. Packers- Their always gonna be in the mix with Rodgers. Defense is weak though.

8. Texans- Came so close to beating the Seahawks, they're legit.

9. Saints- Drew Brees is Drew Brees and they actually have a good defense.

10. Bears- Very talented team. I'm just not a big believer in Jay Cutler.

11. Dolphins- Good team on the rise, from watching them something tells me they just aren't ready to compete with the big boys, though.

12. Panthers- Their giving Cam some more weapons now and that Front 7 looks brilliant.

13. Patriots- They could easily be 1-2 right now facing off against some below average teams.

14. Ravens- This team needs time to gel losing Boldin and Pitta has hurt this offense. I believe by the end of the year this team will be firing on all cylinders primed for a playoff run.

15. Titans- Have looked impressive so far, I haven't bought in yet though.

16. Falcons- I think they're gonna miss the playoffs. Something is just missing from that team this year

17. Bengals- Have a good defense, but their defense isn't good enough to make up for the lack of fire power on offense.

18. Bills- I think EJ Manuel is for real and they have a lot of underrated talent. I think they will be fighting for a WC spot.

19. Chargers- Phillip Rivers has looked like his old self this year. They look like their a tough team to beat, they just don't have the talent they did a couple of years ago.

20. Cowboys- I like this team's defense and their offense. They just need to make a team effort.

21. Browns- If they get a legit quarterback watch out.

22. Eagles- If their defense was only below average they could be a playoff team. Their offense is just so explosive.

23. Giants- I'm not buying that their really a 0-4 team. They'll turn the season around be a respectable 7-9/6-10.

24. Jets- They aren't as bad as people think they are.

25. Redskins- Their defense is awful, and defense have somewhat learned how to slow the read-option.

26. Cardinals- Stout defense, a lot more talented than their ranking. Bruce Arians is a great coach IMO too.

27. Raiders- Probably the 2nd least talented team in the league but they are competetive. I'm a believe in Pryor's development.

28. Vikings- Their starting QB is either Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel. LOL

29. Steelers- This team is just old and slow.

30. Buccaneers- This team reminds me of us last year. Lots of talent just a shitty head coach.

31. Rams- I was watching them play against the 49ers. Their offense is awful, Sam Bradford is a bust and their o-line sucks. They're defense is overrated, too. Cortland Finnegan I think is one of the worst corners in the league they are average at best.

32. Jaguars- When are they moving to LA?

What do you guys think? Let's get a discussion going.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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