Undefeated through the first quarter of the season. It's a process right?

I really can't wait for next Sunday. My best friends are flying to see me in Tennessee, we're all making the trip to Nashville for the game. I bought a whole section for 32 people a few months ago, so that all my friends and family could enjoy it. Never in a million years did I actually think that we would be heading into the game undefeated though. That just makes me even more excited.

I've been to quite a few games in San Diego, yet I've never seen the Chiefs actually pull out a W. My mom took me to my first game in SD when I was 14, a game we lost. I missed the 2007 game due to my senior homecoming dance. I made it to Arrowhead in 2011 against the Steelers for my first time when we tragically lost with Tyler Palko running the squad. This is my first real opportunity to see the Chiefs pull out a win in my presence and boy am I excited.

We're going into this game with a solid offense, a championship defense, and an above average special teams unit. Alex Smith, as much hate as I dished out when we traded for him, has been excellent. He has impressed me more than anyone this year. I can always appreciate a quarterback that can keep plays alive with his feet, but Smith has shouldered the load and is actually carrying the rock more than anyone anticipated. Charles, while struggling a bit in the run game, has looked fantastic in the passing game. I believe he's made highlight reel blocks for Alex Smith in every game so far. Our offensive line has looked average thus far, but there has been some injuries and growth issues to expect. Hopefully Fisher can bounce back this week after suffering a concussion midway through the Giants game. Our receivers and tight ends have made plays when asked. The bearded man catching passes today has been impressive, and Bowe will always be a threat (better be with that contract).

On the defensive side, it's hard to figure out the weak links. Dunta didn't look so hot giving up that streak to Cruz, but I don't really think anyone expects him to be that far down the field in man to man coverage. Our front seven has been absolutely stellar, even old man Hali got to feast this afternoon. Hopefully we can bring Flowers back along this week to help improve our secondary.

The special teams unit has been underwhelming thus far, with the blocked kicks and all. The returners have been pretty damn good though. My mom screamed and set off my whole apartment when Dex took it back 89 yards today. That is definitely a unit that needs some chemistry to really gel however, and I fully expect it to get better with time.

Looking at the Titans we have a pretty damn good opponent. One thing that definitely works in the Chiefs favor however, is the injury to Jake Locker today. Now I'm not one to applaud injuries whatsoever, and I'm actually a huge fan of Locker from his U-Dub days (he roomed with my friend Chris who is actually a RB for the Eagles now), but injuries do occur and I'd be stupid not to include that in this write up. We're most likely going to be facing off against backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, the quarterback from Harvard that we know all too well from his time spent with Buffalo.

Adding onto the passing game, starting wide receivers Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright are both injured. Britt has been battling coaching and management this season and seems like a distraction, while Wright (a first round draft pick) aggravated his hammy. If these guys can't go I really think we can set 7 or 8 in the box and call it a day.

The key to this game will be getting pressure on Fitzpatrick. Sutton can dial up a billion different blitzes a game which will throw him off completely. I'd actually expect a solid +3 turnover margin this upcoming week. If our offenses can keep the chains moving, eating the clock in the process, we're going to win this game and improve to 5-0.

Overall I can't complain about our season thus far, like our old coach said "it's a process". Lets go Chiefs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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